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Chapter 255 – Lemme Drink {R-18}

Lucien leaves the portal in the main hall on the fifth floor, holding Amelia in his arms as they kiss pa.s.sionately.

He ignores Kara and Dawn’s presence while pressing Amelia’s body against the wall and continues to devour her mouth.

“Mmmm…” Amelia m.o.a.ns as her nails scratch Lucien’s back. She can’t control her excitement, and all her body wants is to lose herself in the pleasure of Lucien’s kisses.

After almost a minute of kissing, Lucien breaks the kiss and starts rubbing his nose on Amelia’s. “We… just talked about going slow… Are you okay with this?”

Amelia can’t stop kissing Lucien’s lips and face. “I know… I want to control myself, but I can’t stop kissing you…”

Lucien smiles before he starts to move his face away from Amelia’s. “You should go and choose a bedroom. Kara and Dawn are waiting for you.”

“Yes, I should,” Amelia speaks in a low and clearly hesitant tone.

He looks at Amelia’s flushed face. Her embarra.s.sed expression is so cute that Lucien can’t resist giving her another pa.s.sionate kiss, sucking and biting her sweet lips.

“Ahhh…” Amelia runs out of breath as Lucien’s kisses are so good that they make her dizzy. She can’t even look him in the eye because she’s so embarra.s.sed.

Lucien lets go of Amelia and starts stroking her hair. “You know, you can also take a bath with me and sleep in my bedroom.”

Amelia cannot help being tempted to accept his proposal. [In your bedroom… sleep in your arms… I wa…]

But then she quickly shakes her head. “Not yet… I still need to get used to it… Please, give me more time.”

Lucien caresses her face. “There is no problem or time limit to get used to it. We are siblings, Amelia. We will always be together. This house is now your house too, and you can do whatever you want.”

Amelia blushes even more as Lucien’s words make her heart warm. “Thank you, brother.”

“I… I’m going to choose a bedroom then.” Amelia tries to run towards Dawn and Kara because she feels that if she stays near Lucien for longer, she will not resist continuing kissing or even doing more bold things, which she is not yet ready for.

But Lucien takes her arm and looks into her eyes as he moves his mouth slowly towards Amelia’s lips. “Just one more…”

Amelia bites her lips while making a timid expression but doesn’t resist, letting Lucien kiss her again.

Then Lucien quickly breaks the kiss while smiling at her. “I can’t get enough of your perfect lips… sister.”

“…” Amelia can’t say anything because she is timid. She hates loving the fact that she loves Lucien so much, and he teases her that way. That is too confusing for her to understand.

She turns and runs over to Dawn and Kara, who watch the whole scene with expressions of amus.e.m.e.nt.

Kara smiles at Lucien before taking Dawn and Amelia to choose a bedroom on the fourth floor. There are still a lot of empty bedrooms around the house, even though all the girls have their own bedrooms. But of course, they still prefer to sleep in Lucien’s big bed.

Lucien watches the girls go down the stairs while L.u.s.t materializes at his side. “Don’t you think you teased her too much?”

He laughs as he squeezes L.u.s.t’s a.s.s. “She has to know who is the boss or she will cause problems.”

L.u.s.t can’t help but m.o.a.n with the pleasure of Lucien’s touch, which is perfectly balanced between gentle and rough. “Amelia is not the most dangerous one but Envy.”

Lucien uses his tail to tease L.u.s.t’s while squeezing her s.e.xy a.s.s. “I think the opposite. I could never be rough with my sister, but with Envy… She won’t break, right? And she clearly likes rough play.”

L.u.s.t starts to stroke Lucien’s c.o.c.k. “Yes, I noticed that Envy seems to have peculiar tastes. I can’t wait to see you dominate her and then make me come over and over in front of her while she begs just to lick your d.i.c.k.”

He laughs. “She is your sister, my dear. Shouldn’t you be more friendly to her?”

