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Chapter 435 Stone Saber

Zhou Wen carefully studied the information An Sheng had brought over, believing that the power there was likely a curse. As for Truth Listener, it had very strong restraints against curses.

However, I still have to verify the actual situation before I can be certain. It’s best if I can find a tiny palm symbol and download the dimensional zone into my phone. Zhou Wen didn’t plan on immediately heading to the Primordial Crystal mine. Tyrant Behemoth was still evolving, so it was useless even if he went there. There was no way he could dig the mine himself. Even if he were to enter now, it wouldn’t be of much use and he couldn’t take too many of the Primordial Crystals.

According to usual practice, Zhou Wen first went to the underground sea. The black dragon now had more than ten palm imprints. Apart from the palm imprints, other parts of its body also began to produce poison boils that showed some festering.

After Zhou Wen descended into the sea, the other eight black dragons attacked him, but the black dragon was in a stupor. It was as though it had almost lost consciousness from its groggy state.

From the looks of it, it should be soon. Zhou Wen was delighted, hoping that something would drop after the black dragon died.

After escaping the underground sea, Zhou Wen didn’t immediately leave the game. Instead, he observed the sapphire-like sky, but he didn’t discover anything.

Previously, he had approached it only to suddenly die. There was probably a terrifying creature in the sapphire-like sky, but, to date, he had failed to discover its existence.

Just as Zhou Wen was about to exit the game, he suddenly saw a blue light flash across the distant sapphire sky. It was like a signal from an electrocardiogram as it flashed across the sapphire sky.

The blue light came and disappeared quickly. He waited for a while, but he didn’t see the blue light appear again.

I wonder what it is. It should also be a Mythical creature, right? Zhou Wen knew that it was useless even if he knew what it was. With his present strength, killing a chained black dragon was already so difficult. He had no chance of killing an unrestrained Mythical creature.

It was unknown when Tyrant Behemoth, who was in the midst of evolving in the bat cave, would complete its evolution.

After quitting the game, Zhou Wen received a call from An Sheng.

“Young Master Wen, there’s a piece of good news for you. Our plan against the bureau is about to come to fruition,” An Sheng said.

Zhou Wen was naturally delighted to hear that the bureau was about to be in trouble, but he wanted to personally send them to h.e.l.l.

“Ah Sheng, Ják is dead. I wish to leave Chess Mountain,” Zhou Wen said.

“Of course you can. The bureau likely doesn’t have time to deal with you for now. I’ll get someone to take you back to school tomorrow,” An Sheng said.

“There’s no need. I’ll head back myself. Before that, I wish to return to my hometown,” Zhou Wen said.

“That’s fine. Even Ják isn’t your match, so it’s not going to be easy to find someone to protect you now. You can decide on your own.” An Sheng paused before asking, “What are you going back to Guide City for? You don’t have any relatives there, right?”

“There are some things at home that I want to bring back. By the way, can you obtain an entry pa.s.s to Guide Ancient City? I want to take a look when I’m back,” Zhou Wen said.

“That’s easy. Just head there straight away. I’ll make a call to arrange it,” An Sheng said straightforwardly.

After hanging up, Zhou Wen packed up his things and went to tell Qin Wufu about his departure. Not only did he want to return to Guide City, but he also had to head to the Special Inspector Bureau’s Primordial Crystal mine.

The reason he wanted to head to Guide City first was that he wanted to see if there was a stone saber in the furnace on Fire G.o.d Platform in reality.

In-game, the stone saber was just an illusion. He couldn’t touch it no matter what, so he wanted to take a look while on the way.

“Are you really leaving? If you are willing, you can stay here. I’ll let you be the captain of the Special Operations Unit and be in charge of those people. I’ll be in charge of explaining to the Overseer.” Qin Wufu wanted Zhou Wen to stay behind. He felt that it was a waste for Zhou Wen to return to school.

“Overseer, I’m still a student after all. I should still focus on my studies,” Zhou Wen said.

“Fine then. There are indeed some impressive figures in Sunset College, especially Chancellor Leng. Calling him the strongest person beneath the Mythical stage isn’t an exaggeration. It’ll be beneficial for you to learn more from him,” Qin Wufu said.

Zhou Wen nodded slightly. “Then I’ll be leaving now.”

“That fast?” Qin Wufu was a little surprised.

“There’s no point in staying another night. I still have some matters to do,” Zhou Wen said.

“Alright then. However, you have to say farewell to those guys. Otherwise, they will definitely eat me up,” Qin Wufu said with a smile.

After leaving Chess Mountain, Zhou Wen headed straight for Guide City on the Mutated Stone Chi.

Back when he left Guide City, he was only a Mortal-stage youth. Now, in less than a year, he had advanced to the Epic stage. He was very different from before.

When he arrived at Guide Ancient City again, Zhou Wen recalled the matter of him partic.i.p.ating in the combat test with Li Xuan. It felt like something that had happened a long time ago.

After entering the ancient city, he saw scattered instances of people fighting the Skeleton Soldiers. Zhou Wen circled around them and headed deeper into the ancient city.

Although he had only visited in real life once, he had grinded the game countless times. He was very familiar with Guide Ancient City, so he arrived at Fire G.o.d Platform quickly.

The firebirds on the Fire G.o.d Platform naturally couldn’t hurt Zhou Wen. Zhou Wen walked up the stairs and they flocked towards him. As Zhou Wen circulated the Ancient Sovereign Sutra, the firebirds automatically flew back.

When he arrived at the top of Fire G.o.d Platform, it wasn’t much different from the game. The layout was identical, except that it was cartoonish in-game. It looked cuter and more ancient in real life.

There were flames burning in the mottled stone furnace, as well as a stone saber. It looked a little cruder than the one in-game. It was probably hand-made. There were pits and natural stone patterns on the blade. Only the edge of the blade looked fine and sharp. This could be considered a partially man-made stone saber.

Zhou Wen circulated the Ancient Sovereign Sutra and summoned the Ancient Sovereign Life Soul to attach it to him before reaching his hand into the stone furnace.

The flames in the furnace seemed to sense something as they automatically separated. Without burning Zhou Wen’s palm, they revealed the stone saber in the furnace.

Zhou Wen held the stone saber with his palm and immediately felt the roughness unique to stone. It was a little cold to the touch. He had clenched it firmly.

I gripped it. The stone saber really exists in real life! Zhou Wen was alarmed.


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