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Chapter 864: Battle-Beast

The Toad King, who was enjoying the feeling of being ma.s.saged by a few female beasts, was met with bad news.

The Lightning Lizard arrived quickly.

It reported, “The newcomer’s beast had exited from the Spirit Beast Great Hall.”

Upon hearing the news, theToad King was furious, “d.a.m.n, a dozen guys who boast of being the best killers in the Beast Valley, can’t kill even a small thing despite being given the best timing and place? Incompetent, they are all incompetent fools! I knew that I shouldn’t have believed this group of proud guys, but I had even given them a chance rather kindly. Unexpectedly, they completely disappointed all of my expectations of them! I will hang each and every single one of them onto gallows and we’ll see which idiot dares to continue boasting!”

The Lightning Lizard was spat on by the King Toad’s spurs of saliva, but it didn’t dare to wipe it off. Proceeding to only reply weakly, “My King, I’m afraid those guys won’t come out from the Spirit Beast Great Hall, because… They are all dead!”

The Toad King was taken aback, “They are all dead?”

The Lightning Lizard was so frightened that it didn’t dare to lift his head, “There should be no one left. That little thing that came out of the Spirit Beast Great Hall had not only gotten the golden token[1] that is only available on the third floor, but she had also raised it by one level. If she hadn’t killed more than a dozen who attacked her, how could she possibly raise its level?”

T/L Note: [1] It looks like a rectangular name plate made of gold, usually chinese characters would be engraved on it as a symbol of status.

The Toad King became even more furious and he continued to curse, “Those imbeciles deserved to die. Not only were they unable to kill her, but they even became her energy nourishment. G.o.ds, is there anything in the world that could possibly be worse than this?”

“My King…” The Lightning Lizard didn’t dare to report further.

“Is there anything worse than this d.a.m.ned news? Did more creepy, useless and disgusting things happen? Speak, I don’t care if I hear bad news anymore; what could be worse than her killing off a dozen killers? Tell me. I’m listening, so just spill all the bad news all at once!” The Toad King was trembling with anger, and it took the utmost will to not throw the currently reporting Lightning Lizard into its mouth and eat it.

“Because they are worried that the other parties will blame each other, both the Human-Faced Tiger and the Eagle King have sent their subordinates to clarify their innocence. The Poisonous Queen Bee and the Lion King’s subordinates have directly proclaimed that it was your order… My King, in my opinion, the Lion King and the Poisonous Queen Bee have the intention of joining forces with this superb newcomer,” The Lightning Lizard immediately ran away as soon as it finished speaking.

It was really afraid that the Toad King would swallow it in a rage.

After hearing this, it was not angry, quite surprisingly .

On the contrary, it let out a laugh that was worse than crying, “This is normal because that newcomer has risen in the ranks way too fast. It would be strange if they didn’t take a few actions! But then, it won’t be so lucky for them from now as this King wants to deal with them in person. To h.e.l.l with Pandora’s Box, that kid will definitely not be able to enter the 3rd level Rolling Stone test site— what’s the big deal if he has that Divine Power of Calamity? If they think that this King is just a person, then they are sorely mistaken… After so many years, it’s about time for the five Beast Kings to swap positions, hahahahaha!”

As soon as this kind of laughter came out from its throat, the female beasts who were ma.s.saging the Toad King s.h.i.+vered with fright.

Usually, when the Toad King laughs, someone would be met with misfortune.

Perhaps the Beast Valley would flow into a river of blood…

Student Yue Yang was looking at the golden token in his hand repeatedly. It was obtained by the Reaper Mantis in the extremely dangerous area in the lowest level of the Spirit Beast Great Hall. Because of this, she had been too close to danger several times. Fortunately, with her own high wisdom and Yue Yang’s teachings, she survived without any problems.

With the golden token, the Reaper Mantis could finally get rid of the ident.i.ty of her newborn beast status and become a high-leveled Elite Battle-type Beast of the Beast Valley.

Getting the token was just the first task.

The second was to test the impromptu reaction of the beast.

There were three options for this task— ‘easy’, ‘normal’ and ‘difficult’.

