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Chapter 787.1 [Predator Catching Prey, But Does It Know It Is Actually The Real Prey?]

Yueyang returned to the Western Heaven Realm.

The original Snowfield Camp has been reduced to ashes. Although the battle was over, the blaze was still roaring, and not only the campsite, but even the surrounding area, had been beaten into ruins. To Yue Yang’s surprise, this time, surprisingly, it was the ‘Eight Desolation’, ‘Snow Plains’, and ‘Battle Song’ three battle groups that had won, at least, the Dark Realm’s Fallen Warriors were temporarily repulsed.

Antic.i.p.ating that the Dark Realm Fallen Warriors would come in force, the three battle groups had joined forces.

And launched a pre-war counterattack.

After paying a huge price, they finally thwarted the Dark Realm Warriors and knocked them back.

“Third Young Master, if it wasn’t for your secret intelligence, I’m afraid we would have……” towards Yue Yang who had secretly returned, Lord Ling Yun was extremely grateful. Indeed, if it wasn’t for Yue Yang’s warning to Fatty Hai and Ye Kong, not to mention Lord Ling Yun himself, he was afraid that the entire Eight Desolation battle group, or even the entire Snowfield Camp, would have been wiped out.

“So what plans for the future do you guys have in mind? Do you all want to continue and enter the training grounds, or to get out of here?” Yue Yang asked.

“We still decided that we want to go in and have a look.” Lord Ling Yun and Tu Hai, who hadn’t known about it before, but knew that it wasn’t some secret ancient ruin waiting to be dug up by future generations, but rather a training ground of the Heaven Realm that had been hidden from the outside world by the Central Palace Hall and after knowing this, the urge to challenge themselves had risen in their hearts. So be it if there is no treasure there, any treasure would have been difficult to split with so many people in the first place, but the thought of going in to challenge themselves, to see how many stages they could break through was still enticing, they might even be able to break through in the trials and improve themselves! At the same time, they were also concerned that if they chose to leave the battle group and head elsewhere, they would most likely be besieged by the Dark Realm’s warriors, so rather than risk leaving this place, they might as well partic.i.p.ate in the trials together with the group.

“That’s fine too!” Yue Yang looked at Fatty Hai, Ye Yong, Xue Tan Lang, Prince Tian Luo, and the Li brothers, all of them had already decided to go in and try it out.

Seeing that Yue Yang still had something to say, Lord Ling Yun and the others excused themselves amiably.

The choice between the Heaven Staircase and the Heaven Realm Training Grounds.

Yue Yang explained the situation to them, and after some discussion, the decision was finally made by Xue Tan Lang on behalf of the few of them to stay and partic.i.p.ate in the Heaven Realm Training Grounds.

It wasn’t that the Heaven Staircase was bad, it was mainly because the Heaven Staircase was in the Tong Tian Tower, and they could enter for cultivation at any time and had plenty of opportunities later. However for this Heaven Realm Trial Grounds, they would not have another chance, this opportunity could not be missed. If they missed it this time, there will never be so many people competing together in the future, and there will never be the Dark Realm Fallen Warriors pressuring them with death, forcing them to continuously move forward…..

For such a decision, Yue Yang was not surprised.

Firstly, he instructed Hui Tai Lang to take care to protect everyone’s safety, and then he explained the situation of the First Stage, the Rain Valley, a little bit.

“The first stage is the Rain Valley. In the Rain Valley, there is the Power of Law that forbids flight, war beasts cannot be summoned as well or three clones will come to attack them, and this attack would never stop until all the war beasts summoned were dead. This is the real reason why it was said before that those below Heaven Rank would not be able to survive for more than 10 minutes. In addition to not being able to summon war beasts, they were also unable to fly, and anyone who tried to fly was bound to be subject to the Power of Law, furthermore anyone who left the main path more than a kilometer would be punished by a lightning strike. Also, the Rain Valley is like a maze, there are prescribed routes that must be followed or they would be lost in the maze. It is strictly forbidden to move forward from the prescribed route by jumping through s.p.a.ce, or by teleporting across the path, or else you will be severely punished by the law, and those with weaker strength will be turned into flying ashes at one stroke!” Yue Yang wouldn’t tell Lord Ling Yun and the others about this detailed information, but for his own team, he would naturally tell the truth, lest they violate the Power of the Law and die tragically on the spot.

“Horrible!” The moment Fatty Hai heard all this, his face was scared white, he was not afraid of strong enemies, but afraid of the Power of the Law, which was able to pa.s.s through all kinds of defences and instantly kill somebody on the spot.

“For the maze of Rain Valley, I can draw you a map, and with the map, if Lord Ling Yun and Tu Hai as well as the rest of them want to pa.s.s through the maze, they will have to do their best to ensure your safety.” Yue Yang drew a map with the Heaven Realm runes and pointed the way out again, only stopping until even Hui Tai Lang also nodded in understanding.

“So saying, does Lord Ling Yun and the others not know how to read Heaven Realm Runes?” Prince Tian Luo, immediately noticed this.

“Let’s not talk about them, even the Deputy Palace Lord who came out of the Central Palace Hall didn’t have much mastery over the reading of these runes. The Heaven Realm Runes, although unlike the Ancient Runes and the Sword Runes, were still hard to come by. In the Heaven Realm, it may have been a widely used universal rune before, but now, with the exception of very few old warriors, in most regions, most of the Heaven Realm Warriors have very weak understanding of such runes, much worse than the warriors from our Tong Tian Tower… In other words, in the Heaven Realm, the Heaven Realm Runes are almost lost. In the Rain Valley, there are many places where there are instructions written using the Heaven Realm Runes, so you can take this opportunity to learn them, and some of them are very subtle, if you can learn them in the Rain Valley, then it will definitely be very helpful for the future.” Yue Yang explained.

“Understood.” Ye Kong always believed in Yue Yang without reservation.

“Is there a gatekeeper or something?” Fatty Hai on the other hand, was more concerned about this issue.

“Yes, there is an old man, an old-timer from our Tong Tian Tower, who is estimated to have lived for at least 20,000 years, and I don’t know who he has offended, but he is imprisoned at the Rain Shelter Pavilion in the Rain Valley. AnIf you all see him, you all must be respectful towards him, if you have any good wine, pour some for him and if the old drunkard instructs you, you will all benefit for life. When you get to his place, you don’t have to worry about your lives being in danger, as an elder, he will take care of you, which is the main reason why I let you go in and try to break through. The first stage is already very difficult, if you pa.s.s it, then the second stage is the Wind Valley, which is the opposite of the Rain Valley, the Power of Law there forces all who enter to fly through the sky against great pressure, and if they step on the ground, they will be punished… Well, I won’t say anymore, you guys will have to pa.s.s the first stage first” Yue Yang chatted with Xue Tan Lang and the rest for a bit more about the current situation in the Heaven Staircase, and when it was said that Yue Bing had obtained the Fantasy Pearl during the test at the Hundredth Step of the Heaven Staircase, everyone felt even more energized and couldn’t stop commenting on her good fortune.


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