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Once Yue Yang came out of the Evil Dragon Lair and the restrictions of the laws were lifted, he immediately returned inside the Grimoire World.

Originally, he wanted to call out the Qilin Girl and scold her. He was already beaten close to death, yet this girl only watched from the side without any spirit of loyalty. Let alone such a small restrictive law, majestic Holy Beasts like her could even rampage in Heaven Realm! Moreover, if she could not come out, the least she could do was say something!

However, when he arrived, he saw that the Qilin Girl stood in front of him like a small white flower.

Her lively appearance was simply unfair.

“Girl, when I’m mad, the consequences are very severe!” Yue Yang said towards the Qilin Girl, who was trying to win Yue Yang’s favour by helping to support him to walk.

“I originally wanted to help you. However the Phoenix Sisters did not allow me to. Perhaps they felt that this was a good opportunity to train you. Moreover, aren’t you fine, so what if your skin was almost shaved off! Don’t be angry, I am also worried about you. I also feel pained seeing you injured! Come, let me see!” Qilin Girl’s soft small hands pressed on Xiao Wen Li’s forehead. A colorful light beam erupted like a beautiful rainbow… Xiao Wen Li who had received arm injuries was bathed under the rainbow. Her injuries healed in the blink of an eye. Her pale face after overexerting also became rosy again.

“Hehe!” Once Xiao Wen Li’s injuries were healed, her happy eyes became two bright moons.

Her life was mutually connected to Yue Yang. They completely shared everything together.

Once Yue Yang received an injury, she would also feel the pain.

For the same reason, when Qilin Girl had healed Xiao Wen Li, Yue Yang also felt that the pain in his body was slightly alleviated.

On his back, although the Green Phosphorus Ghost Fire was burning more slowly than before, it still obstinately remained on Yue Yang’s back. He could only leave it aside as he was temporarily powerless to disperse it. Yue Yang’s Innate Qi was dried up and he had to use Nirvana Flames to purify severe internal injuries.

The Scarlet Concubine’s Scarlet Lotus Fire was also the same. If Yue Yang’s body had not been refined by Nirvana Flames a lot of time, he would have already been burned to ashes.

The Scarlet Lotus Fire behind his neck was like an additional 50 kilograms as he endured the severe pain.

If Yue Yang couldn’t endure it how could he have escaped?

The strongest attack that injured Yue Yang the most was Shun Tian’s Five Transformation’s Power. Shun Tian’s attack even surpa.s.sed the injury made by Scarlet Emperor’s attack. But then again, the Scarlet Emperor was distracted by the Ancient Seal and the Prison Emperor’s Divine Seal!

Yue Yang was heavily injured…

However, in front of Qilin Girl, those injuries were too simple.

“The Scarlet Lotus Fire is not bad. As for this disgusting Ghost Flame, do you still want it? If you don’t then I’ll extinguish it.” Qilin Girl’s soft white hands grabbed behind Yue Yang’s neck, as if a mischievous little girl that had caught a red dragonfly. The Scarlet Lotus Fire that frightened people with its temperature, had been turned into a tender and beautiful ‘Scarlet Lotus’ in her hands.

In an instant, the Scarlet Lotus Fire had been refined by her into its essential form.

It was so vivid and lifelike.

It was different from a real lotus. It was made of fire and it had spiritual essence!

Qilin Girl opened her hand and the ‘Scarlet Lotus’ floated in midair. It followed the rainbow light from her body and slowly rotated. There was nothing in the world more beautiful than this, n.o.body could have imagined that this came from a frightening flame that could kill people! As for the Green Phosphorus Ghost Fire, Yue Yang hurriedly told her to leave it. What a joke, this thing was the best thing to use in replenis.h.i.+ng Hui Jin’s energy, where else would he be able to find it? If it were not because Yue Yang wanted to refine the Green Phosphorus Ghost Flame, he could have purified it with Nirvana Flame earlier.

Yue Yang had overexerted himself and seemed he could not endure the Green Phosphorus Ghost Fire. But it was ineffective towards the Qilin Girl.

She lightly grabbed it in her hands and blew it.

A bright light of energy flashed.

In her small hands the colorful light beams appeared and its fragrance spread throughout. Yue Yang had lost a lot of blood and sustained severe injuries, but under this light, his mind cleared up and his body relaxed.