“She has upset me many times in the past. Now it’s time for her to get some punishment. And well, in the end, she will also be your wife, and that is much more than she deserves.” L.u.s.t responds.

Lucien holds L.u.s.t’s chin and kisses her lips. “Well, we’ll both have fun teasing her so much.”

Then he walks towards the big bathroom on the fifth floor, where his wives are taking a bath, eager to have the real fun with him.

Lucien enters the bathroom, and all of his wives smile at him. Mia splashes water on him. “Hubby, shall we bathe again?”

He takes off his underwear and jumps into the deepest part of the large pool. Then he emerges under Mia and lifts her with his shoulders.

“Hahaha…” Mia starts playing with Lucien’s horns and ruffling his hair as he spins around while she sits on his shoulders.

While playing with Mia, Lucien talks to all his wives. “How about you finish your bath calmly and then launch while I have some time alone with Madelyn and Rebecca?”

“Mm.” Mia and Lucien’s other wives quickly agree. They know how important it is for women their first time having s.e.x, and they also want to snack and get ready for the amazing night that will probably last a couple of days.


Lucien throws Mia in the water while smiling at her. “Thank you, my dear.”

Then he walks towards Madelyn and Rebecca, who are blus.h.i.+ng more and more because they know what will happen next. They clearly want that very much; still, they can’t help but be embarra.s.sed.

He arrives in front of Madelyn, who continues to cleaning the soap on her tail while smiling shyly. He takes her in his arms in the way of carrying a princess. “Shall we, my love? I can feel you want it so badly.”

Madelyn wraps her arms around his neck and hides her face on his chest. “Mm…”

Lucien gets very h.o.r.n.y because of the cuteness of Madelyn’s timid reaction. He does not hide that, which makes his c.o.c.k get rock hard while pointing at the bathroom ceiling, showing all Its energy and excitement.

Then he walks over to Rebecca and leans forward. Rebecca wastes no time and jumps on his back. The fact that Lucien can significantly retract his wings prevents it from hurting the girls.

Of course, he keeps the pointy parts of his bones away from them, while the girls can hold on to his shoulders and wrap their legs around his waist like Rebecca is doing now.

So, carrying Madelyn in his arms and Rebecca on his back, he leaves the bathroom and heads towards his bedroom.

Lucien’s other wives are evidently very eager for their turns, but the fact that they know that he will give them pleasure beyond what they can imagine makes them not suffer from the wait.

They enter the bedroom, and Lucien rests the girls on his big bed, then he smiles lovingly at them as he delights in the stunning view of their hot n.a.k.e.d bodies.

Rebecca and Madelyn are very embarra.s.sed but keep looking Lucien in the eye while thinking about how unpredictable destiny is.

They had similar thoughts when they first meet Lucien. He’s so handsome, strong, and incredible. They could only imagine what it would be like to have him as their husband because that could only be a dream…

Well, now they are not only his women, but he also loves them very much and treats them like princesses.

“I love you, my dears,” Lucien speaks affectionately as his hands start to run over Madelyn and Rebecca’s legs.

Rebecca’s heart goes faster as she feels Lucien’s gentle touch and hears his sweet words.

She smiles at him. “Love you too, my husband.”

Madelyn wastes no time and also makes clear her feelings for Lucie. “I love you so much… hubby.”

Lucien licks his own lips and squeezes the girls’ thighs as his hands get closer to their most private parts.

Rebecca keeps her beautiful pink flower totally shaved, which added to her soft skin, makes it look really delicious, especially for licking.

Madelyn also keeps her p.u.s.s.y well hygienic, but she only shaves it on the sides, leaving a tiny tuft of her fluffy brown hair, especially for Lucien, as he loves the texture and the fragrance of her fluffy fur.

“Perfect. You are just perfect, my dears.” Lucien can’t help but praise them. He feels so lucky to have such beautiful women loving him.

The girls are even more flushed and embarra.s.sed. Madelyn covers her face with her hands while feeling her most private part getting warmer and warmer.

