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Chapter 57: So Hurry up and Do It

Translator: Simple MTL Editor: Simple MTL

Jack looked at Adalind with a gloomy expression. He felt that this kind of woman was even more disgusting than maggots in a septic tank.

However, the comments of the audience suddenly changed. He looked helpless and did not know what to say.

“Judge, my figure is better than hers. I’m turning 18 years old this year. If you kill her, I’ll sleep with you!”

“Look at my profile picture. I’m confident that I’m prettier than her. Moreover, I’m a virgin. Although I don’t know anything, judge, I’ll do anything you want me to do. The prerequisite is to kill this sc.u.mbag first!”

“I can do it too. I have more experience and my skills are definitely better than hers! As long as the judge tortures her to death quickly!”

“I don’t have so many requirements. I just like judges. I’m also 18 years old. I want to marry the judge. is the judge married? It doesn’t matter if he’s married. I don’t care!”

“Judge, if you’re not interested in women, I can also offer my a.s.s. This place hasn’t been developed yet. I beg the judge to kill her quickly!”

Jack looked at the bullet screen that kept floating past him. He didn’t know what to say. Regardless of whether it was in his previous life or the current world, it was very popular to sleep with fans. Some celebrities who didn’t do well would even cheat their fans of their money, those people had no idea what self-esteem was.

Including those novels he had read in the past, after the protagonist had transmigrated, he would be surrounded by many beautiful women. After sleeping with one, he would sleep with another. His daily life was like a breeding pig. However, Jack wasn’t such a person!

He said, “In the live broadcast of death, I don’t believe in anyone’s tears, and I don’t accept anyone’s repentance. I’m a judge, not a priest. In the face of death, all repentance is fake. There are only two paths here. Either you work hard to survive, or you quietly wait for death to come.”

Jack’s cold and hoa.r.s.e voice sounded like that of a devil from h.e.l.l, causing Adalind to tremble involuntarily.

After Adalind cursed, she calmed down and said in a low voice. “Ahhhh! Quickly let me go! You d.a.m.ned thing! I won’t die here! I’ll get out alive! Yes! I’ll get out alive. I’ll work hard to survive! I still have a beautiful life. I want to get out!”

The rules of the game appeared in her mind again. As long as the scale remained balanced, she could get out of there alive. Blood and organs that could be harvested might not necessarily kill her. There was still a chance!

Thinking of this, Adalind gritted her teeth and shook the wheel with her hand.

The needle was stabbed into the back of her hand. Adalind could feel the stinging pain on the skin on the back of her hand.

In the live broadcast, the camera focused on the back of Adalind’s hand. The sharp needle had not pierced through the back of her hand yet. The skin was slightly sunken due to the pressure. Adalind’s hand was also shaking the rotary table. As the two hands were shaking, the skin was pulled by the needle. It could pierce the skin at any time. All the viewers were waiting for this moment.

Suddenly, Adalind stopped what she was doing and started to laugh crazily.


“I’ve seen through your trick. If I draw blood first, I’ll feel dizzy due to excessive blood loss. Then, I’ll cut off my internal organs. I’ll definitely make a mistake. By then, I’ll be dead for sure!”

Adalind’s eyes were very gloomy. She said with a crazy expression, “You didn’t expect it, did you, Death Judge? You didn’t expect me to see through your trick, did you? I’ll be the first person in your live broadcast room to get out alive!”

In the Office of NYPD Task Force Zero…

“This idiot. She thought she had seen through the judge’s design,” Judy said disdainfully as she looked at the big screen.

Willie frowned, scratched his head, and said, “Isn’t it? I thought she would get out alive. I still feel a little regretful.”

Ross shook his head and said, “Remember that you are a police officer. You have to have your own stance!”

“Adalind was scared silly. She has gone crazy now. She may have had some hallucinations. It’s basically impossible to get out alive.” Monica also shook her head.

“Why? Isn’t this the judge’s mental trap?” Willie still didn’t understand and asked again.

Bowman explained, “What she said is actually true. Drawing blood first will indeed cause dizziness and affect the removal of the internal organs later. But even if the internal organs are removed now, it still won’t solve the problem. The weight is 1,500 grams. How many grams of internal organs and blood can be removed?”

“If it were you, you would still have a chance to survive if you draw more blood. However, with her weight, she won’t be able to draw so much blood after the internal organs are removed. If she draws so much blood, she will definitely fall into a coma and wait for death. Unless we can find her within five minutes after she falls into a coma!”

“Then won’t she be dead for sure?” Willie asked.

Ross glared at Willie and said, “Can’t we find her quickly? Haven’t we locked down the crime scene yet?”

“Sir! Not yet!”

“Even if we can’t find her, she might not die. From the previous live broadcasts, the judge is an extremely confident person. He always leaves a huge loophole, and this time is no exception. As long as Adalind can find this loophole, she will be able to survive.” Monica a.n.a.lyzed from the side.

Jack, who was hiding in the darkness, heard Adalind’s explanation and found it a little funny. This stupid woman actually thought that this was the biggest secret in the design of his game. Logically speaking, with this woman’s degree of caution in committing crimes, she wouldn’t be so stupid. However, because of fear, her brain had already become dull. Now, she only had the instinct to survive.

“You’re very smart. You actually discovered the secret in my design.”

Hearing the judge say this, Adalind felt a burst of joy in her heart. Her originally distorted face due to fear revealed a smile. She had a chance to live!

The cold and hoa.r.s.e voice sounded again. “So, hurry up and cut off your internal organs.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Adeline’s smile stiffened and froze on her face.

She trembled again.

“Hahaha! I’m dying of laughter. This idiot thought that he had cracked the judge’s design!”

“You want to fight with the judge with your IQ? Hurry up and cut off your internal organs. If you don’t cut off your internal organs soon, there won’t be enough time. When the time comes, your brain will be pierced by high heels!”

“What a waste of time. The countdown is almost half over. Hurry up and cut off her internal organs!”

“This woman won’t cut off her internal organs until her head is blown off by the high-heeled shoes, right? That would be too boring!”

“No, not many people are willing to wait for death when they have a chance to live. At least, a sc.u.mbag like her can’t do it!”

“You didn’t see her expression. I’m dying of laughter. My smile froze!”

“The judge is really amazing. He even divided his words into two sentences. First, give her hope, then make her despair!”

At this moment, Adalind began to turn the wheel in the opposite direction. The thick needle did not pierce the back of her hand in the end and began to rise slowly.


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