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Returning to the Cloud Peak Lake’s lakeside, Yue Yang discovered to his astonishment that Hui Tai Lang had gone back to Bronze-ranked Level 3 from Silver-ranked Level 4. Hui Tai Lang, who had two heads previously, had turned back into a single head. Its body was covered with wounds, looking half dead. Yue Yang could not help but faint at the sight of this.

Other’s beasts would became stronger the more they battled. Their ranks would also rise higher. This good dog, on the other hand, had actually dropped from Silver-ranked to Bronze-ranked.

Then, he saw the giant Xing Meng had fallen in front of Hui Tai Lang.

It seemed that when the giant Xing Meng tried to escape, he fought a great battle with Hui Tai Lang. Eventually, this powerful ‘Mountain Destroyer Earth Demon’ was tragically taken out by Hui Tai Lang.

“Was it Xing Meng who beat you up to this state?” Yue Yang was a little astonished. It did not seem that that was what had happened.

Hui Tai Lang’s body was riddled with scars, new wounds covering the old ones.

It seemed like it had fought more than just one battle.

After all, he had undoubtedly ordered it to protect the Three-tailed Snow Fox. When did it sneak up here again? Seeing that the Three-tailed Snow Fox was not there, he hurriedly asked Hui Tai Lang, “Where’s Luo Hua’s Snow Fox?”

Hearing that Yue Yang asked about the Three-tailed Snow Fox, Hui Tai Lang lowered its head ashamedly.

Yue Yang sweated profusely. Was the Three-tailed Snow Fox killed? It was all over for him now. How would he explain this when Luo Hua woke up again?

Hui Tai Lang limped towards Yue Yang.

It was prepared to be cruelly hit by Yue Yang in a moment of anger… Seeing its pathetic look, Yue Yang put his fist down. “You’re just a wolf. I shouldn’t ask you to do any better. Being able to survive isn’t bad at all.” Yue Yang extended his hand, giving a portion of his Innate Qi to Hui Tai Lang, a.s.sisting it to rapidly recover from its wounds.

This really moved Hui Tai Lang. It howled towards the sky for a long time, displaying its appreciation for its master.

When Yue Yang was delivering his Innate Qi to Hui Tai Lang, he realized something new.

Why were there golden and white Runic Circles faintly floating out from his hands? Could this be a special phenomenon of being Innate Rank 1? Yue Yang was confused. The most mystical thing was that, there were Runic Circles on his arms. Furthermore, these Runic Circles could move on its own, changing between different shapes and runes at random. Yue Yang could not make heads or tails out of it at all.

What was even more peculiar was that Yue Yang knew these Runic Circles had a special effect of powering up his Innate Qi. With the power of the Runic Circles buff on his Innate Qi, the healing effect of his Innate Qi had grown stronger by at least ten times.

Hui Tai Lang’s body and soul were extremely refreshed. It could not help but howl.

Then, suddenly, a Golden Rune surfaced on its forehead. The Runic Circles that was fluctuating on Yue Yang’s arms had also appeared between its eyes. A burst of golden light came out from its body.

This anomaly caused Yue Yang to jump.

Startled, he finally realised that Hui Tai Lang could transform. It was able to conceal its true strength?

Yue Yang was curious now. Hui Tai Lang had become Gold-ranked Level 5 some time ago, yet its appearance was as if it was a Bronze-ranked Level 3 beast. If not for the effect of the treatment by the Runic Circles, even he could not see through this… If even his Level 3 [Divine Eyes] could not see through it, then Yue Yang could bet that any normal warrior would probably not be able to see that Hui Tai Lang was a Gold-ranked Level 5 Demon Wolf.

Had Hui Tai Lang accompanied him for too long that it learnt how to be cunning and use the [Counterfeit] skill like himself?

“What’s with this dog?” Princess Qian Qian was also curious. However, she was not curious about the transformation, but rather the runes on Hui Tai Lang’s forehead.

Princess Qian Qian knew that Hui Tai Lang was at the foot of the mountain. It could not have obtained any runes.

It had also not signed a contract with Yue Yang either. How did it possess the Summoning Runes?

Yue Yang thought that Princess Qian Qian was talking about Hui Tai Lang turning from Bronze-ranked Level 3 to Gold-ranked Level 5, and explained, “I’m not too clear either. But, Hui Tai Lang was originally Silver-ranked Level 4. Perhaps some kind of breakthrough allowed it to turn into Gold-ranked Level 5. I’m guessing it learnt some kind of skill so it could conceal itself as a Bronze-ranked Level 3 beast. I don’t know the details of the situation and Hui Tai Lang can’t speak, so I don’t have any way of finding out the truth right now.”