Rebecca is more daring and uses both her hands to pull Lucien’s hand towards her delicate pink flower. “Touch me here, hubby…”

“Sure.” Lucien starts stroking Rebecca’s p.u.s.s.y. He uses his fingers to open her external lips, revealing her beautiful pink bud.

Rebecca’s p.u.s.s.y is already pretty wet with her love juices, and Lucien can’t resist leaning over her and drinking it while sucking on her little cute c.l.i.t.

“Ahhhhhh… mmmmm…” She loudly m.o.a.ns while having an o.r.g.a.s.m.

[No, no, no!! That was too fast.] Rebecca quickly blames herself for coming so fast.

Well, she can’t really be blamed as Lucien is always stroking, kissing, and praising his girls. They are already feeling a lot of pleasure, so when he makes a more ‘intense’ movement, they cannot help coming.

Lucien continues to suck Rebecca’s sweet bud while she squirts love juices in his mouth. “Don’t contain yourself, my love. You can come as much as you want, and I will help you regenerate your liquids and energy.”

Rebecca holds Lucien’s head with both hands as she m.o.a.ns and lets him drink her love juices. There is a certain pride that she and all Lucien’s wives feel about him finding their juices delicious, just as he feels good about them drinking his c.u.m.

And of course, as ‘liquids of pleasure,’ just as Lucien’s s.p.e.r.m generates a lot of demonic energy for the girls, their p.u.s.s.ies’ love juices go down his throat, turning into demonic energy.

While delighting with Rebecca’s p.u.s.s.y honey, Lucien continues to use his other hand to caress Madelyn’s groin.

She keeps her hands on her face but also peeking through her fingers as she gets more and more embarra.s.sed. [M-my vag… my v-v.a.g.i.n.a keeps getting wet… I feel it itching… why is my body so lewd?]

Every time Lucien’s fingers reach near her pink flower, drops of her love juice drip from it, leaving Madelyn more eager, h.o.r.n.y, and embarra.s.sed.

She bites her own lips. [This… this is his fault!! He teases me that much… but it’s also so good… I… I want him to drink it too…]

Lucien can’t really read the girls’ thoughts unless they activate mental communication. Still, he can feel them getting more eager and h.o.r.n.y. And of course, he would not ignore Madelyn.

He stops sucking Rebecca’s p.u.s.s.y, letting her rest for a few seconds and finishes having her o.r.g.a.s.m, which he was just extending with his caresses.

Then he starts touching Madelyn’s pink flower directly while she makes cute m.o.a.ns. He strokes her fluffy p.u.s.s.y hair and can’t help rubbing his nose on it and sniffing.

“You smell so f.u.c.k.i.n.g good, Madelyn. I wanted to eat you since the first time you sat on my lap, and I smelled you up close.”

Madelyn closes her eyes while feeling her heart beats as fast as that of a frightened doe. “This… this is so embarra.s.sing.”

Lucien laughs as he continues to kiss Madelyn’s body and moves his head up. He also uses his hands to caress Rebecca’s b.r.e.a.s.ts.

He uses one of his hands to get Madelyn’s hands off her face and then kisses her lips before whispering to her. “I want so badly to drink your love juices, my dear…”

Madelyn, although very embarra.s.sed, kisses, licks, and bites Lucien’s lips. “Y-you… you can d-drink it…”

Lucien sucks on Madleny’s lips again before he starts to go down, kissing her body. He also starts to take turns between her and Rebecca’s body, while moving his head down, kissing every part of the girls’ bodies.

“Ahhh…” Both cute girls m.o.a.n as Lucien makes them feel so good.

Then he arrives at Madelyn’s pink flower again. He gently opens Its external lips and sucks her beautiful bud, making her come just like Rebecca.

“Nyaaaaaaa!!!.” Madelyn makes a very loud m.o.a.n, similar to a cat, which Lucien finds very cute.

Then, he continues to suck Madelyn’s deliciously sweet p.u.s.s.y, and enjoying his favorite drink, that sacred wine.


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