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“Mr. t.i.tan Jr., you really surprised me.” Mr. Chen was still wearing that wide-brimmed hat, but now his face looked much better. It’s probably because Yue Yang previously exchanged two Martial Spirit Pills with him, and it allowed his relations.h.i.+p with his daughter and son to improve. Mr. Chen’s complexion looked good, he was practically glowing with health and vigor. When he saw Yue Yang, he immediately bowed like a gentleman.

“My friend, could it be that you have some good news for me this time?“ Yue Yang noticed that he seemed to bear some good news.

“Indeed.” Mr. Chen smiled, “My apologies, but, let me keep you in suspense and leave the good news for later. The thing is, regarding the Thunder Ores, would things be carried out as promised? I mean, if it is possible, I would like to buy all the ores in Western Wind Mine. You can use any mode of payment to your liking, it can be exchanged with gold coins, magic crystals or treasures…… Of course, if you wish, we can even pay you with Qi Lan continent’s special wine. Qi Lan Wine is not just a kind of exquisite wine, it is also an excellent rejuvenation potion that can restore Warriors’ vitality. It is effective in restoring energy as well as wound healing. In Qi Lan continent, Qi Lan Wine’s annual output is less than thirty thousand bottles, most of it were s.h.i.+pped to Tong Tian Tower to be sold by merchants. It’s a very popular liquor. “

“ How much Qi Lan Wine do you have?” Yue Yang went straight to the point.

“The maximum we can get would be ten thousand bottles. It includes a hundred bottles of rank five Dragon’s Blood Wine, a thousand bottle of rank four Tiger Bone Wine, and the rest consists of nine thousand rank three Beast Blood Wine.” Mr. Chen knew that ten thousand bottles of wine could only cover a small proportion of the large quant.i.ty of ores owned by Yue Yang, he would have to make most of the payment using valuables like Wisdom Fruits and Magic Crystals.

As for gold, Mr. Chen did not believe the other party faced a shortage of money.

Yue Yang was pondering, he started to understand why Mr. Chen was urgently purchasing Thunder Ores.

It’s probably to feed some kind of lightning-attribute beasts to level up and increase their strength.

Supplying Qi Lan continent ores on the long term may affect the Soaring Dragon continent’s future developments. However, to go back on his words and break his promise was a little embarra.s.sing. Besides, Yue Yang now possessed the Demon Eye’s mine, he wasn’t worried about not having enough ores.

As for the high quality ores, Mr. Chen probably wouldn’t want them. Anyways, he could not afford to buy them. Yue Yang would still be keeping the best ores for himself.

He can sell ordinary ores to the other party.

What Yue Yang wanted the most was not Qi Lan Wine. This kind of things are perishables, after you drink it, it would be gone.

What he wanted the most was the wine formula and the method to manufacture weapons and armours with Thunder Ores. With these techniques and skills, Yue Yang would be able to duplicate them immediately and make use of them in the Soaring Dragon continent.

It was still possible to research about it himself, but it was just too time consuming. Yue Yang never really thought about things that didn’t benefit him much. He had too many things to handle. If he could really obtain the technique and skills directly, that would be the best. Perhaps the imitations would end up better than the original…… Yue Yang reckoned that Mr. Chen would be willing to exchange the technique of refining and casting Thunder Ores with him. As for how to feed the beasts, even if Mr. Chen told him the method, Soaring Dragon continent may not have any special beasts that eat such ores. Furthermore, supplying ores was not a matter of just one year or two. In the end, Yue Yang decided to put in some effort in researching about the thunder ores himself. Then Yue Yang could give the method to Jun Wu You as a present, he could consider it as dowry for marrying Princess Qian Qian.

This way, Jun Wu You, his future father in-law would definitely be pleased.

Once Yue Yang made up his mind, he nodded. “ Ok, no problem. About the ores, we’ll do what you have said. Qi Lan continent can cover a part of it with wine, however most of it will have to be exchanged using Magic Crystals.”

When Mr. Chen saw Yue Yang pondering in silence, his heart was beating like a drum.