Princess Qian Qian sweated. “Idiot, any high-level beast with wisdom will conceal their strength. The higher their wisdom is, the better they are at concealment. What’s so strange about that? But, this dog of yours doesn’t know how to conceal its strength. Rather, those runes are helping it conceal its strength secretly… “

“Ah, there really are Runes! Hui Tai Lang, were you contracted by someone?” Yue Yang was shocked.

“Woof!” Hui Tai Lang hurriedly denied it, then acted like a loyal and devoted pet to Yue Yang.

“Can’t you even differentiate between a Contract Runes and a Summoning Runes? The Rune on its forehead is an Ancient Summoning Rune. It’s just like a strengthening-type beast, which had the ability to increase the strength of the body it belongs to. Don’t your body have Ancient Runes too?” Princess Qian Qian felt that Yue Yang should study in the Academy for at least a hundred years, otherwise he would probably still be a joke who didn’t know anything.

“Hey, don’t compare me to it. Even though I’m like this, I’m still its master!” Yue Yang felt that if he were to be compared to Hui Tai Lang (Great Grey Wolf), his name could be easily a.s.sociated with Da Se Lang (Great Perverted Wolf).

“It is an idiot dog, and you are a perverted wolf, you guys are trashes of the same feather…”

Indeed, Princess Qian Qian had pointed out the a.s.sociation that Yue Yang wanted to avoid. Yue Yang could only draw circles on the ground at one corner miserably, looking extremely depressed.

With such a strong vigilance and defence, it would probably not be easy to push this Imperial Swordswoman down.

According to the wise words of Mr. Qu Yuan, “The way ahead is long, I shall search high and low.”. Yue Yang thought, when would that saying turn into “Those b.r.e.a.s.t.s are big and attractive, I shall grope them high and low”. This was simply too difficult! However, if wooing girls is a lifelong technique. Other than taking note of TPO (Time, Place, Occasion), he would also need some skills. Yue Yang didn’t believe that he couldn’t make the tigress Princess Qian Qian his if he unleashed his perverted manuals of “36 Stratagems of Wooing Girls” and “108 Techniques of Picking Girls” that he made on earth.

So what if she was a Princess?

Princesses were originally born into this world so that he could push them down… or so goes Yue Yang’s wild imaginations.

Far away, a shadow flashed. Yue Yang saw a silver light approaching fast towards them.

It was fast like a meteor rain in the sky. Even with his Level 3 [Divine Vision], he still couldn’t be able to see things very clearly. In a flash, the silver light had already appeared in front of Yue Yang.

The moving silver light turned into a calm, unmoving state in less than a second.

When Yue Yang observed it carefully, he realized that it was Luo Hua City Mistress’ Three-tailed Snow Fox. So it turned out that it didn’t die. Yue Yang happily reached his hands out, wanting to grab onto the little fox and shout out to the sky. However, his hands met an empty s.p.a.ce instead. The Three-tailed Snow Fox had already moved towards Princess Qian Qian’s back, where Luo Hua City Mistress was still lying unconscious. It brushed its master’s face with its soft, fluffy tails. It looked extremely gentle and loving.

Hui Tai Lang hurriedly tried to copy the Snow Fox’s method of fawning over its master. It scuttled over to Yue Yang’s side and used its great tail to brush across him. However, its tail had caused icicles to break apart and snow to disperse all over the place instead.

“Do you want to die?!” Yue Yang really couldn’t stand it. He kicked it flying ten meters away.

“Woof!” Hui Tai Lang finally understood that it was fated to be beaten all its life. It just didn’t have enough luck in its birth, it didn’t have the good fortune of sharing an intimate relations.h.i.+p with its master. Furthermore, its tail that was even harder than steel wouldn’t feel comfortable brus.h.i.+ng across its master’s body. Compared to the little sister Snow Fox’s fluffy tail, they were simply heaven and earth’s apart. Hui Tai Lang hurriedly bowed its head in shame, pretending to be obedient…

At night, Luo Hua City Mistress finally woke up.

The Three-tailed Snow Fox brought its master a small flower that could only bloom near cliffs. Luo Hua City Mistress was so happy that she caressed its little head, thoroughly overjoyed.

Hui Tai Lang observed quietly and thought, this method of fawning over master, it should also be able to do it!

It searched for a long time for fresh flowers, but couldn’t find any. Finally, it found a Dog Tail Gra.s.s that was fluffy and big. It hurriedly bite it off and brought it back to Yue Yang.

Yue Yang was so angry when he saw it that he shouted at it, “Scram! Stay away from me!”

Only then did Hui Tai Lang finally understood that its master did not like flowers and He was different from the Three-tailed Snow Fox’s master. Looking at its acts, Princess Qian Qian couldn’t help but laugh until her stomach hurts. She gave Yue Yang a thumbs up, “Like master, like dog. This saying is really true!” Yue Yang was immediately angry when he heard it, “Tigress, what did you say?” Princess Qian Qian laughed out loud, “Nothing, I’m just saying that your dog is very clever. Maybe it is close to evolving into a Holy Beast. If you bring it to the Aries Temple, pa.s.s the Trial and received the wisdom blessing by the Ancient Code, it could perhaps evolve into a Holy Beast…”

“Aries Temple?” Yue Yang was immediately interested when he heard this.

