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Chapter 848: Fighting for an Opportunity

Translator: CKtalon

It had to be said that the six families and the local wealthy families had rich heritage. Their means and various Companion Beasts broadened Zhou Wen’s horizons.

Some of the Companion Beasts and abilities really worked.

An elder from the Cape family summoned a book-shaped Companion Beast. When the book’s page flipped open, a shadow appeared on it. It was the blurry shadow of the Ghoul Mask.

There were also some Companion Beasts that could move across the Fiend Stones without being petrified. Everyone was trying their best to find a solution to the problem.

These fellows sure are capable. Don’t tell me they can really resolve the problem with the Fiend Tomb? Zhou Wen immediately felt a sense of danger.

He had worked so hard for the Earth Elemental Beast Companion Egg. It would be terrible if someone else beat him to it.

Zhou Wen thought for a moment and found Zhang Chunqiu. He whispered, “I’ve thought of a way to resolve the problem of the Fiend Tomb. I just need to dig it up.”

Zhang Chunqiu shook his head and said, “You can’t dig up the Fiend Tomb. Even if I agree, the elders in my family won’t agree, much less the Celestial Master.”

“If we don’t dig open the Fiend Tomb, I’m afraid it will be very difficult to resolve the problem. However, you can rest a.s.sured. After my investigations, there’s not only a Ba in the Fiend Tomb. There are other dimensional creatures on the periphery. We just need to dig open a portion of the Fiend Tomb and eliminate those dimensional creatures. I’m confident that I won’t disturb Ba,” Zhou Wen said.

Zhang Chunqiu pondered for a moment and said, “It’s useless even if I believe you. This is the teachings of the ancestral Celestial Master. The Zhang family has protected it for generations, and we won’t dare violate it, or the Zhang family will definitely be wiped out. Even for the Zhang family, the elders in the family will never allow anyone to touch the Fiend Tomb.”

“But the Zhang family will also suffer if we don’t touch the Fiend Tomb. At this point in time, we have to take the risk, right?” Zhou Wen still wanted to move Zhang Chunqiu.

Zhang Chunqiu stared at Zhou Wen and asked, “Are you really confident? You have to be absolutely certain. If any accident happens, our Zhang family will be doomed.”

Zhou Wen knew that Zhang Chunqiu hoped that he could produce some powerful evidence, but how could Zhou Wen produce any? He couldn’t just switch on his phone and farm the Fiend Tomb for them to see.

Zhou Wen thought for a moment and said, “To be honest, I have a special ability to see through things. I can see the situation in the Fiend Tomb clearly, so I’m very confident about this matter.”

“You can see through the Fiend Tomb?” Zhang Chunqiu looked at Zhou Wen in surprise.

In fact, the Zhang family also had Companion Beasts with penetrative vision. Furthermore, it wasn’t just one. However, none of the Companion Beasts’ penetrative vision worked on the Fiend Tomb. They were unable to see its interior.

This didn’t mean that the Companion Beasts’ penetrative vision wasn’t strong, but that the sleeping G.o.ddess Ba was too powerful. It wasn’t easy to see through the Fiend Tomb.

Even some Companion Beasts with the ability to predict the future could only roughly predict the Ghoul Mask at the top. Furthermore, the scenes they predicted were blurry, just like the one produced by the Cape family’s elder.

“There are a total of three levels in the Fiend Tomb. The first level is the mask. I reckon that the ghost face and the power of the Fiend Stone Petrification are produced because of that ghost face. The second level is a strange creature. It looks like a snake and dragon, but it’s neither. The reason behind the Zhang family members involuntarily walking towards the Fiend Tomb is probably due to its enticement. The third level is the Ba that your Zhang family is suppressing and protecting, but we don’t have to alarm her. All we need to do is dig up the Fiend Tomb and eliminate the two dimensional creatures. Then, we can resolve your family’s problem.” Zhou Wen explained the general situation.

He wasn’t afraid that the Zhang family would go back on their word. Even if he told them what was down there, it wouldn’t be easy to kill the Ghoul Mask and Ghost Hornless. Many people might even die.

Even Zhou Wen needed to use Tyrant Behemoth, Truth Listener, and the Invisibility Cloak to kill them.

Seeing how detailed Zhou Wen was, Zhang Chunqiu couldn’t help but believe him. After some thought, he said, “That may be the case, but no one can guarantee that opening the Fiend Tomb won’t alarm the Ba at the bottom. Furthermore, we know nothing about the two dimensional creatures above. It won’t be easy to kill them.”

After a pause, Zhang Chunqiu continued, “To be honest, our Zhang family can also deduce that there are dimensional creatures in the Fiend Tomb. However, due to the orders of the ancestral Celestial Master, no one dares to touch the Fiend Tomb. Therefore, this matter will probably be very difficult to facilitate. How about this? Give me some time and let me give it a try. I’ll think of a way to convince my elders.”

“Alright.” Zhou Wen could only wait for Zhang Chunqiu’s news.

The Zhang family’s current Celestial Master was Zhang Chunqiu’s second uncle, Zhang Siyou. At this moment, Zhang Siyou was talking to the Cape family and the Family Clan of G.o.ds.

“Chunqiu, you came at the right time. Old Mister Charlie and Moses have found a way to eliminate the influence of the Fiend Tomb. Come and listen too.” Zhang Siyou beckoned Zhang Chunqiu over.

Zhang Chunqiu bowed slightly and stood behind Zhang Siyou.

Although he wanted to talk about Zhou Wen, it wasn’t convenient for him to say it in front of so many people. All he could do was wait patiently.

“Celestial Master, as I said just now, all the strange things in the Fiend Tomb are a result of that mask. To remove the mask without digging open the Fiend Tomb, only our Cape family’s Great Divination Theurgy can do it…” Charlie Sr. said slowly.

Zhang Siyou listened quietly without commenting. After Old Charlie finished speaking, he looked at Moses and the other members of the Family Clan of G.o.ds.

Moses said, “I can’t agree with Old Mister Charlie. There’s indeed a mask in the Fiend Tomb, but the Great Divination Theurgy might not be useful. If you are willing to let me do it, I definitely won’t disappoint you.”

“Then I want to hear what abilities you have that are better than our Cape family’s Great Divination,” Charlie said coldly.

Moses didn’t say anything. He summoned a terrifying giant.

Unlike the typical barbaric and primitive giant, this giant was wearing glorious armor. He was like a giant G.o.d that protected the world. He had an incomparable aura as though he could crush the earth with a single step and shatter the stars with a single punch.

“This is my Guardian, the Giant G.o.d Sovereign. With his strength, it won’t be difficult for him to kill the mask in the Fiend Tomb,” said Moses.

Everyone’s gaze was attracted by the Giant G.o.d Sovereign. Although many people already knew of the existence of Guardians, not many had actually seen one.

“No matter how strong a Guardian is, it’s impossible for them to destroy the mask inside the Fiend Tomb, right? You still have to dig open the Fiend Tomb in the end, isn’t that so?” Charlie remained unmoved as he sneered.

Moses said unhurriedly, “That might not be the case. The power that the Giant G.o.d Sovereign possesses is unimaginable to ordinary people. Even if we don’t dig open the Fiend Tomb, we can still destroy the mask inside. I can guarantee that I won’t damage the Fiend Tomb. If the Fiend Tomb is damaged in any way, the Celestial Master doesn’t have to pay me with the Earth Elemental Beast Companion Egg.”


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