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Chapter 1238: Luoyang Storm

Translator: CKtalon

While everyone was hunting down Thief Sage, a piece of news that resembled the dropping of the atomic bomb suddenly broke out. The Sunset Army had captured Thief Sage and had secretly escorted him to Luoyang.

When Zhou Wen heard the news, he couldn’t help but be taken aback as he hurriedly rushed back to Luoyang.

Although he didn’t have a good relations.h.i.+p with An Tianzuo, his father and many people close to him were in Luoyang. He couldn’t let anything happen to them.

Zhou Wen knew very well how attractive a Calamity-grade Companion Egg was. Even he had rushed in despite the risk when he first discovered the jade ball.

Now, An Tianzuo had actually captured Liu Yun, who hadn’t obtained anything. Wasn’t he looking for trouble?

Countless unscrupulous people in the Federation were eyeing the jade ball that wasn’t a Calamity-grade Companion Egg. Instantly, Luoyang became the target of public scrutiny.. If it wasn’t handled well, it might even bring disaster to the An family.

By the time Zhou Wen rushed back to Luoyang, the situation was already very delicate. Foreigners were everywhere on the streets, but the locals were almost nowhere to be seen. The An family was being watched by countless people.

“Ah Sheng, what’s going on?” Zhou Wen didn’t dare ask An Sheng over the phone. After returning to Luoyang, he immediately went to see him.

“Young Master Wen, let’s talk when we get back. It’s not safe here.” An Sheng took Zhou Wen to the An family residence.

Along the way, many pairs of eyes were trained on them. Zhou Wen had no choice but to remain silent. When he arrived at the An family home, he realized that the entire residence had been fortified like a metal bucket. Even a mosquito wouldn’t be able to fly in.

“Young Master Wen, things are rather tricky now. There are all sorts of people outside. The factions with some level of capability have sent people to Luoyang. I’m afraid it will be very troublesome this time,” An Sheng said.

“Where’s An Tianzuo?” Zhou Wen scanned the area and realized that Ouyang Lan and Ya’er were there, but there was no sign of An Tianzuo.

As for Zhou Lingfeng, he had left Luoyang due to some work matters and hadn’t returned. He wasn’t in the Overseer Manor.

“The Overseer isn’t here,” An Sheng whispered to Zhou Wen. “As long as those fellows outside don’t see the Overseer and the thing they are looking for, they won’t dare act rashly.”

“Didn’t he consider the possibility that those people would threaten him with the lives of Sis Lan and you guys? Or did he think of it, but he still did it?” Zhou Wen frowned.

“Young Master Wen, Overseer is definitely not that kind of person. He has his reasons for doing so. Please believe in Overseer,” An Sheng said solemnly.

Zhou Wen was about to say something when a soldier came in to report that someone was trying to barge into Overseer Manor.

“Young Master Wen, rest now. I’ll go take a look,” An Sheng said as he stood up.

“I’ll go with you.” Zhou Wen was somewhat exasperated. Ya’er and Ouyang Lan were here, how could he stay out if a conflict ensued?

“Alright.” An Sheng laughed.

The two of them arrived at the door and saw a group of officials standing at the entrance. The soldiers guarding Overseer Manor aimed their guns at them.

Upon seeing An Sheng come out, the leader of the officials said, “Adjutant An, I’m Director Smith of the Federation’s Security Bureau. I’ve received orders from the Senate to ask Overseer An some questions. I hope you can a.s.sist in the investigations.”

“Sorry, Overseer isn’t in the manor. Please come again another day.” An Sheng had already dealt with many similar incidents over the past two days and casually dismissed them.

“I wonder when Overseer An will return?” Smith’s expression remained unchanged as he asked calmly.

“As subordinates, we only obey orders. How would we dare probe into matters of our superiors?” An Sheng said patronizingly.

“In that case, let’s wait inside for Overseer An’s return,” Smith said as he led his men into the residence.

The guards immediately raised their guns and undid the safety, ready to shoot at them at any moment.

“Mr. Smith, I’m afraid this isn’t appropriate?” An Sheng said to Smith.

Smith faced the black muzzles without showing any signs of panic. He remained calm as he said, “Luoyang is the Federation’s Luoyang, and Overseer An is also the Federation’s Overseer. Could it be that you will disobey the orders of the federal Senate?”

“Sorry, we are only soldiers. We only know how to obey our superior’s orders. The Overseer ordered us to guard Overseer Manor, so we can’t let anyone in, not even a fly. Mr. Smith, if there’s anything, please wait for the Overseer to return before discussing it with him. Don’t make things difficult for ordinary soldiers like us,” An Sheng said.

“It doesn’t matter if he returns or not. This is a warrant from the Senate. Unless you wish to betray the Federation, get out of the way.” After Smith showed the warrant, he prepared to barge in.

Zhou Wen could tell that these people were clearly forcing An Sheng and company to take action.

The so-called Senate was basically controlled by the League of Guardians. As for the League of Guardians, they had long viewed the An family in Luoyang as a thorn in their side. It wouldn’t be difficult for them to use this opportunity to destroy the An family.

After all, the An family had never accepted the olive branch extended by the League of Guardians. They even became unspoken enemies with the Guardians.


An Sheng held the pistol and shot at Smith’s toes, causing Smith and company to pause for a moment. Then, he coldly ordered, “All soldiers, heed my command. Anyone who takes another step forward will be executed on the spot.”

The soldiers answered loudly without any hesitation. Their eyes were firm as their fingers were already on the trigger. They were just waiting for someone to take another step forward before they fired immediately.

“Everyone says that the An family is colluding with the overseas faction and wants to betray the Federation. I didn’t believe it at first, but from the looks of it, I have no choice but to believe it,” Smith said coldly.

An Sheng smiled and said, “Speaking of colluding with overseas, shouldn’t you investigate the League of Guardians? I hope you arrest Uesugi Nao—the famous demoness from overseas—as soon as possible.”

A cold glint flashed in Smith’s eyes as he stared at An Sheng and enunciated each word clearly. “The An family must be searched today. If you wish to betray the Federation, feel free to shoot.”

With that said, Smith led the way.

Zhou Wen looked at An Sheng. This matter wasn’t an ordinary matter. It wasn’t something that could be resolved by force. Since it involved the relations.h.i.+p between Luoyang’s An family and the Federation, he couldn’t casually take action.

An Sheng seemed to be in a dilemma. Although he aimed the gun at Smith, he didn’t immediately fire.

“Take them all down.” A cold voice suddenly sounded. On the long street, An Tianzuo, who was dressed in a military uniform, rode a white Qilin Beast that appeared like a jade statue. Behind him were many famous generals of the Sunset Army. Even Qin Wufu was among them.


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