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Chapter 1023: Cancel The Cell Phone Publicity Plan Immediately!

Pei Qian took a car to the shopping mall and walked towards the shop.

He was very nervous.

It had only been less than half an hour since he left the news conference in a rush. However, Pei Qian had a bad feeling that the fans who had been watching the news conference online and happened to be near the shopping mall had probably grabbed all the cell phones, right?

Please don’t let that happen!

Pei Qian was very worried now. The situation that he wanted to see the least now would be for the store to have no crowd.

Because that would mean that all the cell phones in the shop had been sold out!

It would mean that the situation was not that bad if there was a long line outside the store. This would mean that there were still cell phones left.

Finally, Pei Qian took the escalator to the floor where the shop was located. He immediately put on his mask to prevent himself from being recognized.

Pei Qian could not help but heave a sigh of relief when he saw six or seven people queuing up at the entrance of the shop.

It was still alright!

The situation did not seem to be as bad as he had imagined. Since there were people queuing, it meant that the cell phones in the shop were not sold out.

However, Pei Qian’s heart sank when he saw two customers walk out of the shop without cell phones in their hands.

Something was wrong!

He took a few steps forward and came to the door. Indeed, he heard Tian Mo apologizing non-stop. “I’m sorry, everyone. The cell phones are all sold out, and the standard version is gone! You can leave your contact information if you want to order cell phones. I’ll inform you immediately when the next batch of goods arrives…”

Pei Qian’s vision darkened as he felt a heavy blow.

This was bad!

The news conference had only been held for a short while but the cell phones in the shop had already been sold out. One had to know that this shop could only cover a few kilometers of customers at most. Yet, these customers were able to buy up all the stocks in the shop. That showed how much everyone approved of this cell phone!

Pei Qian sneaked a peek inside and realized something even worse.

A few of them did not leave immediately after registering. Instead, they started playing with the display sets at the counter!

Their expressions were very focused. They held the cell phone with both hands, placed their thumbs on the screen, and placed their index fingers on the two shoulder keys above. Their other fingers held the cell phone below them in a very standard posture.

There was a saying that a good design allowed users to see through its design intentions at a glance. The two shoulder keys of the G1 cell phone obviously had such an effect.

They were still discussing it as they played with them.

“It feels really good to play games with this cell phone. It’s even better than E1’s cell phone! The view is especially wide. There are two more s.p.a.ces to play GOG mobile games than other cell phones. It’s too comfortable!”

“It’s too convenient to play Ocean Stronghold and The Lonely Desert Road with these two shoulder keys. What’s more, the hand sensitivity of the physical keys is not bad. Coupled with the vibration of the cell phone itself, I can easily operate it with four fingers.”

“It also looks cool. It has a squarish screen and should look quite cool if you bring it out.”

“The more I play, the more I want to buy… When can I get one! It’s so annoying. I came a few minutes late, and even the standard version was sold out!”

“I want to buy it” was written all over their faces.

Pei Qian did not feel that angry until he looked at these people.

That was because it was as though he was seeing the att.i.tude of the other consumers on the internet towards the G1 cell phone from their expressions. From that, he could deduce the tragic fate that he was about to face…

The queue registration was very fast. The people playing with the display sets were tired of it very quickly. After a few minutes, the people in the shop finally dispersed.

A big brother in a leather jacket came to the shop. “Eh, there are so many people in the shop today? Is there an event?”

Tian Mo looked up. “Yo, you’re here.”

His memory was very good. He could roughly remember everyone he met within a few days. This big brother in a leather jacket was the one who came to the shop on the first day the store opened. He asked about the E1 cell phone and Fully-Automated Smart Bickering Machine.

Tian Mo introduced the shortcomings of these two products truthfully and successfully dissuaded this brother. This brother even praised him for having a conscience and said that he would come and take a look when there was a new product.

It was so coincidental that the G1 cell phone was released today and this big brother happened to visit the store.

Tian Mo quickly said, “It’s not an event. We have a new cell phone recently. It’s the one displayed on the counter.”

The man in the leather jacket raised his eyebrows in surprise. “There’s a new product? That’s great. Let me take a look.”

The man walked to the counter and picked up a G1 cell phone.

“Not bad, this screen is huge!”

“The price is not cheap.”

“Alright, give me one.”

Big Brother was about to take out his wallet.

Tian Mo was shocked and quickly stopped him. “Wait! This cell phone is not available at the moment. I can help you register your particulars first. I will inform you immediately to collect when the new batch comes.”

“Also, I have to introduce the shortcomings of this cell phone to you. After all, it’s a huge sum of money. You have to think twice before you act…”

Big Brother smiled. “No need!”

“I could tell from my previous visit that you have a conscience when you sell things. You’ll tell me your products’ shortcomings first. It’s different from those sales that are out to smoke others.”