The Green Phosphorus Ghost Fire had been refined by the Qilin Girl. It turned into a small skeleton with burning eyes. Its size was probably the size of a baby’s fist. Seeing this, Yue Yang immediately s.n.a.t.c.hed it and quickly stored it in his Platinum Storage. This thing was too important in leveling the Hui Jin Magic Blade. Naturally he could not use it now, but when it a.s.similates with Hui Jin someday, Hui Jin’s power would definitely double.

Qilin Girl pouted and rolled her eyes, meaning to say ‘who would fight over it with you’?

b.l.o.o.d.y Queen, Golden Th.o.r.n.y Flower Queen, Barbarian Cow Shadow were watching from the sides and did not dare go in front. They were afraid of disturbing Qilin Girl from healing their master.

Let alone them, even the Sickly Beauty, who had used sleeping flower to put Yue Shuang to sleep, could only wait anxiously.

If Yue Yu was here, then she could’ve helped.

However, since the Qilin Girl was here, she believed that Yue Yang would definitely have no problems. Seeing Yue Yang’s body riddled with injuries, she was very pained.

“Fortunately, you did not break any arms and legs, if not I would have to waste so much energy just to help you recover!” Other than healing Yue Yang’s injuries, Qilin Girl also softly comforted the others. As she said this, she placed her hands on Yue Yang’s body. A pure energy steadily flowed into Yue Yang’s body and once again filling up the dried up Innate Qi in his solar plexus.

“…” Seeing Yue Yang forcing himself to smile, pretending to be okay, Sickly Beauty’s eyes reddened and her tear almost dropped but she quickly wiped it away. She strongly nodded telling Yue Yang that she wasn’t worried. Instead, she hoped that his heart did not have any burdens.

The light in Qilin Girl’s hands grew bigger until it enveloped Yue Yang entirely.

It can be seen by the naked eye that Yue Yang’s injures were quickly healing.

The various injuries on Yue Yang’s body such as his heart, chest, hands, legs and other parts were quickly recovering

Especially his heart that had been hit by two moves from Shun Tian’s Five Transformations. One was ‘Dragon and Mammoth’ and the other was ‘Thunderstorm’. Fortunately Yue Yang had an almost unkillable body. His body had been refined by Nirvana Flames a lot of times and additionally his life was shared with Xiao Wen Li. Yue Yang was not worried about being insta-killed by Shun Tian but it was difficult to avoid receiving injuries. No matter how heavy his injuries were, if Qilin Girl was not here, Yue Yang would have had to use Innate Qi to recover, and it would probably need ten days to have any improvements.

In order to recover a hundred percent of his battle strength, ten days would probably be not enough.

However, Qilin Girl was an Expert Heaven Doctor. Her medical treatment did not even require ten minutes. Yue Yang’s heavy injuries had mostly eighty percent healed.

His outside injuries had healed faster.

However, the internal injuries were slower, and would probably need Yue Yang’s Innate Qi to continue recovering.

Seeing the Qilin Girl’s miraculous hands, the Sickly beauty was so moved that she cried.

Her small hands covered her mouth and bit her own lips, preventing sobs from coming out. Once the injuries had healed, she immediately charged over and tightly hugged Yue Yang. Even Red, Duo Duo and Ah Man had emotionally kissed Yue Yang’s cheeks. When Yue Yang had hugged them back and kissed them they also happily kissed back.

The Earth Fire Spirit looked from afar. With her elemental body, she was unable to comprehend the idea of being injured.

Qilin Girl had confidently raised her arms and spread her hands towards Xiao Wen Li.

Showing that these were minor injuries and could casually be healed by her.

Xiao Wen Li became happy.

She had jumped onto Qilin Girl’s embrace from Yue Yang’s body. She kissed Qilin Girl just like how he kissed Yue Yang just now.

“I don’t like children…whatever!” although Qilin Girl pretended to not care, it could clearly be seen that she liked Xiao Wen Li’s intimacy.

After being healed, Yue Yang had recovered most of his battle strength.

With the Qilin Girl here, his life would not be threatened. The previous battle could only be counted as suffering a beating.

