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Chapter 1423: Boss Li Would Not Let Any Potential Gains Off

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After sending Xu Hu off, Li s.h.i.+ said to Che Rong, “We have to make some corresponding changes.”

“My idea is to change the brand name of Star Bird Fitness to ‘Star Bird Fitness’. On the basis of the original smart fitness drying rack and Doubt VR experience area, I’ll expand and purchase a safe and civilized driving simulator to open a driving zone!”

“It doesn’t matter if we don’t have enough s.p.a.ce. We can open another store next to each store, opposite, or upstairs. We’ll form a model of a twin store or a subsidiary store. We’ll consider the two stores as a whole and plan the equipment. We’ll adjust the equipment according to the number of customers.”

Che Rong was stunned. “Aren’t we going to work with Heng Yuan Driving School? We’ll do it ourselves?”

“What’s more, the Safe and Civilized Driving Simulator is not related to fitness or virtual exercise, right?”

Che Rong obviously did not expect this.

He had originally thought that Star Bird Fitness would not be a problem this time. After all, the safe and civilized driving simulator was naturally compatible with the driving school. It did not overlap much with Star Bird Fitness’ current business.

In the end, he did not expect Li s.h.i.+ to start thinking about eating some safe and civilized driving simulators after sending the boss of the Hengda driving school, Xu Hu, off.

Was that appropriate?

Li s.h.i.+ shook his head slightly. “Boss Che, don’t be so rigid.”

“Who said that we can’t do it ourselves if we work with Heng Yuan?”

“Think about it carefully. Can a long-distance driving school eat all the requirements on the market for safe and civilized driving simulators? Let’s not care about personal customers who are willing to spend money and have places to put simulators at home first. Let’s talk about players who have to experience it outside because they have no money or s.p.a.ce.”

“Can these people eat all of them in the Heng Yuan driving school?”

“The Heng Yuan driving school would put luxury simulators with G force seats in the shops that they signed up for, but that was only for recruitment. They would also put simulators in the driving school, but that was to serve the students of their own driving school.”

“But what if someone doesn’t want to sign up for the driving school? What if they already have a driver’s license and purely want to experience the simulator equipment or continue to improve their driving skills on the racing track?”

“Who can satisfy this requirement? Of course, we have to satisfy it!”

“Therefore, there is a difference between Heng Yuan Driving School and our needs. Wouldn’t it be good if they make a profit there and then?”

Li s.h.i.+ paused for a moment and said, “Of course, the concept of virtual exercise can be related.”

“You probably don’t know much about direct steering. I’ve checked. This thing is called a fitness equipment by many fanatics. It specializes in arm strength.”

“It’s alright if it’s normal driving mode. It’s almost as tiring as driving in reality. However, once it’s on the racing mode, the power feedback of the steering wheel would be very terrifying. It would require a lot of strength to control. If we really focus on running for two hours, the exercise would not be small at all!”

“Look at the racing drivers in reality. None of them are very obese, right? Most of them are skinny and full of muscles. That’s because driving in reality consumes more energy. Not only do they have to fight the steering wheel, but they also have to fight the powerful G force.”

“The simulator is indeed unable to simulate that strong G force seat. The existing G force seat can only simulate the feeling. However, no matter what, playing this game will definitely not be easy.”

“In reality, racing is also a form of exercise. Of course, the racing simulator can be called a virtual exercise!”

“All in all, we have to think of a way to cover Tengda’s new products. This is not only a market expansion, but also a strategic defense plan.”

“As long as we include the safe and civilized driving simulator, we can effectively prevent other brands and other stores from using the simulator to overtake us. It doesn’t matter how much more we earn if we introduce the simulator. The key is to block the way of others!”

Che Rong was enlightened after Li s.h.i.+’s a.n.a.lysis.

“I see, I understand now!”

“It does make sense!”

Che Rong could not help but be convinced. He was taught another lesson by Boss Li.

What did he lack as a boss? What he lacked was imagination and the ability to establish a connection between different fields!

Who said that one had to try their luck to hit the wind outlet? Someone like Boss Li was forcefully capturing the wind outlet for his own use!

On further thought, it seemed quite appropriate.

That was because the game ‘Safe and Civilized Driving’ was the same as the previous’ Animal Island ‘and’ Fitness Battle ‘. It could be played repeatedly. If they really played it, they might not be able to play it for hundreds of hours.

This provided objective conditions support for Star Bird Fitness’ “internet cafe model.

If the game was only a moment of novelty and gamers lost interest after playing for a few hours, the follow-up pa.s.senger flow would be difficult to continue. There would be a huge risk that Star Bird Fitness would model.

However, now, after the trial of the smart fitness drying rack and Doubt VR, this model had been accepted by many people. Coupled with the safe and civilized driving simulator, it could form a cl.u.s.ter effect.

What’s more, from the experience shop’s situation, the tourists’ recognition of the Safe and Civilized Driving Simulator was obviously higher than other large-scale equipment. The high repeatability also made Che Rong more confident.

“Alright, Boss Li. I’ll arrange it now!”

