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Chapter 857: Perfect Slaughterer

Due to the Explosive Fiend Man detonating Giant G.o.d Sovereign’s strongest barrier, the powerful force made it so that Moses didn’t even have the chance to scream. He was directly reduced to ashes, and Giant G.o.d Sovereign himself was blasted apart.

With the death of Giant G.o.d Sovereign, Zhou Wen felt a strange force enter his body, causing Slaughterer to evolve again.

I’m finally about to evolve a Perfect Body! Zhou Wen heaved a sigh of relief. He had killed several Guardians. If he didn’t evolve, he didn’t know where he could find Guardians to kill.

The Slaughterer that enveloped Zhou Wen’s body had always been an invisible existence. After advancing to an Evolved Body, Zhou Wen could sense its existence and take the initiative to control it.

However, Zhou Wen still didn’t understand it much. It was limited to powering Immortal Slaying.

This evolution allowed Slaughterer’s form to gradually appear. Although it was only a blurry shadow, like a silhouette, it was many times stronger than back when it was invisible and untouchable.

As he watched the light gradually appear, Zhou Wen realized that the light was somewhat familiar, as though he had seen it before.

He couldn’t see the facial features or figure, but the aura was very familiar.

Is it the woman in my hallucination? Zhou Wen suddenly recalled where he had seen such an aura. The woman who had defied the heavens to slay immortals and made all races bow down to her seemed to have such an aura.

When the evolution was completed, Zhou Wen could only see a silhouette-like shadow. The Slaughterer’s appearance hadn’t completely surfaced, nor had it been able to condense a corporeal body.

Zhou Wen glanced at the information in-game and realized that Slaughterer had indeed advanced to a Perfect Body. However, its name and introduction remained the same.

The only thing that made Zhou Wen feel that Slaughterer had indeed grown was that he could finally maintain contact with Slaughterer. He still needed to slowly experiment with its other abilities.

Is that it? Is this the final appearance of the Slaughterer Life Soul? Zhou Wen looked at the figure of light and found it unbelievable that Slaughterer ultimately looked like this. It was too abstract.

Although Zhou Wen wasn’t willing to believe it, the truth was that Perfect Body was the final form of a Life Soul. It was impossible to change it.

After cleaning up the battlefield, Zhou Wen rode the Earth Elemental Beast again with Ya’er. This time, he wasn’t in a rush. However, his speed wasn’t slow. Furthermore, the path he was taking wasn’t the way back to Luoyang.

Zhou Wen didn’t plan on returning to Luoyang right away. He wanted to circle around and walk through the relatively safe human districts to advance Fine Dust.

After walking for less than two days, Fine Dust began to evolve. The dust-like planet began to burn like a tiny sun, emitting a strange glow.

Although he didn’t know if it was of any use, the stat augmentation provided by the Fine Dust was much stronger than before.

Glimmer: Evolved Body

The evolution of the Sky-Stealing Sun-s.h.i.+fting Art is indeed easy. If I take more steps, it shouldn’t be difficult for me to reach the Perfect Body. Instead, Civilized Country needs a large number of spatial teleportations to evolve. What should I do? Zhou Wen couldn’t think of a good solution.

The Zhang family’s Mystic Bird could rapidly teleport, but the Zhang family had already hatched it. It was impossible for them to transfer it to Zhou Wen. Zhou Wen didn’t have enough benefits to move them.

I’ll take it one step at a time. Zhou Wen didn’t idle along the way. He was studying the Demon G.o.d Catalog, hoping to figure out what kind of Essence Energy Art it was and how to condense a Life Providence and Life Soul.

Condensing a Life Providence wasn’t difficult. With the Essence Energy Art and his talent, as long as he had sufficient perceptivity, success wasn’t a distant thing.

However, a Life Soul needed a foundation. Typically, a Guardian’s drop of blood was needed as a foundation. However, the Guardian’s attribute had to be compatible with the Demon G.o.d Catalog.

I wonder if The Thearch’s blood can be used as a foundation of the Demon G.o.d Catalog. Zhou Wen thought to himself.

Up to now, Zhou Wen still couldn’t figure out what kind of existence The Thearch was. He didn’t know if she was a dimensional creature or a Guardian, or if she was neither.

However, The Thearch was trapped in Chess Mountain, and the Demon G.o.d Catalog was obtained from there. The possibility of the two being compatible was naturally higher.

It probably won’t be that easy to obtain a drop of blood essence from The Thearch, but it’s not like there’s no chance. Compared to the Guardians who I have to fight to obtain their blood, it’s possible to negotiate with The Thearch. However, I don’t know what price I will have to pay. Zhou Wen didn’t think too much about it. He wanted to condense the Demon G.o.d Catalog’s Life Providence first.

Zhou Wen only did his research when he walked. He didn’t do any training because switching to other Essence Energy Arts prevented Glimmer from obtaining energy.

When he stopped to gather information, he exacted his thoughts and insights on the Demon G.o.d Catalog. In just a few days, he had obtained a huge improvement and condensed a Life Providence.

Life Providence: Demon Bloodline

Zhou Wen felt that when he used the Demon Bloodline, his basic stats were greatly augmented. Among all his Life Providences, the Demon Bloodline augmented his physical stats the most.

From the looks of it, this Demon G.o.d Catalog is likely an Essence Energy Art that corresponds to one’s Const.i.tution. The other Essence Energy Art corresponding to Const.i.tution is Small Perfection of Wisdom. The Supreme h.e.l.l King Life Soul is already a Perfect Body. Then, if I advance the Demon G.o.d Catalog’s Life Soul to a Perfect Body, won’t my Const.i.tution reach 41 points?

Zhou Wen was vexed about how he could obtain a Guardian’s blood that corresponded to the Demon G.o.d Catalog and condense a Life Soul.

“The Thearch, are you interested in making a deal?” Zhou Wen planned on probing The Thearch’s intentions. If he could obtain a drop of her blood, he could give it a try.

“How rare. You actually took the initiative to make a trade with me. Weren’t you deathly afraid of me and kept hiding from me?” The Thearch replied in a teasing tone.

“I’m not avoiding you. I’m just too busy and don’t have time. Otherwise, I would have come to Chess Mountain to visit you,” Zhou Wen said in a hypocritical manner.

“Alright, then come. I’ll wait for you,” The Thearch said.

“I’m near the South District now. I really can’t return. When I return, I’ll definitely visit you.” Zhou Wen sent another message. “Are you interested in the deal I’m talking about?”

“What do you want?” The Thearch asked straightforwardly.

“I want a drop of your blood essence.” Zhou Wen gritted his teeth and sent the message. He was somewhat nervous, unsure if The Thearch would end up falling out with him.


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