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Chapter 32 – Sweet Ravenous

The cat-girl attendant went running to the second floor in the guild. While she was going to call Ravenous to examine the strength of the novice, she couldn’t help feeling sorry for him.

“Why does Jeanne want it to be precisely Ravenous? Does she hate him that much?”

“Aaaahhhh… He’s so handsome and s.e.xy… Now, Ravenous will break him… There will be nothing left of that pretty face… What a pity…”

“Did he refuse Jeanne? Now, is she mad at him?”

The attendant pa.s.sed through a long corridor and came to the door of one of the rooms. The rooms in that area are the best in the guild, only for the most prestigious members.

When it came time to call the demon known as Ravenous, she was afraid. Then she squeezed the small coin bag again and knocked on the door. “Lady Ravenous, the guild asks for your help at examining a novice.”

A soft-deep female voice came from behind the door. “Is it a good-looking man?”

The attendant liked Lucien very much and wanted to lie, saying that he was not handsome to save him from the misfortune that would strike him, but she could not lie to someone as strong as Ravenous, or she could suffer a terrible retaliation.

The cat-girl stuttered a little but chose to speak the truth. “He’s… the most gorgeous man I’ve ever seen.”


The door was kicked open, hitting the wall and scaring the attendant. Ravenous hurried out and took the attendant by the shoulders while shaking her. “How gorgeous does that mean?!”

“Hee… Uhmm…” The poor cat-girl was very scared. She didn’t understand how Ravenous could be so…

Ravenous is probably the strongest A-rank adventurer at the guild. People do not understand why she has not yet entered the S-rank. But her strength is not what draws the most attention…

She is a s.e.xy middle-aged woman, 1.7 meters tall. Her curvy body is a wonderful combination of big b.r.e.a.s.ts, a big a.s.s, and a slim waist. But she had many peculiar traits, being a super rare kind of demi-human, the Manticore Race.

Ravenous’s skin is a beautiful olive color, looking very healthy and hot. Several parts of her body were covered with a fluffy fur of dark brown color as well as her big tousled hair. A pair of big hairy ears barely showed up because her hair was huge, giving her an even cuter look.

Not only were her small parts with fur fluffy, but she also had small fluffy wings and a delicate brown tail. Her face was beautiful with large yellow eyes, soft and slightly red lips. To complete the heavenly beauty, she has a delicate little nose and small sharp cute fangs.

The attendant cat-girl and most of the people in the guild didn’t understand why someone as beautiful as she was so brutal.

Ravenous was a nickname, which everyone thought was very appropriate as she had already broken more than a hundred men in such a terrible way that the poor souls never recovered.

Now, the cat-girls was taking this terrible villain to devour the handsome novice. The attendant led the way toward the first floor while answering Ravenous’ questions about Lucien.


Lucien played with little Ko while waiting for the cat-girl to come back. Everyone stared at him, many appreciating his charm, others thinking how strong he would be. And many were also admiring the beauty of Oya and Ko.

All the talk goes on about Lucien and who the veteran would be to examine him. Everyone wanted to see the sparring match. But when they saw Ravenous coming down the stairs, they were upset.

One of Lucien’s new admirers rose to complain. “Are you crazy? What did he do to have to fight her ?!”

After the first woman complained, other people also started screaming that it was too cruel to the guy who saved two girls from the mercenaries. Everyone claimed that Ravenous would break Lucien forever.

But Lucien didn’t care about anything the adventurers were talking about. He couldn’t take his eyes off Ravenous’s beautiful curves. She was wearing a small leather armor, which showed much of her s.e.xy body.

He felt something similar to when he first saw Anne. He really wanted to caress that cute fur. But in Ravenous’s case, he felt much more desire, as she didn’t look like a young girl, but rather the mature woman with curves, which looked much s.e.xier.

As soon as he saw her, Lucien thought of focusing entirely on conquering the wonderful Manticore-Beauty, but he was not in the world for fun. His mother came first, so he waited for L.u.s.t’s a.n.a.lysis of Ravenous’s latent potential.

L.u.s.t wasted no time and quickly a.n.a.lyzed Ravenous and couldn’t help but be surprised at her great potential and a nice bonus.

