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Chapter 822: Tears of the Mermaid

Yue Yang went to the Warrior Guild on the sixth floor of the Tong Tian Tower and issued a quest.

A reward of 100,000 would be offered for the ‘Tears of the Mermaid’.

Since his return from the Heaven Realm, Yue Yang had queried all the ethnic forces of the various clans, yet there had been no news of the Tears of the Mermaid. The Sea Clan ruled by Hai Ying Wu, the You Ming Clan of the Dark Continent, the Eastern Goblin Tribe, and the Golden Elves race have also been questioned, but the Tears of the Mermaid seem to only exist in legends and no one seemed to actually owned it. Because of this incident, Hai Ying Wu deliberately went back to discuss with the Sea Clan masters such as Countess Jie Wei and Countess Yan. They searched through the treasury of the Sea Clans but found nothing. The Southern Goblin King, who had the most treasures in hand, also went back to carefully search her personal treasury…Even Xia Yi went back to her hometown of Gu Feng Continent and inquired Queen Qi Ge, but there was still no progress.

The Tears of the Mermaid definitely existed, but no one knew who possessed it.

Regarding its legend, there were many historical records of it in Tong Tian Tower. Yue Yang had also read many of those records.

The ‘Tears of the Mermaid’ was not actually a mermaid’s tears. Otherwise, he could have had the Storm Mermaid shed tears and it would have been over.

It was a very special pearl.

Because it was extremely precious and beautiful beyond comparison, ordinary people couldn’t help but be charmed by it when they laid their eyes on it. According to legend, even a mermaid couldn’t help but shed tears of love when she saw it, hence the name ‘Tears of the Mermaid’.

If one wears the Tears of the Mermaid, aquatic creatures could go ash.o.r.e and breathe freely. Similarly, land creatures could breathe underwater while wearing it. In battle, the warrior or the beast wearing the Tears of the Mermaid could maximize the attack power. Therefore, the Tears of the Mermaid was a very rare kind of auxiliary treasure.

Thousands of years ago, there were still more Tears of the Mermaid. There were estimated to be no less than a hundred of them in the entire tower.

They were usually worn by emperors of various races or female Supreme Innate users. However, the Tears of the Mermaid gradually disappeared in the long history of the 6,000-year war.

Maybe they still remained, but with Yue Yang’s energy, he couldn’t find it… He had asked all his acquaintances. There was really no other way, so Yue Yang had to make a trip to the sixth floor of the Tong Tian Tower and release a quest for Tears of the Mermaid.

Regardless of the price value of the Tears of the Mermaid, Yue Yang first set a price of 100,000 gold, hoping that any insiders would be moved by the gesture and let him know of some information.

“Dear son-in-law, are you looking for the Tears of the Mermaid?” Eastern Sky King suddenly ran over to Yue Yang.

“Ah? Do you have any?” Yue Yang was overjoyed when he heard it.

“I don’t have it; that thing is worn by women. How could a Master such as me want that kind of object!” The Eastern Sky King denied.

“The problem is that I need this treasure that the ladies like to get on with a business exchange.” Yue Yang saw that the Eastern Sky King did not have it and planned to find an excuse to dismiss him, so as to not to be dragged along for a drink. Now Yue Yang is not in the mood to drink; on one hand he was thinking about the G.o.dly Grimoire and on the other hand, he was conserving energy and was about to visit Empress Fei Wen Li. Now he was worried about the Tears of the Mermaid so he didn’t have time to pay attention to the Eastern Sky King.

“You can’t solve the problem by keeping a straight face all day!” The Eastern Sky King realised that Yue Yang was not in a good mood, so he did not force him to drink. But before leaving, he leaned close to Yue Yang’s ear and said something secretly, “You can try asking His Majesty, but you must never say that I was the one who told you about this.”

“Of course.” Yue Yang was happy.

He patted his chest to make a promise for the Eastern Sky King.

In fact, if Yue Yang really had to be criticized by Tian Luo Emperor Hua Xu Ri for this matter, it would be strange if he wouldn’t expose him. As the saying goes, a dead fellow does not die in a poor way[1]. Besides, it wouldn’t be the first time the Eastern Sky King was punished for making mistakes. Anyway, he was rather incapable of shame and couldn’t care less. The Eastern Sky King was shameless to the point that even the poor mercenaries who drink bad wine and brag in the Tavern of the Soaring Dragon Continent know about him.

