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Even in his weakened state, the Scarlet Emperor was at least Innate Level 10.

If not for the ancient seal that trapped the lower half of his body and was constantly pulling him back inside the sealed s.p.a.ce, the Scarlet Emperor wouldn’t need to spend most of his strength resisting the seal. If this wasn’t the case, Yue Yang wouldn’t have succeeded in ambus.h.i.+ng the Scarlet Emperor. Even if Yue Yang managed to ambush him, the Scarlet Emperor wouldn’t be injured at all. Even the Scarlet Emperor’s remaining strength was many times more powerful than Yue Yang.

If it were another person, the Scarlet Emperor would probably be able to completely disregard him. With just a simple swat from his hands, the ambusher would be immediately sent flying away and would then die from grave injuries.

The problem was Yue Yang was an abnormal expert at ambush attacks.

Strong at attack but weak at defense would be more apt in describing Yue Yang.

However, that did not mean that Yue Yang was not an expert in defense. Mysterious Three Styles, Crystal s.h.i.+eld, Nirvana Flame s.h.i.+eld, Camouflage, Teleportation and Binding Chains – combining these skills together, regardless of whether it was defense or buffing skills, Yue Yang was way ahead other same-levelled warriors.

However, compared to his attacking skills, Yue Yang’s defensive skills were undoubtedly a whole lot weaker.

His combat power was simply too abnormal…

Nirvana Flame and World Exterminating Wheel, both of them

Yue Yang’s defense would only be considered weak when compared to his active skills.

It was also because Yue Yang possessed so many attacking skills that he had enough confidence to injure the Scarlet Emperor critically.

The moment the Scarlet Emperor was injured critically, the Ancient Seal would definitely drag him back inside the Sealed s.p.a.ce. He didn’t wish for much, he only wanted to seal the Scarlet Emperor for another 10, 20 years. By that time, Yue Yang would definitely possess a strength like the Prison Emperor thousands of years ago, a power strong enough to completely dominate over the Scarlet Emperor, a power strong enough to eat this arrogant fellow alive.

Of course, all of these were only in theory.

In reality, things would never go as one had planned.

The Scarlet Emperor who was bending his waist and lowering his head as he struggled to resist the Ancient Seal just now, had immediately attacked back the moment Yue Yang’s Star Explosion hit him.

His speed was extremely quick. In comparison, the Scarlet Concubine, Shun Tian and Black King’s movement were like slow motion. On the other hand, Silver Cow Horn, Fireburst and Hurricane’s reaction was like slow snails in comparison. Almost at the same time, his hands pressed against Yue Yang’s chest. “Boom!” A silver ray of light burst forth like a silver coil, which then extended to an enormous pillar of light filled with energy with a diameter if more than a meter wide.

At this time, Yue Yang’s World Exterminating Wheel and Nirvana Flame had only been unleashed.

If the Scarlet Emperor could move, even if he could only move 3 metres, Yue Yang would definitely die.

The Ancient Seal became Yue Yang’s greatest helper. It had completely trapped and locked the Scarlet Emperor, preventing him from moving by even an inch. Scarlet Emperor drew a long silver dome with his other hand

What was reflected into the golden eyes of Scarlet Emperor was the World Exterminating Wheel directly slas.h.i.+ng the energy light pillar and coming towards him, another Nirvana Fire Blade formed a silver light arch in the air and went for the Scarlet Emperor’s heart.

“Eh?” The Scarlet Emperor’s golden pupil widened as he reeled in shock.

Never did he think that there would be such a sicko in this world as to own both the World Exterminating Wheel and the Nirvana Flame.

He was blinded by the Milky Way-like Star Explosion just now. Moreover, all this occurred in one hundredth of a second, it was too fast for his eyes to see and react accordingly.


Yue Yang resisted the shot coming from the energy light pillar resolutely as the Crystal s.h.i.+eld worn before his chest broke into pieces and his Wyvern Armour dissipated into nothingness. When the Scarlet Emperor loosened his grip, the World Exterminating Wheel slashed his arms, causing a long trail of blood. It then slashed his naked chest where no armour was worn for protection. However the Scarlet Emperor was fast to react as he turned around to dodge the deadly attack from the World Exterminating Wheel. But the Fire Blade was even swifter than the World Exterminating Wheel as it had already broken the silver light arch and penetrated into the Scarlet Emperor’s abdomen through his left rib, so if the Scarlet Emperor were to turn, he would be slashed into two immediately.