He knew how much the Thunder Ores were worth, and that his conditions were definitely not the best. Now with so many compet.i.tors, he immediately showed his sincerity in order to forge a win-win situation. “Mr. t.i.tan Jr. , in order to thank you for keeping your promise. To celebrate our friends.h.i.+p, we would like to offer you the various type of technology to extract and forge Thunder Armour from Thunder Ores free of charge. In addition, we will cooperate with you during the process. Mr. t.i.tan Jr. please forgive me but frankly speaking, our techniques are not the best. The way Demon Abyss used Thunder Ores and the Dwarf’s foundry skills are one of the very best. However, those techniques are top secret, we were unable to obtain them. Another thing is that, since the Thunder Beasts that would get stronger when they consume Thunder Ores could only be found in Qi Lan continent, we are willing to cover part of the bill using mature and tamed Thunder Beasts as mount.”

“The technique of extracting from Thunder Ores?” Butler Yan Zheng was shocked, Mr. Chen was being so magnanimous.

“Thunder Beasts are very powerful mounts, they are as fast as lightning. Their attacks are infused with lightning bolts and are capable of paralyzing enemies. If they are higher than bronze-rank or silver-rank they are also suitable for Level 6 Elders and Level 7 Overlords to ride.”

“Qi Lan continent will be able to provide two gold-rank Thunder Beasts and ten silver-rank Thunder Beasts annually. The rest will be bronze-ranked, the lowest would at least be level 4 and the highest would be level 6. At most we can provide three hundred to five hundred annually. We don’t insist on having the best quality ores. Every top grade Thunder Ore can at least be exchanged for two silver-rank Thunder Beasts. “ Mr. Chen handed Yue Yang a copy of the trade agreement he had prepared ahead of time.

“Very well, Mr. Chen. Your sincerity is admirable. That’s a deal.” Yue Yang knew the other party would not tell him the way to feed and train Thunder Beasts, every tribe had their very own secrets.

For example, it would be impossible to make elfs, gnomes and dwarfs reveal their method in bow making, gem embedding and weapon casting. It would never happen. 岳家会跟外人说出傀儡制造术吗?

Would Yue Yang tell others about the Clan’s Puppet Making Technique?

Of course not !

Thunder Beasts’ source and entry were still in the hands of the strong in Qi Lan continent, but Yue Yang also benefited from it.

In business, it’s not possible to monopolize everything. It is more than enough to monopolize the most valuable resources.

Besides, he nabbed the Thunder Mine in the first place.

This was just like pa.s.sive gains!

Yue Yang’s mission was to improve and strengthen himself. About things like this, there was no need to get too distracted, as long as there were certain benefits.

Scritch scritch, Yue Yang signed his name on the trade agreement.

He then drew a Gemini Mask logo on it.

Now, Mr. Chen’s heart has finally calmed down.

He knew that this is a win-win situation for everyone. However, Mr. t.i.tan Jr. had the opportunity to choose other compet.i.tors instead of sharing this win-win situation with him. The right over Thunder Mine is entirely in the hands of this unfathomable youngster. He could choose to collaborate and establish a win-win situation, or he could have refused but still had the chance to collaborate with others.

Mr. Chen bowed sincerely. “Thank you so much. As you have known, all this time we were living in the shadows of the Demon Abyss. I believe that with your support, Qi Lan continent will gain a chance to breathe and have a better chance of survival. Before our trade begin, I promise you, An Dong’s properties in Qi Lan continent that was transferred by butler Yan Zheng would not be counted in the trade. It belongs to you entirely. If you do not want to accept An Dong’s a.s.sets in the form of gold coins we can exchange it for other things of equal value, like Qi Lan Wine and Thunder Beasts. We can also provide a small amount of Thunder Armour.”

“I am very curious about the products in your continent. I would like to widen my horizon, so please give me a little of each.“ On the surface, Yue Yang didn’t look like he cared and laughed it off.

However, in his heart he felt that Mr. Chen was too old-fas.h.i.+oned.

If it were those from Soaring Dragon continent, would they take the initiative to give An Dong’s properties to some outsider? Yeah right, Of course not!

Even if they had to, they wouldn’t give all of it.