“It’s already sold out, and so many people have booked it. That means that this cell phone is very popular! What’s more, this cell phone looks quite good. I want to change my cell phone as well. Give me one!”

Tian Mo could not help but be at a loss for words. He could only silently register him since he was so determined.

However, few customers were as straightforward as this big brother.

A long line formed at the entrance of the shop, attracting many pa.s.sers-by who were originally strolling in the shopping mall. Tian Mo obviously had to strictly follow Boss Pei’s requirements towards these pa.s.sers-by to explain the advantages and disadvantages of the cell phone to them.

The cell phone might have just arrived and Tian Mo did not know the advantages and disadvantages of the cell phone too well but he could still talk about some obvious shortcomings.

Tian Mo successfully dissuaded some pa.s.sers-by who had gathered out of curiosity with his hard work.

Pei Qian loitered outside the shop the entire time and saw everything that happened inside clearly.

“Not bad, I’m very gratified!”

“There might be many people who bought it without saying a word but Tian Mo did follow my instructions and dissuaded many people.”

“On the bright side, the cell phones might be sold out but there are still customers who are constantly ordering. Tian Mo tried his best to fulfill his duty and dissuaded some customers who wanted to order their cell phones. He completed the task I a.s.signed to him very well.”

“Yes, well done!”

“It looks like this sales department is on the right track!”

This was a blessing in disguise no matter what.

The shop was still small now, so there wasn’t much result to be shown. However, what if the sales department expanded and opened more shops in the future?

For example, it might not be eye-catching to dissuade 30 units out of a 100 units, but what if they managed to dissuade 300,000 units out of a million units?

That was equivalent to reducing a huge loss for Boss Pei!

What’s more, the more shops they opened, the more rent, utilities, employee salaries, and other expenses they would have. It was still worth it.

The sudden burst of popularity of the cell phone made Pei Qian’s b.a.l.l.s hurt. However, seeing the situation in Tian Mo’s sales department gave Pei Qian some comfort.

Since Tian Mo had been loyal to his job and remembered Boss Pei’s teachings, Pei Qian could rest a.s.sured.

Pei Qian turned around and left. He had only taken two steps when he suddenly thought of something.

“Oh right, there’s also the Advertis.e.m.e.nt and marketing department!”

Pei Qian immediately took out his cell phone and called Meng Chang.

At that moment, Meng Chang had already knocked off.

He had just alighted from the bus and walked towards his residence.

It was his first day at work after disappearing for half a month.

Before he went to work, he specially shaved, tidied his hair, and tidied his personal appearance. Meng Chang still wanted his face, the entire department was watching after all.

The other people in the marketing department did not ask much. Meng Chang also pretended that nothing had happened.

It was his first day at work and Meng Chang was not in the mood to work at all.

Boss Pei said that he should think about the publicity plan for the new cell phone and smart drying rack this month and try to get a high commission.

However, Meng Chang didn’t think much of it and thought that it wouldn’t be too late to study it in another two days.

After slacking for the entire day and returning home from work, Meng Chang switched on the lights in his rented apartment and lay dead on the sofa.

At that moment, his cell phone rang.

He saw that it was Boss Pei.


Meng Chang was a little surprised because Boss Pei rarely called him. It was even rarer to call him when he was not working.

He picked up the phone and heard Boss Pei asking anxiously, “Have you done the publicity plan for Otto Technologies’ new cell phone?”

Meng Chang was stunned for a moment before a sneer appeared on his lips. “Oh, not yet. Boss Pei, it’s only been a day. There’s not enough time.”

Meng Chang deduced from Boss Pei’s anxious voice that he was trying to rush him to work!

He heard that Otto Technologies’ news conference was scheduled for today. Obviously, Boss Pei wanted him to come up with a publicity plan as soon as possible to hype the cell phone up with the news conference.

However, why would Meng Chang be obedient?

The better the publicity, the lower his commission!

Therefore, Meng Chang immediately made up his mind to deal with any changes and strictly adhere to the word ‘drag’. No matter how Boss Pei urged him, he would only say that there was not enough time and that the plan could not be produced.

He would drag it out for 10 days to half a month. He would slowly plan once the popularity of this period was over.

He might not be able to get more commission, but it was not bad to disgust Boss Pei.

However, just as Meng Chang finished speaking, Boss Pei’s elated voice sounded from the other end of the line. “Is that so? That’s great!”

“It’s best that you haven’t started. I was afraid that you would have worked for nothing.”

“The publicity plan for the cell phone has been canceled. No more publicity!”

Meng Chang: “Huh?”

Boss Pei repeated, “Cancel all publicity plans for G1 cell phone. Don’t do any of them! Do you understand?”

Meng Chang: “I… understand.”

Boss Pei had already hung up before he could react.

Meng Chang looked at the black phone screen and fell into a daze.

What was going on?


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