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Chapter 976: Meeting Again

Translator: CKtalon

Zhou Wen kept trying to figure out a way to leave the Seven Seas Dragon King’s stomach, but the place was filled with white liquid. He couldn’t even teleport in the white liquid, so it wasn’t easy to leave.

With the Chaos Egg’s protection, Zhou Wen’s life wasn’t in danger. He could slowly try all sorts of methods, hoping to restrain the Seven Seas Dragon King.

Firstly, it was the power of fire. This power was clearly useless against the white liquid, or perhaps Zhou Wen’s fire power level wasn’t high, so it was useless.

Companion Beasts with powerful bodies were useless. They would be stuck to the white liquid, unable to unleash their combat strength.

Weapon-type Companion Beasts were the same. No matter how sharp a Companion Beast was, it would be stuck to the white liquid. They were useless.

He basically tried all the Companion Beasts and abilities he had of every element, but they were useless.

Could it be that this white liquid is really that invincible? Is there no power that can restrain it? Zhou Wen didn’t believe it.

What other powers are there that I haven’t used? After some thought, Zhou Wen suddenly had an idea.

It was the Terror items he had put away previously. Those Terror items were extremely cold. If he could freeze the liquid into a solid, it might lose its stickiness.

Zhou Wen attempted to take out the bone and placed it in the white liquid. It was unknown if it was because only a Terror-grade power could restrain a Terror-grade power, or if it was because the freezing power was the nemesis of the white liquid, but the nearby white liquid quickly froze once the extremely cold bone was inserted into it.

Does it really work? Zhou Wen extended his hand to touch it and realized that the frozen white liquid was indeed no longer sticky. Furthermore, it no longer had any corrosive effects.

So the Seven Seas Dragon King is also restrained by this ice dragon’s power. In that case, the person who killed the ice dragon back then might not be the Seven Seas Dragon King. It’s very likely the human who has a Guardian, Zhou Wen guessed.

Otherwise, it would be very difficult to explain why the Seven Seas Dragon King could still kill the ice dragon when his power was restrained by the ice dragon’s bone.

Was Miya’s father also killed by that man? Zhou Wen thought of Miya’s father again. The possibility of his father leaving a Companion Egg behind and being killed by a human was very high.

With a method to restrain the white liquid, Zhou Wen froze the surrounding white liquid, but he soon discovered another problem.

The solidified white liquid was extremely tenacious and almost indestructible. He spent a lot of effort to shatter a small piece of the white solid.

This is a little troublesome. If I don’t freeze it, it will be too sticky. If I freeze it, it will be too hard. Zhou Wen attempted to use the ice dragon bone to strike it. It was a little easier than using a Mythical weapon, but his speed wasn’t fast.

Zhou Wen was out of options. All he could do was freeze the white liquid as he shattered it. Thankfully, he had Tyrant Behemoth’s help. Otherwise, Zhou Wen’s progress would have been even worse.

The main reason was that Zhou Wen’s body didn’t have enough resistance to the cold, preventing him from touching the ice dragon bone for long periods of time. Even Tyrant Behemoth needed to use Absolute Strength to hold the ice dragon tooth for long periods of time without being injured.

As he was digging, he suddenly sensed the Seven Seas Dragon King’s rage. Then, he saw him fighting Miya and Feng Qiuyan. Although Zhou Wen wanted to help, he wasn’t able to leave for the time being.

Miya, who was covered in wounds, was swallowed and fell into the white liquid. She thought that she was doomed. Not only did the white liquid have a powerful stickiness, but it also had a terrifying corrosive ability. Even her Golden Dragon Body would find it difficult to withstand it for a long period of time. Furthermore, she was severely injured.

Just as Miya gave up hope of survival, she suddenly felt something grab her hand and pull her over forcefully. At the same time, she felt a terrifying coldness.

The white liquid that stuck to her body slowly became less sticky due to the cold. Soon, Miya was released by the hand.

When Miya came out of the white liquid, she almost couldn’t believe her eyes.

“Zhou Wen, you’re still alive?” Miya looked at Zhou Wen in surprise and delight, almost believing that she was dreaming.

After being devoured by the Seven Seas Dragon King for so long, Zhou Wen was still alive. Furthermore, he didn’t seem to be injured.

“Is it strange that I’m alive?” Zhou Wen said with a smile.

“No, I just didn’t expect you to survive in the Seven Seas Dragon King’s stomach.” Miya looked around and realized that the white liquid had turned solid. It was no longer harmful.

“It’s all thanks to these things that I can survive in its stomach,” Zhou Wen said as he pointed at the ice dragon tooth in Tyrant Behemoth’s hand.

This thing can actually restrain the Seven Seas Dragon King’s mucus? Then how did the Seven Seas Dragon King kill the Ice Dragon King? Miya found it unbelievable when she saw it.

“I suspect that the Ice Dragon King wasn’t killed by the Seven Seas Dragon King at all, but by a human,” Zhou Wen said.

“A human? That’s even more impossible. How can a human kill the Ice Dragon King? It’s a Terror-grade existence.” Miya refused to believe this.

“Ordinary humans might not be able to do it, but it’s not impossible for humans with Guardians. Did the Seven Dragons Sea have a Guardian coc.o.o.n in the past?” Zhou Wen asked after some thought.

“I don’t think so. I’ve never heard of a Guardian coc.o.o.n here. Typical Guardian coc.o.o.ns are in pure dimensional zones of a certain race. The dimensional creatures in the Seven Dragons Sea are too mixed. It’s not suitable to release Guardians here,” Miya said after some thought.

“Makes sense.” Zhou Wen told Miya the conversation he had heard.

Miya’s face was filled with disbelief when she heard that. “You mean that the Seven Seas Dragon King is only a puppet and the person who really controls the Seven Dragons Sea is a human?”

“That appears to be the case.” Zhou Wen nodded.

“He wants to extract Qin Ling’s bloodline. Wouldn’t that mean Qin Ling is in grave danger? I have to think of a way to save her.” Miya looked at the white liquid around her, but she didn’t have a solution.

“Calm down. The other party needs to wait for the human-dragon bloodline in Qin Ling’s body to completely take form before getting his way with her. It will take at least a couple of weeks. We still have time.” As Zhou Wen spoke to Miya, he listened to the commotion outside. After the Seven Seas Dragon King had swallowed Miya, he left Sea G.o.d Reef and swam towards the abyss.

Zhou Wen’s heart stirred as he made Tyrant Behemoth stop. Since he was safe now, he might as well follow the Seven Seas Dragon King into the abyssal palace. Perhaps he could learn more secrets.


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