TL Note [1]: It is a commonly used Chinese idiom. It means that you can sacrifice someone or sell out someone just to save yourself.

The Eastern Sky King patted Yue Yang on the shoulder and took the ‘Martial Pill’ that Yue Yang quietly handed over.

The informant had a Martial Pill to take, there was no reason not to accept it.

“My good son-in-law, I’m leaving now. As for whatever you want to find, don’t post tasks— it’s too troublesome, just ask me directly. Who am I? I was the secret excavator whose name roared throughout the entire Tong Tian Tower back then!” The Eastern Sky King felt that he could completely ace his role of being a ‘private detective’.

“…” Yue Yang was embarra.s.sed.

Fortunately, the guy’s daughter was nothing like him!

Having said that, if Tian Luo Emperor Hua Xu Ri was really a man, then how could he have the Tears of the Mermaid?

And hypothetically if there were the Tears of the Mermaid, how could it be kept such a discreet secret? To the point where even the Eastern Sky King would remain secretive?

Student Yue Yang felt that this curiosity could simply kill the cat. The Dream Jade last time, the Tears of the Mermaid this time; how many unknown treasures are there in the Tian Luo Treasury?

As soon as the Eastern Sky King left, Yue Yang immediately went to see His Majesty, the Tian Luo Emperor Hua Xu Ri.

The reason was the same as last time. His Majesty was slightly ill and unable to meet guests.

The court lady carefully asked Yue Yang’s intentions, expressing that she would be the one transferring them to meet His Majesty. As for the outcome of the matter, His Majesty would decide.

His visit this time was not the same as last. Previously, Drunken Cat Big Sis brought her Dream Jade, but this time he was summoned. Although separated by the palace gates, Yue Yang somehow approached within ten meters of His Majesty this time and there was still the kind of majestic aura that signified him being at the top for a long time. Even if Yue Yang already possessed the Supreme Will, he could clearly sense it. Since Yue Yang was a junior himself, coupled with the fact that His Majesty had been taking care of Si-niang and Shuang Er, and was also considered an elder to Luo Hua and the other women. Student Yue Yang naturally and obediently bowed down, pretending to put on the act of being a good boy.

Tian Luo Emperor Hua Xu Ri’s voice was very angry: “Who told you that?!”

Student Yue Yang didn’t even hesitate for a second and just sold out the old man, “Your Majesty, it was the Eastern Sky King.”

“That fellow must be a busybody. If he was neither drunk or dying, he’d be spewing nonsense to the juniors!” Tian Luo Emperor Hua Xu Ri was very angry. He cursed and his raging att.i.tude was so severe that even Yue Yang was startled. He estimated that the Eastern Sky King’s life in the next few days would be less than comfortable. However, the moment the Eastern Sky King informed him, he must have also known about the consequences. Perhaps he had already escaped and will definitely not come back until His Majesty calmed down his anger. At any rate, it wouldn’t be good news for the Eastern Sky King to run to Jun Wu You for a drink and some food.

“He was very wrong, I also criticized him just now.” Yue Yang tried hard to portray that he was a good boy.

“Spare me your tricks!” It was a pity that His Majesty could see through who he was.

“Yes, I am also very wrong!” Student Yue Yang was as shameless as the Eastern Sky King.

“The Tears of the Mermaid was not a rare thing either; it would be fine to just give it to you. It’s just your sneaky little actions that really infuriates me!” Although His Majesty Tian Luo Emperor Hua Xu Ri said so, it seems that he felt distressed to give out the Tears of the Mermaid. Before handing over his beloved treasure, he fervently scolded Yue Yang. After a small pause, he said, “For some reason, if you may need to do something for me in the future…”

“This child is at your beck and call.” Yue Yang patted his chest, expressing his 24-hour service.

“Stop smiling cheekily, that is a very serious matter. From now on, you are forbidden to be disrespectful in front of the Emperor!” His Majesty seemed to be very angry with Yue Yang’s current att.i.tude, especially expressing a severe criticism towards his smile.