The Scarlet Emperor’s body suddenly became as flexible as noodles as he bent backwards.

Fast yet agile.

Although the World Exterminating Wheel had already penetrated his chest, with him bending backwards, the World Exterminating Wheel would lose its target to attack. So the Scarlet Emperor would only be hurt and not killed. On the other hand, the Nirvana Fire Blade tore a deep bloodied wound on the Scarlet Emperor’s chest similarly, but could no longer go deeper to pierce his heart.

“Die!” Yue Yang stepped on the Scarlet Emperor’s waist forcefully before he was sent flying into the air by the energy light pillar.

He unleashed his Innate Invisible Sword Qi!

The killing power of this Sword Qi wasn’t any weaker than the World Exterminating Wheel and the Nirvana Fire Blade. In additions, it was even more subtle and fast, and was more effective.

With a ripping sound, the Sword Qi had already entered the Scarlet Emperor’s abdomen through Yue Yang’s toes that touched the Scarlet Emperor just now. It then went straight for the Scarlet Emperor’s heart… The Scarlet Emperor only had time to use his special power to s.h.i.+ft the location of his heart forcefully, but couldn’t stop the Sword Qi from spreading throughout his body… Simultaneously, the Scarlet Emperor’s bronchioles and spine was penetrated by the the Sword Qi.

It was only until now did the Scarlet Concubine, Shun Tian and the Black Prince’s attacks arrived.

The Scarlet Lotus Fire hit Yue Yang’s hindbrain ruthlessly.

Because of the energy outburst of Scarlet Emperor’s energy light pillar previously that sent Yue Yang flying into the air, Yue Yang’s body was a little slanted, so not only did the Scarlet Lotus Fire not hit his head, he also started to rotate. After the Crystal s.h.i.+eld broke, Yue Yang was still left with the Elegant Sword Dance of the Three Mysterious Styles to safeguard his life. With it, he could dodge and resist most of the attacks. The Black Prince’s Green Phosphorus Ghost Fire scratched Yue Yang’s back ruthlessly, resulting in five wounds that unfurled his skin and flesh. The Ghost Fire burned with raging flame. It was as scary as a parasite that sticks permanently to one’s body because it would never burn out as long as there’s energy available.

But the one causing Yue Yang the most suffering was Shun Tian’s Five Transformation Power.

In the air, a golden giant dragon and golden mammoth’s image was flickering behind Shun Tian. It was one of the Five Transformation Power, ‘Force of the Dragon and Mammoth’ .

Just with one attack using the Force of the Dragon and Mammoth, the joint powers of the Dragon and the Mammoth was showed!

The Scarlet Emperor’s golden fist hit Yue Yang’s back accurately and impactfully on where his heart was located. Although Yue Yang had strong defense, he still had a feeling that his heartbeat stopped and experienced the illusion of his entire body bursting…

“Pu! “

Yue Yang fell forward as blood spurted out from his mouth.

The Scarlet Emperor who was stabbed by Yue Yang straightened his body in the speed of lightning.

As he was. .h.i.t in the head hard by the Star Explosion, his handsome face was twisted with agony. There’s a deep crossed wound on his chest and a bloodied hole that was entirely penetrated. This was the impact of the World Exterminating Wheel, Nirvana Fire Blade and the Innate Invisible Sword Qi. If it were to be another Ranker, he would have collapsed long ago… But for the Scarlet Emperor, he could still retaliate.

“d.a.m.n! “ The silver fists of the Scarlet Emperor morphed into thousands of meteorites in an instant and he rained blows on Yue Yang’s body.

“Boom boom boom boom boom… “

All of the blows. .h.i.t Yue Yang with none missed.

Yue Yang suffered at least three broken ribs and his chest had turned into a bloodied mess from the Scarlet Emperor’s punches and shots from the energy light pillar.

A Nirvana Fire Gun was thrown out from Yue Yang’s hand and penetrated the Scarlet Emperor’s shoulders. Luckily the Scarlet Emperor was fast to react, or else it would have pierced his heart.

The Scarlet Emperor had never seen such a sick yet stubborn young man. Why does he want to kill him so much?

For a young man like Yue Yang, he has a bright future ahead of him, why does he want to attack him even if it may cost him his life?

Pertaining to all this, the Scarlet Emperor couldn’t come to a conclusion at all!

But he wouldn’t let his guards down!