The easiest way was to shoot arrows. As long as you could hit an apple with three consecutive arrows within 100 meters, you will pa.s.s if the piglet on the top of the apple remains undamaged as well.

The medium challenge was to throw spears quickly. After the test starts, ten different powerful bouncing mushroom b.a.l.l.s will be thrown into the sky each time, five times altogether. If all targets were hit, or if none of the mushrooms and spear misses, it would be considered a pa.s.s. Because the mushroom b.a.l.l.s are powerfully bouncing and colliding with each other in mid-air, they are very likely to change their own flight trajectories, which is why only a few beasts have had the capability to complete this ‘ordinary’ challenge.

The ‘difficult’ level of challenge was one of the most insane tests in the Beast Valley.

Since history, there has never been a person who has completely succeeded in challenging the difficult level in the Beast Valley!

Not even once!

Even if everyone knew that there was a Wisdom Fruit reward after this test was completed, very few people actually dared to try.

Because this test was too difficult.

The challengers usually wouldn’t even have the courage to try!

This challenge goes like this— it requires the cooperation between the owner and the beast. The owner must use a slingshot, or a slingshot-shaped launcher, to launch their beast, and the beast would play the role of a cannonball. Under the restrictions of the Law, no skills and power can be used. The only exception would be if someone successfully a test, then the Law would temporarily reward them with the possibility of pa.s.sing down techniques to help the beast hit the target.

If you make a mistake, fail, or project the shot at the wrong place, then the Battle-type Beast that acted as a cannonball will most definitely die ugly as things will be progressively harder. Only when the team was guaranteed to succeed ten times can the level be cleared, which would in turn earn a reward of a Fruit of Wisdom.

Back then, the Prison Emperor had tried this difficult level test.

But after launching three times, even if all three levels were successfully maintained, he was frightened to the point where he had broken out in a cold sweat and he didn’t dare to continue.

Empress Fei Wen Li’s performance was better as she tried it six times.

They all succeeded too.

But on the seventh time, even her enemies advised her not to try again, lest this historic record be destroyed. She was the first to complete the act of launching six times successfully in tens of thousands of years. Of course, she was not actually the highest record holder in the history of the Beast Valley. It has been said that one hundred thousand years ago, there was a predecessor with insane intelligence who had fired the Battle-type Beast nine times, all of which were successful.

At that time, the companion of that intellectual demon had also advised him not to take up the last challenge should he fall short.

After a day of thinking, the intellectual demon took a risk, but unfortunately he failed. He couldn’t get the reward of the well-known Wisdom Fruit and caused the Battle-type Beast to die a tragic death.

“What? That kid is going to try the Battle-Beast test? Did he go crazy?” When the Toad King heard of the news, it was stunned and couldn’t believe it.

“Is this true?” The Lion King, Eagle King and Human-Faced Tiger were also in disbelief.

“Does he have what it takes to challenge the level of the Battle-Beast That thing is impossible to succeed at!” On the surface, the Poisonous Queen Bee wanted to express her congratulations, but she kept on secretly discouraging it in her heart. As for the Sickle Weasel and Ryoma who were staying nearby, they couldn’t help but rush to persuade Yue Yang. They have never seen anyone who tried and succeeded. Even that G.o.d-like Ji Wu Ri had tried it out twice, before he eventually gave up.

Attempting the Battle-Beast was no different from sending the beasts to their deaths.

In the test site, there were ice pools on one side and fire pools on the other. There were even sharp-edged walls, poison wells and even quicksand vortexes.

In short, as long as the beast made a mistake and fell outside the test area, then it would be as good as dead.

No matter how powerful the beast is, the Law of the Beast Valley will deprive it of all abilities as soon as it enters the test field. As long as it fails, it would be equivalent to watching the beast die!

For this difficult test, even the success rate of one out of ten was considered very hard.

When separated by a tall tower, the beast must be fired out and hit itself against the tower made of wood, stones, and pointed spears like a cannonball. There is a pig in the tower, and the challenger has only one launching opportunity to kill the pig protected inside. If the tower does not fall, or if the pig remains undead, it would be considered a failure.

In other words, it must succeed as there is no possibility of failure and trying again!