Luo Hua City Mistress and Princess Qian Qian had already trained their grimoire and levels since young, hence their ranks and levels were very high now.

They have already gone above Level 5 a few years back. He, on the other hand, had not. He was not used to summoning his grimoire, hence he was still a Level 2 Braveman now…

If he could pa.s.s the Aries Temple Trial once, not only Hui Tai lang, he thought that even the Th.o.r.n.y Flower Demoness would also be able to turn into a Holy Beast. As for the b.l.o.o.d.y Queen, Yue Yang was not worried about her anymore. Since the b.l.o.o.d.y Queen could speak now, even if she wasn’t a Holy Beast, she wouldn’t be too far from evolving into a Holy Beast. Yue Yang’s goal was to cultivate the b.l.o.o.d.y Queen into a Mythical Beast that could contract her own grimoire.

“This journey really tire me to death, I have to return home and recuperate for a while. But we have actually earned quite a lot of profit.” Luo Hua City Mistress took out a stalk of Serene Starlight Indigo Gra.s.s from her jade box and placed it into another smaller jade box, before pa.s.sing it to Yue Yang. She looked at Yue Yang, with a gaze that made him want to shout a long wolf howl and pounce towards her. Although she didn’t say anything, her gaze was extremely gentle and loving… When Yue Yang went to the lake to bathe and check if there were any water beasts inside in pa.s.sing just now, Princess Qian Qian had told her about how Yue Yang had tried to save her before. The reason for her gentle gaze now was because she had heard about Yue Yang’s foolish actions in trying to save her.

“Did you guys want to kiss farewell? Don’t mind me!” Princess Qian Qian turned her head, pretending to give Luo Hua City Mistress and yue Yang a chance to kiss farewell.

“Qian Qian, you…” Luo Hua City Mistress was greatly distressed, her pale cheeks turning red.

Yue Yang had actually wanted to kiss Luo Hua in his heart. If it wasn’t for Princess Qian Qian breaking the mood, he had even thought that the mood was good enough to push Luo Hua down. Now that she had blurted that out, all the pink mood had been broken. If he couldn’t eat the noodles, he couldn’t even drink the soup.

Yue Yang was really frustrated with Princess Qian Qian, this pink-mood-destroying Imperial Swordswoman.

Luo Hua City Mistress looked like she wanted to hug Yue Yang to show her appreciation, but because Princess Qian Qian had said that, she didn’t feel comfortable doing it.

She immediately open a teleportation scroll and waved her hands towards Yue Yang, “I’m going now!”

Yue Yang’s heart was about to break.

He should have gotten a kiss farewell, but it was broken by Princess Qian Qian’s words. She must have done it on purpose. No, this couldn’t do. When Luo Hua City Mistress leave, he would have to force a hundred kisses on Princess Qian Qian’s lips to compensate for this, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to take the frustration in his heart.

Before entering into the teleportation gate, Luo Hua City Mistress suddenly reached her hand out, her fingers hesitant as she caressed Yue Yang’s lips for a while.

There was a kind of electricity current that jolted throughout Yue Yang’s body.

His heartbeat accelerated to 300 beats per minute.

His wolfy blood boiled, soaring to the sky. Yue Yang had almost howled “Awooo!” loudly to the sky.

Friction could indeed cause electricity… Yue Yang realized that he felt like his whole body was being electrocuted right now. However, although it was not a good feeling, it was also comfortable. There was an indescribable, wonderful feeling in his heart. In any case, he felt like he was on cloud nine and suffocating from happiness.

“Isn’t it just a simple rub on the lips? Look at how useless you became. Come, let me, the Princess, help you to rub your lips even more. I’ll be using something that’s better than fingers, you know…” Looking at Yue Yang’s blissful face, Princess Qian Qian felt very jealous in her heart. She took off her shoes and raise her flawless feet, preparing to give a flying kick to this brat’s face. Let’s see if he would still dare to reveal such a perverted and blissful expression in front of her in the future.

“Hey, I already knew that you don’t have a good intention from the start!” Yue Yang’s reaction was fast, and he grabbed on Princess Qian Qian’s flying kick with one move.

He tried to maneuver her kick upwards, preparing to throw her against the mountain wall and take advantage of her.

Who would have thought that Yue Bing’s clothes, that had originally been too small for Princess Qian Qian, would give out and tear when Yue Yang lifted her leg? Her pants tore at her crotch, revealing a big part of her snow-white skin…

What had happened went beyond the two people’s expectations, shocking them.

Yue Yang and Princess Qian Qian could only stare at each other, for a long time, not knowing what best to do.


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