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Chapter 597: The b.l.o.o.d.y Battle at the City Gate

At this moment, the Dukedom of Leo’s South County was divided into two parts. Half of it was occupied by Baron Kant, who had built a large-scale fortress, Jelkala. The other half was occupied by the n.o.ble families of the five worlds and nearly a hundred upper-cla.s.s n.o.ble families of the Dukedom of Leo.

In the beginning, the Jelkala large-scale fortress was garrisoned by Rolf with 5,000 soldiers. However, in the past two months, there had been frequent movements of troops in Kant’s estate, their destination was mostly the Jelkala fortress in the South County.

Just yesterday, when Kant received the news that the n.o.ble families of the South County were about to send troops to a.s.sist Lion Fort, he also gave Rolf an order.

“Lead the army from the north to the south. Attack one castle, one manor, and destroy the n.o.ble families of the South County. At the same time, confiscate their properties.”

These were Kant’s orders to Rolf.

There was no doubt about Rolf’s military talent, making Kant feel at ease leading the army alone. Most importantly, over the past two months, soldiers from Drondheim, Aaron, Sargoth, and Veluca gathered toward Jelkala, which increased Jelkala’s strength even more.

Moreover, they did not lack extraordinary strength. Over the past two months, the newly promoted Swadian royal knights, the Sarleon Lion Knights, and the Enfath Empire Mages had all been dispatched by Kant to Jelkala.

Kant had long antic.i.p.ated the situation of becoming enemies with the entire South County and had also formulated several battle routes. If the upper-cla.s.s n.o.ble families of the South County were not dragged down by the Cameron family, Kant would only need to deal with the five n.o.ble families of the world. To deal with them, Kant would have to personally lead the troops, so his army would be enough.

At the same time, Kant had also made plans for the upper-cla.s.s n.o.ble families of South County which would become enemies with him, just like the current situation. In the face of this situation, Kant’s battle route was that he and Rolf would attack from both sides, one from the south and the other from the north. This would greatly increase the speed of the expedition.

When Kant once again arranged an army formation to launch an attack on Lion Fort, Rolf also led the army on the journey.

200 Swadian royal knights, 200 Sarleon Lion Knights, 200 Enfath Empire Mages were a total of 600 extraordinary forces. 2,000 Swadian sergeants, 2,000 Mamluke, 1,500 elite desert bandits, and 500 crossbowmen from each of the 5-level troop

These were the forces that Rolf led. Although the number of extraordinary forces from the 6-level troop cla.s.s was a little less, there were enough level 4 and 5 troop The entire army had 7,600 soldiers, which was quite powerful. Even if they were to fight against dozens of upper-cla.s.s n.o.ble families at the same time, they could still crush them head-on. As for Kant, he only needed Rolf to be in charge of the upper-cla.s.s n.o.ble families. He would personally take care of the world’s n.o.ble families.

In front of the Lion Fort, the battle began once again.

The gate of the Lion Fort was very st.u.r.dy. Last night, the golems carried siege wood machines and bombarded the gate for half an hour until the summoning time ran out. However, they did not budge the gate of the Lion Fort at all. After all, this castle was the number one fortress of the Dukedom of Leo. Its defense was extremely strong.

This time, Kant sent out Rhodok sergeants to carry the thick siege wood and bombard the Lion Fort’s gate. At the same time, 800 Rhodok snipers suppressed the archers of the Lion Fort from the bottom to the top of the tower and the battlements, as soon as the archers on the tower and the battlements showed their heads, they would immediately be shot by a powerful siege crossbow. Their deaths were extremely horrifying.

The archers on the city walls and battlements of the Lion Fort were suppressed, and they suffered heavy casualties. However, these archers were also very strong. Even though the number of casualties was increasing, there was still an endless number of archers climbing up the city walls and battlements from the Lion Fort, taking the risk of being shot down by the crossbows, they wanted to kill the Rhodok sergeants.

“Why are these archers so elite, and they rarely miss?” On the city walls, an archer who was hiding under the walls muttered to himself with a serious tone. On his left and right, two corpses were lying on the ground. These two corpses were extremely miserable. Their heads were completely blown off, and the ground was covered in blood and white brain matter.

However, very quickly, two archers stooped to the two sides of this archer, filling up the gaps.

“Soldiers, load the arrows and pull! Listen to my orders, everyone shoot together! Target the enemy at the city gate!” at this moment, the commander of the archers gave the order.

“One, two, three, shoot!” After counting to three digits, the commander of the archers immediately gave the order to shoot.

The moment the archer heard the order, he did not hesitate. He quickly stood up and shot the arrows that he had prepared toward the city gate. He did not take any time to aim and only shot toward the general position, then, he quickly retreated. It was because he was so alert that he was able to survive the rounds of enemy crossbows.

However, the G.o.ddess of luck would not favor the same person forever.

This time, when the archer’s arrow was shot out, a bolt hit his head at a speed beyond his imagination. This archer had dodged many times and attracted the attention of a certain Rhodok sniper. This Rhodok sniper then aimed the siege crossbow in his hand at the top of the archer, quietly waiting for him to poke his head out again. Sure enough, one arrow killed him.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Rhodok sergeants carried two siege logs, one on the left and one on the right, and fiercely rammed the Lion Fort’s gate.

However, the Lion Fort’s gate was extremely st.u.r.dy. Even if Rhodok sergeants carried the siege wood and rammed into the Lion Fort’s gate with much more strength than the golems carrying the siege wood, they could only slightly shake the Lion Fort’s gate.

However, when sand gathered into a tower, water would drip through the stone. No matter how st.u.r.dy the Lion Fort’s gate was, it would not be able to withstand the impact of the two pieces of siege wood. As long as they persisted, they would definitely be able to break it open.

Half an hour pa.s.sed.

Rhodok sergeants were targeted by the archers on the city walls and battlements. He lost more than 30 of them, but these archers’ losses were even more severe. They had lost a total of 700 to 800 archers.

“Lord, this is not the way to go on! The defense of the enemy’s siege soldiers was very strong. They could usually use their infantry swords to shoot down the arrows shot by our soldiers. However, their archers have high accuracy,” a general of the archers complained to Baron Ryan. Isai. Cameron. “If this continues, there will be no archers in your fief.”

At this moment, every time the siege log hit the Lion Fort’s gate, the shaking of the gate was much more intense than before. However, it would take at least two hours to break the gate open.

Kant’s eyes flashed with a thoughtful light. Suddenly, a plan appeared in his mind, which could greatly speed up the opening of the gate.


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