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Chapter 1214: Faceless Buddha

Translator: CKtalon

Before Hui Wan could say anything, Zhou Wen had already pulled him in.

Although he didn’t think much of these people, he couldn’t just ma.s.sacre them in Hui Haifeng’s territory.

After entering the Non-Alcoholic Pub, Zhou Wen realized that it was empty. Apart from a male bartender and a waitress, he didn’t see a single customer.

“Little kid, what would you like to drink?” A girl in a bunny costume walked over and bent down to ask Hui Wan with a smile.

“I’m not drinking anything. I’m here to find Ah Cai. Is she here?” Hui Wan said.

“Give him a cup of warm milk,” the bartender said.

The bunny girl responded tersely and quickly placed a cup of hot milk in front of Hui Wan. “Little kid, try it. It’s delicious.”

“What would you like to drink?” the bunny girl asked Zhou Wen.

“What’s there?” Zhou Wen asked.

“Hot milk, iced milk, and yogurt,” the bunny girl answered.

“Isn’t this a pub?” Zhou Wen looked at the bunny girl in puzzlement. Why was everything milk-based? Was this a pub or a milk shop?

“Is this your first time in Fireworks Lane?” the bunny girl asked.

“It’s my first time here.” Zhou Wen nodded.

“No wonder. Didn’t you see that our shop’s name is Non-Alcoholic Pub? In other words, we don’t sell alcohol. We only sell milk products here,” explained the bunny girl.

Selling milk at Fireworks Lane… Zhou Wen’s expression was odd. This was the first time he had heard of such a shop. Furthermore, it did business in a place like Fireworks Lane. It would be odd if business was good. It was no wonder it was so empty.

“Then give me a cup of warm milk.” Zhou Wen had no choice but to order a cup of warm milk.

The moment the bunny girl brought the milk over, the people outside had already blocked the entrance of the Non-Alcoholic Pub.

“Hand him over.” Zhou Wen heard someone shouting outside.

However, it wasn’t random shouting. Only the leader spoke.

“Hand who over?” the middle-aged man standing at the door said coldly.

“Old Demon, stop pretending. Do you think we are blind?” When the leader said that, the crowd behind him was immediately enraged. Instantly, shouts reverberated across the sky as the huge crowd seemed eager to rush in.

“Is it convenient for us to be here?” Zhou Wen asked the bartender. He could naturally tell that the bartender was the head of the Non-Alcoholic Pub. Perhaps he was the boss here.

“Since you’ve ordered milk, you are my customers. No one can bully my customers here,” the bartender said calmly.

“But something doesn’t seem right outside.” Zhou Wen heard the commotion outside.

The bartender glanced at the door and said loudly, “Old Demon, let them in.”

With the bartender saying that, the clamoring outside immediately quietened down.

After a while, Old Demon led the leader in. However, he was the only one who entered. Even though there were many people outside, they only stood outside obediently. No one dared to enter.

“Brother Milk.” The leader saw the bartender and squeezed out a smile.

“Brother Jin, they are just two insensible children. They don’t have any ill intentions. Don’t make things difficult for them,” said Brother Milk.

“Brother Milk, aren’t you mocking me? Just call me Old Jin. Since you’ve already said the word, I won’t say anything. I can choose not to capture them. However, Brother Milk, don’t make things difficult for us. We can’t let them stay in Fireworks Lane any longer,” said Old Jin.

Before Brother Milk could say anything, Hui Wan said directly, “Why can’t I stay in Fireworks Lane? I want to find Ah Cai. I won’t leave without finding her.”

“Brother Milk, as you can see, it’s not that we don’t aren’t cutting you some slack and want to make things ugly, but we really can’t answer our boss when we return,” Old Jin said with a bitter expression.

“Sorry to trouble you. Give me some time,” Brother Milk said as he looked at Zhou Wen. “Shouldn’t you take him back?”

“It’s none of my business if he wants to come or leave,” Zhou Wen said with a shrug. He didn’t mind watching the matter escalate. It was getting more and more interesting.

Brother Milk was taken aback when he heard that. Old Jin read the situation well. Seeing what was happening, he got up and said, “How about this, Brother Milk? I’ll wait for you outside. I reckon my boss won’t be able to make it here in half an hour. I really can’t guarantee anything after that. You know my boss’s temper.”

“Sorry to trouble you, Old Jin,” said Brother Milk.

“Brother Milk, there’s no need for that! I’m just doing my part.” As Old Jin spoke, he left the Non-Alcoholic Pub. However, he didn’t retreat. He let his men wait outside.

“Are you really not leaving?” Brother Milk asked Zhou Wen.

“You have to ask him.” Zhou Wen pointed at Hui Wan.

“I’m not leaving. I won’t go back unless I find Ah Cai,” Hui Wan said firmly.

“Aren’t you from the Hui family?” Brother Milk asked Zhou Wen.


Brother Milk said, “It doesn’t matter if you’re from the Hui family. Since you brought him here, you have the obligation to take him back safely. Leave now. You heard what Old Jin said. In half an hour, if that person really comes, I’m afraid you won’t have a chance to leave.”

“He’s just looking for someone. Is there a need to go that far? This child is from the Hui family after all,” Zhou Wen said.

Old Demon said coldly, “It looks like you are a greenhorn who doesn’t know anything. It’s because he’s from the Hui family that it’s dangerous. Why would the Hui family let a person like you bring a child out?”

“I was just about to ask; what’s going on?” Zhou Wen was also extremely curious.

Hui Haifeng was now the federal President, and Holy City was now the Hui family’s territory. It was too strange for him to say that it was dangerous because Hui Wan was from the Hui family.

“You really don’t know anything? That old saying is right. The ignorant are fearless.” The bunny girl smiled and roughly explained the situation.

Zhou Wen’s jaw nearly dropped when he heard the story. He never expected such a thing.

Someone had actually gone to the Hui family to s.n.a.t.c.h a woman. Furthermore, the Hui family didn’t dare demand her return. The woman who had been taken away was the Ah Cai that Hui Wan had mentioned. The person who s.n.a.t.c.hed her was the boss of Fireworks Lane. No one knew his real name, but they knew that he had a nickname—Faceless Buddha.

“Is it possible for a person to go to the president’s residence to take a woman away without the president having the guts to demand her return?” Zhou Wen felt like he was listening to a fantasy.

“It’s not a possibility, but a fact. Don’t underestimate Fireworks Lane. This is Holy City’s underground market. There are countless good things flowing here from all over the Federation every day. The number of transactions is unimaginable for you. If the president is the ruler of Holy City’s day, then Faceless Buddha is the king of Holy City’s night.” Old Demon snorted coldly. “Old Jin and company gave you a chance to leave Fireworks Lane on account of Brother Milk. If you don’t leave now, when that Faceless Buddha comes, even the heavens won’t be able to save you.. Even if Hui Haifeng comes personally, he might not be able to take the two of you back.”


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