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Chapter 210 – Perfect, Isn’t it? (1/2)

Lucien hugged Rose lovingly. “Don’t worry about it, my dear. Do you really think I would destroy your family on purpose?”

Rose rubbed her face on his chest. “I know you would never do anything to hurt me, but you can’t stop women from falling in love with you.”

Lucien kissed Rose’s head. “I don’t think this is going to happen to your mother. I promise I won’t do anything or act in any way that I seem to be interested in her. If your father takes good care of her, I see no reason for her to develop this kind of feeling for me.”

Then Lucien looked at L.u.s.t as he continued talking to Rose. “Also, perhaps younger, and not-so-powerful girls have less resistance to my charm as L.u.s.t’s host, but your mother appears to be a powerful woman of a powerful race.”

L.u.s.t understood that she shouldn’t say that even though she couldn’t deny that there was a significant chance of it happening. Not because of Lucien’s natural charm that certainly Rose’s mother as an experienced and powerful vampire would easily resist, but because of Lucien’s overall character.

Still, she apologized to Rose. “It was a bad joke. I’m sorry, Rose. Also, Lucien is right, if your mother has a good marriage with your father, she shouldn’t easily develop loving feelings for Lucien.”

“Mm.” Rose agreed while enjoying Lucien’s embrace.

“So, where do you and your family live?” L.u.s.t asked.

Rose had not spoken much about her family because she feared that issue with her mother and also because she was more focused on enjoying her first and only love.

But there was really nothing to hide. “My home is on the Freelands. My father is a n.o.bleman who is part of a group that rules a great city, and my mother has a potions shop.”

The east continent, right? “Lucien asked, but he had already read in books and maps that Argerim is divided into two continents separated by a large sea. This was called the western continent, while the eastern continent is also called Freelands.

Rose nodded, then Lucien asked something else. “How long was your journey?”

“Nine months. And there were S-rank wind mages on my s.h.i.+p. That was a…” Rose seemed a little hesitant to say it.

Jeanne made an annoyed expression as she completed Rose’s words. “Slave s.h.i.+p, right?”

Lucien had read a lot about the east continent and knew that slave practices were accepted there. The group of forest bandits who are now Lucien’s troops came from the Freelands to be sold as exotic slaves to n.o.bles with unusual tastes.

Rose was raised, seeing the slave system as normal. Her father, as a wealthy n.o.bleman, has many slaves, but she does not mistreat them or view them as inferior people. It just seemed normal to have people working for them in exchange for food and house.

But she understood that the people of Portgreen and also the Alliance did not like slave practices. In fact, only the Light Empire accepted that because the n.o.bles there did not see other races and peoples as equals, but heretical beasts, so it is supposedly all right to enslave anyone they did not kill.

In Lucien’s homeworld, that was also the case. The silver legion enslaved other peoples on the grounds that they did not follow their G.o.d while Lucien’s father’s kingdom defended freedom.

Regardless of politics, Lucien did not like enslavement. He would kill his enemies without remorse, but he would not enslave innocent people with the intention of profiting.

He continued to hug Rose gently. “I understand that you were raised like that, my dear. But we will not have slaves in our family.”

“Mm. I understand, hubby.” Rose made a cute sound of agreement while sniffing Lucien’s chest.

“Well, we’ll talk about it later. Anyway, we’ll have to go to the eastern continent to meet Rose’s parents and let them know that she’ll be living with me from now on, so we can ask her mother for help with the crystals.” Lucien concluded.

L.u.s.t nodded while she could already foresee the chaos Lucien would cause on the eastern continent. She could already predict that Rose’s mother was not so happily married; otherwise, she would have made the blood pact with her husband.

It was also clear that Neola, Kylee, and most of the people in their group were slaves who fled, but the people who enslaved them should still be alive, and Lucien is not someone who forgives those who harmed his girls.

Anyway, this was no time to discuss that issue. Lucien looked at his troops again. “The girls from L will be here soon, so please be nice to them.”

“Before they join us, they have to understand how my methods work so you can tell them everything.”

Portgreen is a much larger city than Bluewind and has several times more population, so Lucien’s hearing was much less effective now as there were a lot of sounds that hindered him from focusing on specific sounds.

Still, while Lucien asked his troops to get along with the L girls, he could hear them approaching.

Since Lucien and his women were in the garden near one of the castle’s entrances, he just walked over to the gate, and the L girls could see him from the street.

Those girls who were at the conference where Lucien invited them to the castle, were the girls who created the L and not part of the adventurers who joined them afterward just so they didn’t have to fight the mercenaries with Ivan.

None of them wanted to miss the opportunity to join Lucien’s group. So, the group of fifteen hundred girls walking through the streets could not fail to attract everyone’s attention.

Madelyn was leading the group. When she and the girls saw Lucien waiting for them at the castle gate, their eyes sparkled, and they couldn’t stop smiling as they blushed.