They would definitely conceal most of it.

On the contrary, look at Mr. Chen! He had transferred the properties to butler Yan Zheng even before he came back, as if hiding the a.s.sets was a disgraceful act. After Yue Yang saw this he was slightly touched. He was reminded of Lin En, Anna, Bao Er, Li Ao, Fan Lun Tie and the others. They all had excellent moral character, in fact, many clans other than humans, had moral character that were surprisingly good.

Forget about elves, how could an ox head, an orc, or even a toad have more n.o.ble characters than humans?

What the h.e.l.l!

Using China’s standard, all these people are ‘fools’!

r.e.t.a.r.ded, kind-hearted dumba.s.s…

Yue Yang felt awkward.

Of course, he definitely support others to have great character and treat others earnestly and truthfully. It would be the best if everyone in Tong Tian Tower acted like a n.o.ble man, but he wouldn’t do it himself.

In comparison, rather than being a good guy, Yue Yang felt that it’s more comfortable being a bad guy who could have things his way.

Let the others be the good guy, I’ll just be the evildoer!

That was Yue Yang’s personal opinion.

Mr. Chen left delighted. He was preparing to bring wine, beasts and armours from his hometown to the Thunder Fortress. For Qi Lan continent to be able to collaborate with strong Innates like the t.i.tan brothers, they considered themselves very lucky.

Before he left, he gave Yue Yang a piece of parchment with a map drawn on it. A location was marked out on the map.

Yue Yang was palpitating with excitement.

The mark on the map was labelled as ‘Evil Dragon Cave’.

“This was found by a robber who was very skilled in hiding, he spent a year to find this. He almost died. According to him, there were one Black Dragon, two Scarlet Dragon and around a hundred Crimson Flame Dragon. If you need more information, you can find a man named Dark Blade in Silver Horn Tavern. He is a friend I respect the most. Good luck! “ Mr. Chen had to pay ten thousand gold coins for this information, yet he gave it to Yue Yang without hesitation. This was because he felt that compared to him, this young man was more suited and more capable of handling this adventure at the dragon cave.

“If I succeed, I’ll repay you with a bottle of Dragon Blood.“ Yue Yang obviously understood how dangerous and challenging it was to search for the Evil Dragon Cave. Same goes to how priceless this information was. Mr. Chen was also an Innate Ranker, if he was willing to let him have this opportunity to slay dragons, this showed his sincerity in collaborating with him.


Even in the Jadeite Forest, where Giant Dragons pa.s.sed by, there were Dragon Hunters; let alone Evil Dragon Cave.

Based on this, it was clear how difficult it was to find Giant Dragons.

Besides, Giant Dragons weren’t vegetarians, they weren’t like wyverns. They were invincible beings in battle that would send all organisms running at mere sight.

Yue Yang returned to the sixth floor of Tong Tian Tower. Pretending that he didn’t knew Fatty Hai and the others, he found the teleportation staff and teleported himself to a continent thousands of miles away. Once again, he teleported from that continent to another continent thousands of miles apart, this continued for three times before Yue Yang reached a large town called PaG.o.da Gu. He hired a blue-winged and white-backed gull. It was just like taking a taxi, and it flew him to Silver Horn Tavern.

There was a medium sized tavern.

A gigantic silver horn acted as the tavern’s logo, it looked like the base of Silver Horn Guild. There were many like this on the sixth floor of Tong Tian Tower.

Yue Yang pushed opened the door and entered.

Those who saw Yue Yang were a little surprised. Many sized him up and stared at his Gemini Mask as well as the Gold-ranked Dragon Slaying Spear that was wrapped up and strapped to his back. A weak Level 6 Elder wearing a Gold rank mask? The eyes of those who were drinking twinkled, but for some reason they did not reach out to s.n.a.t.c.h it. Compared to Tong Tian Tower the security here was a lot better.

It seemed that the mercenary at Silver Horn had tricks up his sleeves, at least he managed to keep the customers under control.

Yue Yang ignored the greedy stares, walked straight up to the liquor cabinet and dropped a handful of gold coins. “I’m looking for Dark Blade.”


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