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Chapter 337: Studying the System of Divine Spells

In the evening, the sun was setting in the west, about to fall below the horizon.

The dim yellow sunlight filled the entire desert, as if the posthouse had been dyed with a layer of gold. With dazzling cast gold armor, nightfall was right around the corner.

However, on the north side.

Between the dune communities, there was a long line pa.s.sing through.

It was an orderly line of 50 strong one-humped camels that were leisurely strolling over.

Their wide hooves were able to fully step on the soft layer of sand. Their outstanding talent of being able to endure cold, heat, and trekking allowed these desert elves to shuttle between the sea of sand at a seemingly slow speed, like a light boat.

Riding on it, the Swadian peasant was half-sprawled and half-asleep in boredom, just as leisurely.

They were very comfortable.

Along the way, apart from the harsh environment, the so-called suffering of trekking was not unbearable.

The abundant food and supplies, as well as sufficient fresh water, allowed them to enjoy a wonderful time even when they had to set up camp. For the past two or three days, the traveling itself was like enjoying desert scenery.

They had already learned how to take care of themselves in the desert from the Sarrandian people.

It was just like learning how to tame camels.

Of course, their current comfort was also related to the 40 desert bandits beside them. They were carrying scimitars, short spears on their backs, and long spears. They were running back and forth on guard.

Recently, in the desert, they would occasionally encounter escaping slaves who had nowhere else to go or trade caravans that claimed to be lost.

However, these desert bandits were the ones who dealt with them.

If they dared to resist, they would take their lives with their spears or scimitars. Their bodies would be casually thrown in the desert and turned into dried corpses under the sun, becoming a ready-made deterrence sign.

Even if they didn’t resist, the final result would depend on the mood of the desert bandits.

If they were in a good mood, they would be taken back as slaves.

If they were in a bad mood, there would be nothing to say. They would throw out sharp short javelins and kill them directly!

The so-called runaway slaves and lost trade caravan were in fact spies of the Dukedom of Leo. Rolf had long warned the pa.s.sing caravans, as well as the desert bandits escorting the trade caravan, to be on high alert.

And they had the understanding that even killing the innocent is better than letting anyone go!

Kant silently approved of this.

Because he would do it too.

If he encountered any spies who attempted to infiltrate the Nahrin Desert, he would definitely choose to kill them without leaving any loose ends.

This was Kant’s base, the headquarters, a place that absolutely could not be touched by outsiders. Even if they encountered a descendant of a bankrupt merchant like Borg back then, they would not be allowed to try their luck here in desperation.

He couldn’t set up too many spies. That would become conspicuous.

At least for Kant.

What did the decline of other people’s families have to do with him?

Kant only needed to take responsibility for himself!

At night, Rolf especially held a grand banquet for Kant’s arrival. He took out all kinds of food and cooked it as delicately as possible, so as to make this banquet even more perfect.

Although there weren’t any chefs trained by the artisan guild in Drondheim Castle or Aaron City.

But the commoners still knew how to fry and cook.

Everything still tasted exceptionally delicious.

Compared to the simple baked bread and dried meat, these fresh ingredients that were specially cooked were nice and juicy in the mouth. Coupled with the precious spices that were obtained through bribing by the merchants of the Dukedom of Leo, it was enough to support the level of luxury for this banquet.

Of course, those merchants who had finished trading table salt outside had long been driven away.

At present, only Kant’s troops remained in the Nahrin desert.

A large number of desert bandits spread out in groups of two or three, whistling through the surrounding desert plains and dune. They rode their horses and patrolled, cautiously looking for any enemies that might be hidden.

There were many times when spies hid in the desert at night to avoid patrols.

However, the temperature in the Nahrin Desert was several tens of degrees below zero at night.

If they wanted to live, they had to build a bonfire the next day to be able to walk, which would expose their position.

As long as the desert bandits searched carefully, even if they were in the dark behind the dune and used their leather jackets to hide the light, they would still be able to sense that something was wrong. If they rode their horses closer, they would be able to find the rats that were trying to deceive them.

At that time, their companion would not be their achievements after the investigations.

Instead, it would be their sharp scimitars and spears!

In order to ensure that Kant, the supreme lord, could rest, even the Sarrandian Horseman had moved out.

Wearing Sarrandian chain armor, a leather jacket, leather pants, and a leather cloak, a group of people walked in a formation among the dune. Any difficult or troublesome enemy would attract their attention and be dealt with with with even more exquisite combat techniques.

Desert bandits were, after all, light cavalry and were not main forces.

Once the matters get serious.

They still had to look for the stronger Sarrandian Horseman!

As a few unlucky fellows were found, the sarrandian horseman and the desert bandits did not hold back. They directly shed blood. Using the machete in their hands, they let the heads of these unlucky fellows leave their necks. The night was filled with a tragic color of blood.

Kant slept extremely soundly.

This was because the sun disk had already been activated, allowing the surrounding temperature to become suitable.