Che Rong was filled with motivation once again. It was indeed good to follow Boss Li. As long as he followed Tengda, he did not have to think about any business model.

A mature business model would naturally come knocking on their door!

At the same time, in Tengda Games…

Yu Fei finished watching the video that he had just sent and said to Meng Chang worriedly, “Will that really work?”

Meng Chang said confidently, “Yes!”

Yu Fei’s computer screen was a trial video of Ghost General 2.

This video was specially played by a famous combat game player in the country, Cai Hong.

When the DEMO of the Ghost General 2 was just released, Tengda Games’ project team had already contacted some domestic combat game G.o.ds and asked them to experience Ghost General 2 together.

The project team pondered carefully and revised the suggestions made by these combat game G.o.ds. When they encountered some changes that they felt were inappropriate, they would also organize a meeting with the designers on the internet, exchange their opinions, and finally finalize the modification plan.

That was to make Ghost General 2 an outstanding combat game that could not be avoided.

The group of combat gamers, including Cai Hong, learned it very quickly.

That was because Bao Xu had said before when he was developing Ghost General 2 that there was an unspoken rule for combat games in the world at the moment. They followed this unspoken rule and made innovations in some details. That was “outstanding combat games”. Those that did not follow this unspoken rule were “failed combat games”.

On one hand, it was because the combat game had been around for too long. The gameplay and mechanisms were very mature, and the core players had completely adapted. On the other hand, it was because the veteran gamers had invested more than 1,000 hours in combat games to form muscle memory. If a new game did not meet their muscle memory and commonly used habits, they would not play it at all.

Since Ghost General 2 was developed according to the taste of these old gamers, they naturally got it very quickly.

In the video, Cai Hong was playing a boss battle segment in the game’s’ Battle of the Red Cliff ‘stage.

In Ghost General 2, the ‘Battle of the Red Cliff’ was an entire chapter. It was divided into many small stages in the middle. There were also several different parts within the stages such as’ Chain Plan ‘,’ borrowing the east wind ‘,’ Bitter Meat Plan ‘,’ Huarong Way ‘.

Yu Fei adapted the background story of Ghost General based on the historical and novel stories.

For example, after Phoenix Orphan Pang Tong boarded Cao Wei’s wars.h.i.+p group, he proposed a series of strategies to use the phoenix bloodline to activate the performance of the demonic wars.h.i.+p, giving the wars.h.i.+p group the effect of sharing damage. However, he deliberately did not mention that this move would cause the fire resistance to become worse. What’s more, the flames would ignite the hidden flame power in the phoenix bloodline.

In the game, players had to control Pang Tong and complete the operations at the designated location. At the same time, they had to repel the enemies during Cao Wei’s wars.h.i.+p exercise. They had to prove to Cao Cao that this move would indeed increase the strength of Cao Wei’s wars.h.i.+p group.

On the other hand, using the east wind was Zhuge Liang stepping onto the seven star platform to summon a large number of guided rockets to wash the ground. It would cause a devastating blow to Cao Wei’s wars.h.i.+p group. In the process, players would not only have to operate Zhuge Liang to release guided rockets, but they would also have to take the time to deal with Cao Wei’s army, who had rushed over to obstruct them.

Players would have to operate the yellow cover to cover wars.h.i.+ps filled with high explosive fuel and collide with Cao Wei’s wars.h.i.+p group.

All in all, these stages had combat content, cutting gra.s.s, fighting enemy generals, or completing countless specific moves within a certain period of time to meet the plot requirements.

On the other hand, the Boss battle that Cai Hong was fighting was after a wars.h.i.+p with a yellow cover filled with high explosive fuel crashed into Cao Wei’s demonic wars.h.i.+p group. At the same time, Zhuge Liang used the east wind to wash away a large number of guided rockets to cause the Phoenix bloodline in Cao Wei’s wars.h.i.+p group to explode and cause a continuous fire.

The Lonely Shadow Swordsman Zhou Yu charged into the sea of fire wars.h.i.+p and met the Tie Weihu fanatic Xu Zhu. Thus, a boss battle erupted.

According to the plot, after the Black Lion King Hua Xiong was killed by the Martial G.o.d of the Green Dragon, Guan Yu, the centaur race competed with the White Tiger race. In the end, Ma Chao of the centaur race won. The son of the White tiger race’s patriarch, Xu Chu, led his people to seek refuge with Cao Cao. Cao Cao combined his demonic skills with the white tiger race’s genetic sample to create the most elite biochemical army, the tiger leopard cavalry. Xu Chu was the strongest of them.

Even though the fleet of wars.h.i.+ps had already been covered in flames, Xu Chu had relied on Cao Wei’s unique skills in the demonic path to obtain bloodline enhancements in his home ground. He had grown in size and become extremely strong. Not only did he have to cover Cao Cao’s retreat, but he also had to kill Zhou Yu, who had rushed over to pursue him.

Cai Hong had to force Xu Chu back within the time limit.. Whether he died or exceeded the time limit, the mission would fail.


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