“Can you guys just calm down? Is this that difficult? I think it’s easy. Step aside, don’t get in my way!” Yue Yang kicked the Sickle Weasel and Ryoma unceremoniously.

“Are you really going to make Battle-type Beast” The Poisonous Queen Bee asked the Reaper Mantis quietly in a secret language.

“Mhmm,” the Reaper Mantis nodded cutely.

She had absolute confidence in the owner.

Even in death, her trust in him will not be shaken.

Student Yue Yang didn’t offer her a lot of comfort, encouragement, or anything like others would normally do. He directly picked up the Reaper Mantis and placed her on the launcher of the slingshot. The body of the Reaper Mantis was surrounded by a gleaming spherical light sh.e.l.l by the power of Law, which made her look like a small cannonball. In fact, regardless of whether the beast was big or small, the launching power would be exactly the same, and any innate ability and power of the beast during the launching process would be rendered useless. Besides becoming a Battle-Beast Sh.e.l.l, the beast would have no use at this moment.

Perhaps, maintaining their trust towards their owners and cooperating with the launch tacitly would be the greatest performance of the beast.

The Toad King and Lion King have not rushed over yet as they were still a bit far away.

But both the Eagle King and the Poisonous Queen Bee were here.

There were other monsters and more than a dozen residents, all of whom looked at Yue Yang like he was a lunatic.

In the Beast Valley, there hasn’t been a challenger who would take on the Beast test for a hundred years. This kid is really crazy enough. I hope he will not fail too fast. Otherwise, there would be nothing to look forward to.

Except for a limited number of people, namely the Poisonous Bee Queen, the Sickle Weasel and Ryoma, every other beast or resident felt that Yue Yang would fail with one shot.

In the history of Beast Valley, there have been more than a few fools who failed at the first shot.

Some extremely stupid and self-righteous guys chose one of the most difficult tests. As a result, as soon as the shot was fired, they found that they themselves had a hand in killing their beasts, even making it go through a painfully excruciating death!

“Are you not going to calculate it?” The Sickle Weasel didn’t care about itself being exposed. It wiped its sweat profusely and persuaded, “In fact, there is no time limit, you can calculate it slowly!”

“Yes, it’s not bad to launch after the calculation is clear. The strength, angle, and direction, etc…. all of that must be calculated carefully!” Ryoma was also trying to persuade him.

“For such a simple thing, do you still need to use calculations?” Yue Yang was full of disdain.

“What a fool!”

“The beast is dead for sure…”

Seeing that Yue Yang was so arrogant, everyone knew that there would not be much of a show. Guys with arrogant att.i.tudes like Yue Yang were usually the densest sc.u.mbags. Wanting to succeed without rigorous calculations was harder than waiting for pies to fall from the sky! Even if it was calculated, it would not necessarily be successful. Three thousand years ago, there was a wise old man who made calculations for three days and three nights. Then, he experimented for one day and one night to make sure that he did not miss anything. But when he finally launched the beast out, he failed. There would never be success without calculating, as that was absolutely impossible.

Even the easiest level of shooting an apple required a good amount of calculation of the angle, strength, and wind direction.

The Sickle Weasel and Ryoma tried to persuade him again.

Unexpectedly, Yue Yang was very fast. He stretched his slingshot and in a blink of an eye, he launched the Reaper Mantis with a ‘swish’. The Reaper Mantis, wrapped in the light of the Law, drew a parabola from a distance as she crossed the first tower and smashed halfway through the second tower. The entire tower shook before it collapsed with a rumble.

The piglet inside was as ‘dead’ as it could get as its ashes were blown by the wind.

The Reaper Mantis, who was wrapped in the light of the Law, teleported back in an instant and landed back in Yue Yang’s palm.

W-was that a success?

Was it that simple?

Everyone’s eyes fell out of their sockets[2].

T/L Note: [2] Extreme shock. Your eyes become really WIDELY OPENED.



[TL note]:

It’s been a month since I’ve started tl-ing LLS, so it’s not unfamiliar territory (not much anyway, still some confusion though) but please do let me know if there were terms that I have used incorrectly like the names etc. Thanks and look forward to the release!




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