However, Yue Yang’s experience from his suicidal attack, breaking his endurance limit, bursting with matchless bravery and forging his will power through pain, were experiences that would help him grow limitlessly. After experiencing this life and death battle with the Scarlet Emperor, Yue Yang already established enough self-confidence. In one battle, he had taken one step on the foundation towards becoming a supreme ranker. Facing three rankers who were much more powerful than him and facing the six thousand year old frightening Innate, Yue Yang did not have any fears. He took advantage of every situation, every knowledge and attack to heavily injure his opponent.

Although he had escaped due to his injuries but in reality he was the victor today.

Yue Yang’s reward from this victory was not a treasure nor was it the Scarlet Emperor’s b.l.o.o.d.y arm, but it was confidence, bravery and willpower!

There was still the future!

“Please don’t begin flirting yet, the Scarlet Emperor was not successfully sealed.” Qilin Girl exposed the secret.

“What? Impossible!” Yue Yang perspired greatly.

He had personally seen the Scarlet Emperor’s heavy injury and had been dragged back by the Ancient Rune into the sealed s.p.a.ce. He originally thought that this would at least seal him for a few years and never imagined that his strong attacks actually failed.

Could it be that Sun Tian and the Black Prince had some kind of treasure to save the Scarlet Emperor?

Or was it that Scarlet Concubine’s Spirit Call really that amazing and once again able to call back the Scarlet Emperor? It was certain that the Scarlet Emperor had suffered critical injuries. After going through World Exterminating Wheel, Nirvana Flame and Innate Invisible Sword Qi, then suffered the sealing power of Prison Emperor Divine Seal which even made his skull burst open and one arm broken, how could he still escape from the Ancient Seal after being sealed again?

Evil Dragon Lair.

Most of the adventurers had left.

Shun Tian, Black Prince and his subordinate, the Purgatory Flame Black Dragon as well as two troops of Dragon Hunters had already left.

Hurricane had saluted towards his former friend Fire Breath’s corpse. Seeing that the Scarlet Emperor and the Scarlet Concubine were still hugging and kissing without any intent to kill him, he also quickly left.

Inside the crumbling Evil Dragon Lair only the Scarlet Emperor, who had lost his right arm, and the Scarlet Concubine remained.

Staying far away from everyone, the Scarlet Emperor suddenly fell on the floor with a boom.

Fresh blood continuously flowed from his mouth.

He was also quite spent. If it was not in order to dispel Shun Tian and the Black Prince’s wariness and force himself to stand up, he would already have fallen down. After Yue Yang’s three attacks, the Scarlet Emperor felt incomparably tired. If that youth was even slightly stronger then it would truly be dangerous… Fortunately, Shun Tian and the Black Prince did not have the courage to join hands and attack the Scarlet Concubine. It was not because their strength was lacking, but because of paranoia. In the end, they had virtually helped the Scarlet Emperor escape from the trap.

“Let us quickly leave this place and find another place to recuperate. If an Innate Elder ranker appeared, we would really need to be vigilant.” The Scarlet Emperor slightly coughed. Under the support of the Scarlet Concubine, he painfully stood up.

“Your hand…” The Scarlet Concubine cried.

“No problem, after using a secret technique and heaven crystals, it will grow back.” The Scarlet Emperor had received heavy injuries but his pride as an emperor still remained. “This is a lesson, and also a warning to me conquering the lower mortal world. It reminded me to never be negligent. My beloved, don’t worry, I will never let another Prison Emperor emerge. That youth was not bad but this time I will absolutely not let him grow just like the Prison Emperor and become my nemesis!”

“As for how strong the Prison Emperor was, I am not too clear about it. However, I want to tell you that I am different from him!” Yue Yang suddenly appeared in a blink of an eye. His eyes still contained an unrivalled sneering light.

“Your injuries have actually healed?” When the Scarlet Emperor saw this he was shocked!

“There’s a phrase called ‘Taking advantage while the enemy is down!’. If it was the Prison Emperor, he would probably not attack anyone who is heavily injured, after all he is an honorable and prideful Emperor. However, I am different from him. I am a scoundrel. Despicable is my nickname and shameless is my real name. So, I am sorry senior who had lived for six thousand years, let me send you to your grave!”

His murderous intent exploded

His second attack begins now.


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