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Chapter 16 – Requirement for Choosing a Spouse: Bubble b.u.t.t

Translated by: Yeow and TaffyGirl13

Edited by: s.h.i.+royukineko

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Seeing the one thousand gold bounty, Yue Yang nearly went and serve himself on a silver platter.

Even though he might not understand the saying ‘A lone tree might look more beautiful than a forest, but it will be easily destroyed by the storm’, he had heard a lot of stories before. Yue Yang did not feel that telling the world he was the secret Innate Ranker was a good idea. The royal family would of course be delighted that an Innate Ranker had joined their ranks, strengthening the power of their country. But what would the other two great countries think? They would probably have him before he could grow to become a top tier Ranker……He was already an Innate Ranker at such a young age, additionally, he had never eaten any elixirs and furthermore lacked a Mythical Beast. Even an idiot would know that the Innate technique he practiced was superb, thus other Innate Rankers would definitely covet it.

Therefore, unless someone had achieved invincibility, he should try his best to keep a low profile and act in secret. After all, you should keep quiet about your wealth to better safeguard it.

YueYang laughed as he pulled up his black mask to cover his face before swaggering into the Mercenary Guild.

The room was full of mercenaries, but n.o.body could’ve possibly known that this masked youth would be the Innate Ranker that the entire world had been looking for. They continued to drink and bet as they had been the whole time.

Anyone could tell with a single glance that a person clothed in black with his face covered like Yue Yang was obviously thief wanna-be who had only just started in this line of business.

Aside from watching over their money more closely, there was no other reaction.

“Excuse me, could you tell more about the steps needed to register as a mercenary?” Yue Yang asked politely. In a mercenary guild, if one was more polite, it meant that he was weaker, and would be easier to be looked down upon. Yue Yang wanted the entire world to see him as a weak person. That way, he would be able to keep his skills hidden and better safeguard his secrets. Thus, he put on an ‘I’m weak, please don’t bully me’ facade.

“Pay up, then fill out this form. If you have extra money, you can buy a ‘Mercenary Heavenly Badge’. Every time you complete a mission, it’ll record your acc.u.mulated points, and naturally raise your Mercenary Rank. However, this would cost an additional fee of 10 silver coins.” The mercenary guild’s receptionist was not a gorgeous beauty that Yue Yang had imagined. He was just a greasy-faced, bald old man.

“I…I don’t know how to write. Can you help me fill it out? I, I’ll pay 1 silver coin.” Of course, Yue Yang could write, but he didn’t want others to recognize his writing.

The Rankers in the Soaring Dragon Continent had all types of Inherent skills.

If a person skilled in distinguis.h.i.+ng handwriting came along, wouldn’t his cover be blown?

Paying the old man to fill it out was comparatively safer. These things weren’t important anyways; as long as he could use the Mercenary Guild to get a few missions that offered bounties, he would get the money back.

The old man had met many mercenaries that couldn’t write before. However, he would usually cheat strangers. Immediately, he determined that Yue Yang was a naive chick that had just hatched from his egg. How could he be willing to pay 1 silver coin for someone else to fill a form for him? A silver was equivalent to 100 coppers! This youngster seemed to throw out money casually. If this youth wasn’t someone with more money than sense in his head, what else could he be? The old man didn’t bother holding back, and coldly snorted: “I can help you fill it out, but you need to pay me 3 silver coins.”

Yue Yang extremely despised this greedy old man in his heart. However on the outside, he showed a pitiful expression and begged, “Three is too much. Two silver, I’ll pay two silver. Can you please help me to fill out this form?”

The mercenaries in the room all watched the old man bully the amateur, and began to laugh out loud. Bullying amateurs was a mercenary guild’s first-rate tradition.

At that moment, a slim youth with a masked face and bright eyes walked over from the door. The youth shot out an arm lightning fast and grasped the pen and paper in Yue Yang’s hand. She softly chided: “Offering two silver to ask someone to fill a form for you, was your head kicked in by a mule? He’s a staff member; from the beginning, he had the duty to help fill our forms for people who can’t write like you. An idiot like you wants to become a thief? You’ll die of starvation first. What’s your name?”