When Lucien waved at them, their hearts beat faster in expectation. They didn’t know what would happen next, but anything beside Lucien looked incredible and exciting.

The group approached Lucien, and he greeted them. “Girls… Madelyn.”

Madelyn bowed to Lucien, and he could see her cute ears twitching. “Good morning, Lucien. I hope we didn’t come too late.”

Since Lucien had just told them to come in the morning, the girls wanted to get there along with the sunrise, but Madelyn convinced them that if they arrived too early, they would look very eager.

Well, in the end, they couldn’t hide the eagerness on their slightly flushed and smiling faces.

Lucien couldn’t help but want to give a tight good morning hug to the cute Madelyn and smell her ears, but he knew it wouldn’t be fair to her before she understood everything about him, or rather, the peculiar parts, so he held out his hand to her.

“Good morning, Madelyn. You arrived at a good time.”

Still, just shaking Lucien’s hand made Madelyn blush even more while her heart was beating fast like that of a scared deer, and her mind was thinking millions of pleasant situations with him.

Lucien quickly introduced the girls beside him to the group. “You already know L.u.s.t, my wife. This beautiful lady with pink hair is Jeanne, and this naughty little vampire is Rose, both are my beloved wives.”

Rose and Jeanne couldn’t help but smile. Although they knew of Lucien’s love for them, it was still great to hear him declaring to a crowd of girls not only that they are his wives, but his beloved wives, with a lot of affection and satisfaction in his tone.

The L girl group was a little confused about what a vampire is, because they do not know about races from other worlds.

But they knew Jeanne well as one of the most famous adventurers in the Guild, and they were surprised to find out that she is one of Lucien’s wives.

Everything about Lucien was getting more and more incredible and interesting. The girls were increasingly sure that following him is a wise choice.

“Well, let’s go in. The castle is still being repaired, so please don’t look to the mess.” Lucien pointed to the garden and waited for the girls to come in as a good host.

The girls went to the garden where Lucien’s troops were standing, and they greeted the L girls politely.

“My troops will explain to you what their training routines and experiences are like. Next, I will answer any questions you still have, so we can discuss if you will join our group.” Lucien explained.

The L girls quickly started to befriend Lucien’s troops. They wanted to ask a lot of questions, and most of them were about Lucien.

The troops would do as Lucien asked and tell them all about how wonderful it is to follow him, train with him, and of course, drink his wonderful special milk, or better yet, have it shot directly from his c.o.c.k inside their love holes.

That conversation would certainly produce many surprises, laughter, flushed faces, and racing hearts. But since they were all women, mostly young girls, Lucien’s troops and the L girls would get along very quickly.

Meanwhile, Lucien spoke to Madelyn. “Come on, sit at the table with me so we can talk privately.”

Madelyn wanted to ask Lucien’s troops about him, but talking to him privately seemed much more interesting. So, she went with him and his wives to sit at the table that his troops prepare for Lucien in the garden next to the place they were training.

The table has a tray full of fresh fruit, cookies, and wine. Lucien’s troops always wanted their master to be comfortable while watching and helping them to train.

Lucien, Madelyn, and the girls sat at the table, and he poured of wine for them as he got straight to the point.

“Madelyn, I’m going to explain the same thing that my troops are going to tell your group, just more directly, so forgive me if that sounds strange.”

The cute cat-girl accepted Lucien’s gla.s.s of wine, took a cookie from the tray, and prepared to listen to what he had to say. “Mm. I’m listening.”

Lucien explained. “It all started with L.u.s.t. Her name is not a joke. She is the demon of l.u.s.t, and thanks to our connection, I can help women to get stronger quickly through pleasure and my essence.”

He paused a little to see Madelyn’s reaction, but contrary to anything he expected, she actually continued to look at him with a curious expression, waiting for his next words without judging.

Then he went on to explain everything about how he makes his women more powerful. Of course, he did not go into details about his family issues but said that he would soon return to his world and that he already has many wives living in his “special storage treasure.”

After explaining a lot, Lucien again paused and waited for Madelyn’s reaction.

Madelyn had a surprised expression on her face, but she doesn’t seem shocked by something bizarre but had the appearance of someone who had discovered something outstanding.

She set the gla.s.s of wine on the table and finished eating her cookie while looking into Lucien’s eyes. “WOW!! It is…”

“Weird?” Jeanne couldn’t help trying to complete Madelyn’s words because she believed that they had the same thought when Jeanne found out everything about Lucien.

But the cute cat-girl had an incredible ability to surprise Lucien and his wives.

She quickly shook her head. “Not weird. I would say unique, in a good way, of course. But that’s not what I wanted to say either.”

Then she smiled at Lucien while her eyes sparkled. “Are you telling me that you can make love with your wives, and not only get stronger but also make them stronger?”

Lucien nodded while Madelyn quickly exclaimed. “That is f.u.c.k.i.n.g amazing!!!”


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