The night pa.s.sed without much incident.

The morning arrived very quickly.

Kant, who had already developed a good sleep schedule in the desert, also woke up with the appearance of the dawn.

He simply tidied up his clothes, wiped his body, washed his hands and face, and meticulously applied a layer of sunscreen made from oil and spices before walking out of the room.

Beside him was the room of the mages. It was a little noisy in the early morning.

Kant pushed the door open and walked in, only to find that the 18 mages were still surrounding the floating sun disk. They were still arguing and explaining intensely, as if they had some differences on the next route.

The situation was a little tense. Both sides were clearly divided into two groups, each with their own arguments.

It was obvious that both sides had their own theories.


Kant frowned slightly and coughed lightly to signal for him to come in.

At the same time, looking at these mages, he could not help but ask, “What’s going on? Why are you starting the discussion so early? Did you guys come up with something?”

“My lord, Good morning.” Only then did the mages react and quickly bowed to greet him.

“Mm.” Kant nodded.

“It’s like this, my Lord.”

The captain of the mages shrugged slightly, his tone was also somewhat helpless. “Last night, the archmages of the Enfath Empire sent news. They successfully a.n.a.lyzed the Saintess who belonged to the Sun G.o.d’s descendant and found a special and pure energy in her body. It wasn’t completely positive…umm… positive energy.”

“That’s right. It’s a type of positive energy that belongs to category of positive energies, but has a higher level. It’s extremely special!” The surrounding mages nodded and agreed with the captain’s point of view.

This was also their conclusion.

Kant frowned. “More colloquial.”

“Um, although it’s a little confusing, it’s true. It’s a higher level, a higher level of positive energy.”

The mage captain pondered for a moment and answered in detail, “Just like the power of G.o.d!”

“The power of G.o.d?” Kant frowned even more.

There were no G.o.ds in the world of warwinds.

There were only higher-level creatures, such as angels, t.i.tans, dragons, and so on.

For example, in Pande’s prophecy, in the world of light and darkness, although there was not much difference from the usual history, in fact, there were also G.o.ds.

For example, the leader and the magic ring showed the world-destroying Devil G.o.d as the final Boss.

Therefore, the mages in the world of Warwind did not have a deep impression of G.o.ds.

It was only after they came to this world and came into contact with the so-called power of the G.o.ds in this world that they had a rough idea of G.o.ds. However, when they studied the corpse of the Saintess of the Sun G.o.d’s descendant, they found pure, high-level and special positive energy from it, it made them even more confused.

The captain of the mages said in a deep voice, “Where our conclusions differ is the definition of this positive energy. Is it a kind of positive energy or a completely transformed G.o.d power?”

“Oh, that’s it?”

Kant chuckled.

“Yes.” The mages nodded. Academic questions are always strict and rigorous.

However, Kant, who had the experience of his previous life, waved his hand and said, “Why don’t you treat this power as the positive energy used by the G.o.ds?” Kant paused slightly and said, “For example, the divine spell system that is different from the magic system!”

“Divine spell system?” The mages were shocked, but then their eyes widened.

“That’s right.”

Kant nodded.

In this world, there used to be G.o.ds in the ancient times, so there were traces left behind in the temples.

Although in the age of chaos, the spells were not visible, but they were still beyond the imagination of ordinary people. For example, the spells of the mages and the divine spell of the priest were the extraordinary power of knights.

Divine spell was a power that was pa.s.sed down from one temple to another.

It was similar to a normal spell.

But it was completely different.

Kant did not know much about it because in the human countries, knights, mages, and priests were almost equivalent to three fields. Although they were related, they were in fact completely different.

Knights were the n.o.ble cla.s.s, the cornerstone of a country.

Mages were the scholars in the Mage Tower. Although they mastered spells, they rarely partic.i.p.ated in politics and management.

As for priests, they were the forces of the Pantheon Temple. They accepted the wors.h.i.+p of the country and provided faith to the commoners and the n.o.ble. Of course, most of them were for the commoners. It was still uncertain whether the so-called n.o.ble believed in G.o.d or not.

This was the age of chaos after the fall of the G.o.ds. Without a real G.o.d, there would naturally be no real faith.

The divine spell system proposed by Kant also came from this world.

“It might be useful.”

The mages nodded, their faces showing a hint of understanding.

After discussing with each other, they said to Kant respectfully, “Lord Kant, if there’s an opportunity, please find some information about divine spell for us. It might be useful for the many great mages of our Enfath Empire.”

“Yes, it’s very simple.”

Kant nodded. The Dukedom of Leo had the war G.o.d’s temple, which was established as the national religion.

As for the information about divine spell, there were even more in the silver platter kingdom. It was said that in the local divine temple of light, it had formed the holy church with the king and the n.o.ble. It had completely dispersed the power of the mages and formed a country where the church and the state were united.

There, they would have more information on divine spells.

After settling this matter, Kant opened his mouth and instructed, “Pack up. We are ready to set off.”


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