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Chapter 274: It’s Good to Have Status

The sky was clear today, illuminating the entire courtyard with snow-white light. However, the weather seemed to be colder.

Lu Sheng held the cutlery while Chu Yun served the pork ribs porridge.

Chu Yun said, “I’ve never seen the Lord cook before. Thanks to Miss, I must eat two more bowls today.”

Early in the morning, Chu Sihan asked him to buy lean meat, pork ribs, and some supplementary ingredients from the city. He thought that Miss Lu was going to cook.

Although he had not eaten Lu Sheng’s cooking before, he often heard Young Master s.h.i.+ talk about it some time ago, so he knew about it.

Almost everyone who was familiar with Young Master s.h.i.+ knew how picky he was with food. Hence, there was probably nothing to nitpick about Lu Sheng’s culinary skills.

Hence, Chu Yun wanted to try Miss Lu’s cooking today.

Unexpectedly, when he returned from shopping, Miss Lu was still asleep and his Lord was already cooking porridge in the kitchen.

Chu Yun watched Chu Sihan skillfully wash the vegetables and chop the meat and pork ribs. He was dumbfounded.

He had followed Chu Sihan for years and had never seen him enter the kitchen.

Usually, other than brewing tea, he had never seen him cook anything else. Hence, Chu Yun even doubted if the Lord’s cooking was edible.

It was only when Chu Sihan finished cooking and scooped a little for him to taste that he knew that the food cooked by the Lord was not only edible, but also several times more delicious than his.

When the two of them returned to the main hall, Chu Sihan coincidentally came out from the study room.

“Lord, let’s have breakfast.”

Lu Sheng smiled and shouted.

Chu Sihan nodded slightly and entered the hall with her.

After Chu Yun placed the porridge down, he took the bowls from Lu Sheng’s hands and scooped some for the two of them before serving himself.

After breakfast.

After the two of them boarded the carriage, Chu Yun asked, “Lord, should we take a walk around the Third Prince’s Mansion first or go directly to Pure Snow Observatory to find the State Minister?”

Ever since he heard about the ‘Illusory Demon’ yesterday, Chu Yun still had lingering fears.

Chu Sihan did not answer directly. Instead, he looked at Lu Sheng, hinting for her to make the decision.

Lu Sheng smiled and said, “Let’s go to Pure Snow Observatory.”

She also knew how to prioritize the big picture.

Chu Sihan nodded slightly. “There’s no need to go to Pure Snow Observatory. Let’s go to Dali Temple.”

If he guessed correctly, the State Minister should have stayed at Dali Temple last night.

After all, ordinary people could not investigate these strange cases.


When the three of them pa.s.sed by the bustling city, they realized that it was a little cold today.

There were not many pedestrians, but the guards patrolling the streets could be seen everywhere.

Chu Yun frowned slightly and thought that it was strange.

When he came out to buy things this morning, there were obviously a lot of people on both sides of the street.

Two men dressed as constables walked forward and stopped their carriage.

“There are a few murder cases ahead. This road is temporarily blocked.”

In the carriage, Chu Sihan and Lu Sheng looked at each other and saw the seriousness in each other’s eyes.


Chu Yun shouted into the carriage.

Chu Sihan lifted the curtain and showed his token.

“So, it’s Lord Chu. Please!”

After the two constables saw the token, they hurriedly moved aside to make way.

Although they had never seen Chu Sihan before, he was famous in the capital back then.

Even though a few years had pa.s.sed, everyone still remembered Chu Sihan, the youngest scholar in Xuan Yue Country.

After seeing that the road was clear, Chu Yun continued riding his horse.

“It’s good to have status!”

Lu Sheng pretended to sigh sarcastically.

If it were anyone else, they would probably be sent back.

Chu Sihan could not help but chuckle.


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