He withdrew his hands quickly, and formed ten Heaven Runes Rune Circles, one on each of his fingers. And then, he pointed it towards the centre of Yue Yang’s eyebrows… Being in mid air, Yue Yang would definitely die from this attack because he had nowhere to dodge. The Scarlet Emperor wouldn’t deny that he was curious about this young man who was attacking him, but he wouldn’t mind killing him. The outcome of anyone being the rival of the Scarlet Emperor’s would be death! If there was any exceptions, then it would be the Prison Emperor, because he was more powerful and ferocious than the Scarlet Emperor. Although he hated the Prison Emperor a lot, he couldn’t do anything about him.

The fresh blood that Yue Yang spurted splashed onto the ancient sealing circle.

The ancient rune, ‘Confinement’, seemed to have gotten a lot of energy support from a golden ray that shone as brightly as the sun.

With a quick rotation, the web-like ray dragged the Scarlet Emperor’s body forcefully, causing him to sink into the sealing circle. In the blink of an eye, only his abdomen could be seen as his waist sunk into the sealing circle.

Due to his sinking body, the Scarlet Emperor’s lethal attack went past Yue Yang’s cheek, scratching his st.u.r.dy Gemini Mask.

If Yue Yang’s head were to be any closer, it would have been a head shot.

The Scarlet Emperor’s golden pupil expanded quickly as he glared at Yue Yang angrily.

The reason why the Scarlet Emperor was angry wasn’t because Yue Yang managed to dodge his deadly attack. It was due to the fresh blood Yue Yang spurted out. It became apparent that Yue Yang planned all this. Using the fresh blood to start the ancient sealing circle such that it would unleash its energy to drag the Scarlet Emperor down, and thus rendering his attack useless… The Scarlet Emperor felt a sense of shame that he was being fooled by Yue Yang.

If he could move freely, he would have went after Yue Yang who was as cunning as a fox. He would have killed him regardless of what price he had to pay.

But now, the Scarlet Emperor could only be furious but had to allocate half of his power to lift the ancient sealing circle.

His other hand pointed towards Yue Yang’s direction.

Once again, the energy light pillar burst like a fountain.

Behind Yue Yang’s back, the Scarlet Concubine, Shun Tian and the Black Prince launched their joint attack again.

This time, the trio, who had more time to react and gather their energy, launched an attack again. It would be nothing like before as its impact would be many times greater. Being severely injured, Yue Yang might not be able to take the next blow.

If it were to be anyone else, they would have fled carrying such heavy injuries.

The Black Prince and Shun Tian wanted to let Yue Yang off so that he would become the Scarlet Emperor’s opponent in the future. It was so that the Scarlet Emperor wouldn’t burn bridges in the future and would remain wary, which would be beneficial to them. Moreover, the Scarlet Concubine also wanted to end the fight. Even though she hated Yue Yang, she didn’t hope that Yue Yang would die. She just wanted the Scarlet Emperor to escape from the seal, so long as her lover could get out, nothing would be a problem… Attacker? She could kill him later, she mustn’t let him die together with her lover now!

Even the Scarlet Emperor thought that the fight had ended.

This cunning young man would definitely seize the opportunity to flee.

But everyone thought wrong.

Not only did Yue Yang stay put, he even charged towards the Scarlet Emperor, like a crazed barbarian cow that was blinded by his murdering desire as he dashed towards him like a bolt of lightning.

He charged out from the energy light pillar forcefully, and in the moment where his fist was being caught by the Scarlet Emperor, he leaned forwards, knocking the Scarlet Emperor’s forehead.


Two terrifying Innate power collided.

The Scarlet Emperor howled in pain.

When the Scarlet Concubine, Black Prince and Shun Tian arrived behind the back of Yue Yang to launch their joint attack, Yue Yang whose Gemini Mask was almost shattered from the impact smiled suddenly.

He who was covered in bloodied wounds smiled eerily.

His other hand was raising the Prison Emperor’s Seal. Completely ignoring the joint attack of the trio, he smashed it onto the Scarlet Emperor’s head as if he was prepared to die together with the Scarlet Emperor… Shun Tian and the Black Prince’s gasp, the Scarlet Concubine’s cry and the Scarlet Emperor’s howl burst out at the very same moment… Only Yue Yang was smiling silently. His unique sarcastic smile was expressed from the deepest point of his eyes, and he looked brightly brilliant!


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