“Yes, may I know what Your Majesty would like me to do?” Student Yue Yang secretly guessed maliciously. It couldn’t be that as there was no one in his harem and he felt lonely, he needs me to warm his bed? Of course, he only dared to think of this kind of obscenity in his heart and he dared not show even a trace of it on the surface. Otherwise, it would be quite possible for His Majesty to tear him up. In any case, the dignity of His Majesty must be maintained.

“I’ll talk about it later; you are forbidden to mention it to anyone. This matter has not been decided yet, and it is an extremely troubling issue… Forget it, just go back first. As for the Tears of the Mermaid, I will have someone bring it to you!” Before Yue Yang left, His Majesty also warned, “You should stop your cranky thoughts, and it is even more forbidden to have a third party know about the conversation we had today. If you let Wu Xia and the others know, this Emperor will cut off your tongue!”

“Don’t worry, this child is always secretive and I hardly talk amidst my dreams. Even if I do sleep talk, it is all nothing but beautiful women. The secret discussion today is absolutely safe with me!” Student Yue Yang was going to set himself up with the t.i.tle of being the most secretive person in the Tong Tian Tower.

“Who doesn’t know about your behaviour, just get out!” His Majesty demanded.

Yue Yang smiled and left according to the Emperor’s wishes.

Although he was only across the palace gates, he didn’t see His Majesty’s true face nor did he smell any special fragrance.

However, after being promoted to the Innate Supreme and experiencing Zhi Zun’s Divine Realm, his insight skills were completely different from before. For the things that he needed to see previously, he could now feel more clearly than simply ‘looking’. Although the current Divine Vision had not yet reached the highest level, it was already very close to the peak level of the “G.o.d Eye Realm”. His Majesty’s appearance could not be seen clearly at the gate of the palace, but at the very least, Yue Yang could ‘see’ a bit.

Of course, the clever student Yue Yang pretended that he couldn’t see it. It was very important to maintain the dignity of His Majesty.

It wasn’t the Night Empress… Yue Yang came to a conclusion.

He had been skeptical, but now he finally denied the speculation. The Night Empress was the Night Empress; and His Majesty was His Majesty, although some aspects were similar…At night, the court lady sent a brocade box. He opened it and it was filled with the colorful glitter of the Tears of the Mermaid. Yue Yang’s nose twitched slightly, and he seemed to be able to smell a long-lasting fragrance in the air that was connected to the treasure. After thanking the court lady, Yue Yang hurriedly caught up to the Land of Trials in the Western Heaven Realm, sneaking through the encirclement of the dead warriors in the Central Palace. He re-entered the Land of Trials, moving forward to the third trial in Sha Valley, to find Grandmother Sha and fulfilled her wish.

Grandmother Sha wore the pearl, the Tears of the Mermaid flashed with brilliance on her body.

Although she still couldn’t leave the pool water, it was not a problem to wash her face, hands and feet by condensing water of her own.

This was just the beginning. With Grandmother Sha’s proficient use of energy and the ability of the Tears of the Mermaid, her wish to take a bath was estimated to be realized in a short time.

Grandmother Sha wept with joy.

Although she didn’t give a reward to student Yue Yang, she tried to remember and pointed out the location of an ancient rune to Yue Yang, “If no one had destroyed it, it should still be there. The ancient rune will not disappear with the pa.s.sage of time— it has existed for an unimaginably long time. By the way, I remembered one thing. Back then, when Fairy Qi Luo fought against True Lord Blazing Fire, the two fell and were buried in Sword Valley. Since then, there was no more news, it should be because they had returned to the afterlife… You can try searching, maybe you can find something of theirs that they left behind… I’m sorry, Little Yue Yang. Because I’m too old and I’m just too happy today, I can’t remember more of the past at the moment. Perhaps if you come again next time, I’ll see what other memories could be useful to you!”

“Thank you, Grandmother Sha Luo Man. The news of ancient runes had already been the biggest guide and for that, this child is grateful.” Yue Yang’s words were sincere. The value of ancient runes was indeed an existence whose value cannot be matched by any other treasure. Especially for the current Yue Yang, what he needed most was to integrate more ancient runes.


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