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Chapter 42 – Suspicious Governments

“B-But, why are you here!? Are you also a staff of the government?”

“Well, yes. The moment I’ve returned to earth, they want me to take the role of a prison warden right away. I didn’t have a choice since it’s the order from the higher-ups.”

“Umm, what are they planning on doing? Why are they putting several soldiers inside the game? Officer Crimson Krastel has said he is also an MWG officer. Sergeant Joan also said she was from the MWG. Most of the chiefs from the barracks are from the MWG. What’s going on here in this game?”

(MWG = Milky Way Government)

Tiffany shrugged, “I don’t know. I can’t say anything since we’re just following orders. Well, I guess they want to expand the influence in the game world before they transfer all those annoying permanent residents from other games here. From what I know, more people from the MWG are talking about moving into the game as permanent residents, too.”

Tiffany’s speculation reminded Misha that other people had transferred their conscience into games and permanently abandoned their physical body in the real world, seeking immortality. These bodyless souls were the most selfish troublesome people that usually demands many things in every game.

Mia had encountered a few when he was tiny when he played VRMMO for children. However, Mia’s parents were there together with him, and they kept those people away, so Mia did not know much about them.

“So, you’re thinking the MWG is taking over the natives here first, then they will run this world for the people in the future?”

“Well, that is still a theory. Since this game’s setting is somehow similar to our ancient times, I guess they are planning to rewrite the history of World War 3? Who knows? Well, let’s not talking about what they want to do. I need to settle the issue that you’re giving the local government.”

Tiffany’s smile disappeared, and his friendly air turned solemn.

“Mia, I’ve received three orders. One is from the MWG, one is from the command center from this base, and one is from your grandmother. Which one do you want to hear first?”

“Ugh, do they have anything to do with me?”


“Then, I’ll hear about my grandmother first.”

Tiffany revealed a bright smile. He opened his game panel and pressed several b.u.t.tons in sequence, and a menu appeared before Misha with messages.




Without hesitation, Misha pressed yes.

It was a trade feature of common online games, which normally used to trade items from s.p.a.ce inventory from one player to another. However, this game did not have that s.p.a.ce inventory feature. Instead, this trade option was there for establis.h.i.+ng cla.s.sified contracts, exchanging notes, and other paper deals between players, but Tiffany was using it to give Misha something.

Upon flickering his fingers, an item showed in the trade menu. It was a memo icon with the t.i.tle [Encrypted Message from Fleet Admiral U. Min].

When Misha highlighted the icon, further details could be read.

[Only Cadet Officer U. Mia or his game avatar can read. Violators will be burnt to ashes in real life.]

No other further explanation. It was all the description.

“Miss Tiffany?”

“She told me to pa.s.s this to you. No one can decrypt this even the top bra.s.s of MWG. You don’t have to worry.”

“Even the game administrators? When I read it, won’t they be able to see it as well.”

“Don’t underestimate your grandmother. She is nicknamed [The Silver Empress] for a reason. Heck, I think the only reason they hadn’t laid their hands on you yet because of her!”

12 Hours later, after the meeting with Tiffany.

Misha was locked in an isolated chamber on the prison floor as she postponed her decision about the two other orders from this world government and the Milky Way Government.

Both of them wanted Misha to sign a lifetime contract that she would work for them. In exchange, she would be considered a staff of the local military, and they would provide all help for her progress in this game, as well as secrets information and tricks that they were hiding from the players. Misha would also be ent.i.tled in-game as Flight Lieutenant, and she could pilot all mechs the local military had to offer.

Furthermore, she could early-graduate from her school in real life and would be granted at least 10 million dollars as her monthly salary for her military service of both worlds.

In her real world, the minimum salary of a commoner was a meager 40 dollars an hour. Thus, this 10 million a month was a huge sum.

The offer was too good to the point that is was suspicious, which she had to postpone it to think. Tiffany also had an uncomfortable expression when he said it. It was as if he did not want to tell this to Misha at all.

It was like a honey trap no matter where she saw it.

“A lifetime slave contract with too many benefits. It’s like selling my soul to the devils to get my wish granted.”


“Are you agreeing with me, Tama?”


Without anything to do inside the prison, Misha opened her game menu.




Name – Misha

Cla.s.s – Una.s.signed Combat Cla.s.s

Level – 32

EXP – 2,305/4,000

Free Attribute – 30


STR – 150/1,002 (68.58%)

VIT – 199/1,007 (14%)

AGI – 197/1,000 (41.43%)

DEX – 165/1,000 (85.18%)

INT – 500/1,000 (0%)

WIS – 375/1,000 (31.61%)

Luck – 18/100

STM – 156/1000 (14.19%)


Self-Regeneration – 18/100 (87.23%)

Pheromone – 15/100 (61%)

Acidic Fluid – 4/100 (74%)



Her progress improved by a little because she got EXP from the dead soldiers, which gave her a shocking revelation.

“If I become a PKer, will I get EXP from killing players and the local NPCs?”

The thought frightened her as she realized that more players would be inspired by the same idea once they noticed this feature of the game.

“Doesn’t the MWG discourage people from the PKing? Why are they giving benefits to players when they kill NPCs? Wait, were the people I killed by chance the government staffs?”

Misha scratched her head with both hands as she was getting a headache.

“Forget it. I’ll read my grandma’s message.”

Switching to the letter-and-contract menu, a memo icon of [Encrypted Message from Fleet Admiral U. Min] was flas.h.i.+ng.

Upon tapping on the icon, the entire isolate chamber suddenly shone in bright light.


Misha, who should be trapped in the isolated chamber prison, disappeared.


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