“You’ll help me fill it out? Thanks, brother. Thank you so much.” Yue Yang’s expression was full of grat.i.tude as he reached out to hug the other party.

“Stop, otherwise I’ll kick you out through the door… Idiot, tell me, what’s your name?” The thief with bright eyes immediately gave an angry look at Yue Yang when he heard ‘brother’.

“My name is t.i.tan.” Yue Yang regretted that he hadn’t moved fast enough, since he was unable to hug the opposite party. He pretended to look at the other party currently filling out the form, as he neared the bright-eyed thief. At the same time he was able to smell the fresh scent on the youth’s body. Good, this ‘brother’s’ scent was pleasing to the nose. It refreshed his soul, like how the smell of the legendary ‘Virgin’s Delicate Fragrance’ would refresh his spirit. On the outside, Yue Yang’s expression didn’t change; but a certain place below had disgracefully woken up.

“t.i.tan? What kind of weird name is that? I feel like I’ve heard it somewhere before…” The bright-eyed thief knitted her beautiful brows.

“t.i.tan is a the name of a type of dwarf, right, they’re extremely short, and they’re a group of failures. After being defeated by their opponents, they were even tossed into h.e.l.l….” Yue Yang explained.

“That doesn’t seem quite right. If it’s like you say, then why would you choose to name yourself after such a failure of a dwarf?” The bright eyed thief asked in curiosity. The thief was quite intelligent, and had sensed that something wasn’t quite right. However, if Yue Yang had answered the ‘brother’s’ question truthfully, then he wouldn’t be called the counterfeit guy anymore. His eyes laughed and he a.s.sumed a manner of profoundness: “It’s exactly because it represents a failure of a dwarf that I chose this name. It is to firmly remind myself that from now on, I shouldn’t fail the same way.”

“…..” The bright eyed thief was speechless at this. If that was true, then mentally remembering it was good enough. Why was it necessary to make such a lamentable thought into a name?

However, the fact that the failure of a dwarf was called t.i.tan still felt a bit off.

The bright eyed thief cunningly smiled at Yue Yang and lightly snorted, then fluidly helped him fill out the form with his name, gender, and occupation. The thief then asked: “How old are you this year?”

Yue Yang counted on his fingers, and replied with a sincere voice, “200 years old, but I haven’t married yet; I’m on a journey to find my true love. My conditions for finding a spouse aren’t too high, my girlfriend only has to be as beautiful as a G.o.ddess, curvy, had a slim waist and a bubble b.u.t.t.”

Hearing this, all the mercenaries in the room spit out their wine.

Was this brat lovesick?

The legendary story of a toad dreaming of eating a swan meat was probably someone like this brat.

The bright eyed thief also rolled her eyes: “Why didn’t you say that aside from having a bubble b.u.t.t, she also needs to love you for 10,000 years?”

Yue Yang had an expression of undeniable finality: “Loving me for 10,000 years is the shortest time limit; if she could love me for 100,000 years it’d be better. Even a million years wouldn’t be too much.”

“Love you my a.s.s” The bright eyed thief slapped the daylights out of Yue Yang, as she wondered to herself why she had even bothered to talk with a lunatic tonight, feeling extremely depressed. Yue Yang was unexpectedly still in a good mood as he reached out to pat the bright eyed thief on the shoulder: “Thank you, brother. The words “Love you my a.s.s” are quite good. They were very precise, and quite magnanimous. True men just have to be that pa.s.sionate with love. Perhaps if said with an expression of intimacy instead, it would be better. Next time if I pick up a girl, I’ll use that. Are you done filling the form? I thank you very much, brother. I’ll invite you to eat a midnight snack at a new inn in the eastern part of a city that has a newly arrived girl with ** as large as footb.a.l.l.s. Come, let’s go grab a few drinks together. At the same time, we can refresh our eyes with the beautiful view.”

“You…football? What’s football?” The bandit glared at Yue Yang with sinister eyes, but she was also interested in the unknown term that he had said, so she tried asking him instead.


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