“She is amazing! She has great potential, blocked by being a half-Manticore, and you can easily help her achieve the power which even pure Matincores would have a hard time reaching.”

Lucien was delighted as he saw Ravenous coming down the stairs. He started thinking about how to conquer the beautiful Manticore, but then he became more concerned as he listened to people commenting on her.

He was not someone who would judge a woman for being or not a v.i.r.g.i.n, but he was hearing that she had liked peculiar ways and “broke” her partners. He thought it would be challenging to deal with someone bizarre and asked L.u.s.t for help.

L.u.s.t started to laugh when Lucien asked how to deal with the “wild” Ravenous. He was confused, but he couldn’t help but laugh too when L.u.s.t explained the situation.

“Hahaha… Does she break her partners for being so wild?! You must be kidding me! She is still a v.i.r.g.i.n.”

Lucien heard everyone talking about the ma.s.sive lists of men who were abused by Ravenous, so he asked if L.u.s.t was sure. L.u.s.t could accurately a.n.a.lyze people’s latent potential, so discover something about their bodies was easy, and Ravenous has a completely pure body.

Ravenous was also looking at Lucien. Her first impression was of surprise. She saw him playing tenderly with a cub. It was not common for adventurers to treat their pets as kindly as he was doing by kissing and petting the little tigress.

As a half-manticore, she had tigers among her ancestors and cannot help wondering what it would be like to be caressed kindly that way and not seen as an object of pleasure.

Ravenous had to maintain her violent and abusive reputation to keep her from being abused and pursued by men when she was weaker. But there were still men stronger and more powerful than her now, so she had to keep “breaking” some men to make examples.

She always chose men who liked to abuse girls to be such examples. Even in the guild, many used influence to force simple girls to give them a chance. So there were plenty of idiots for her to break.

When the attendant asked for help from her to examine a novice, she could only blame his bad luck. She did not feel sorry for men because she thought that all they thought about was taking pleasure from her body.

Ravenous was curious about what kind of person Lucien was, but then she saw Jeanne close to him and thought she setup some plan. Jeanne hated her for “breaking” some adventurers, and they always had conflicts.

Since she had to maintain her reputation and didn’t like Jeanne, she brushed aside good thoughts about Lucien and prepared to act naturally as the “wild” Ravenous usual.

She approached Lucien and stared at him while licking her lips seductively. “You are a lovely young man. Let’s do our sparring session in a closed room… Come on, mama will take good care of you.”

The hall was in chaos when everyone heard Ravenous’s abusive words. The adventurers men did not want to see their new idol being cruelly destroyed by the terrible Ravenous.

They even heard rumors of men who went without their c.o.c.k after having s.e.x with her. Some said that her p.u.s.s.y has fangs. Then they started banging on the tables and shouting that it was unfair to let her take him.

The girls started to complain because they could not agree with the handsome Lucien becoming another of the poor and broken victims of that terrible woman. Some were so sad to lose the chance to have a boyfriend so attractive that they started to cry.

Marie and Anne were also concerned about Lucien. He was so good to them, and now he seemed to be in trouble. They stared at Jeanne with an upset look as it was not too hard to imagine that she did it to punish him.

Jeanne thought a good beating would be suitable for both of them, but now that she saw Ravenous’s wild look, she feared that Lucien would not recover from it. Perhaps she had gone too far?

But then she remembered that they just needed to do a sparring session. Everyone was making a big drama about it, but it wasn’t like Ravenous was going to r!pe him during the fight.

“Ravenous, you will only do an examination fight without fatal attacks, and it will not be in a private room, but at a large open arena for everyone to watch.”

Ravenous was confused. She was sure that Jeanne wanted to use the novice to do her some harm. But she didn’t know what it was about. Maybe Jeanne wanted her to hurt the beginner so that the other adventurers would hate her even more?

Everyone was more relieved by Jeanne’s words. At least it wouldn’t be a closed sparring session, so everyone could watch and not let her do anything too cruel to Lucien.

Everyone wanted to know what arena the sparring session would be, but then Lucien said something that everyone could only describe as extreme stupidity. “I prefer to go with her and do a private sparring session.”

Jeanne was angrier at Lucien. Why was he making it difficult for her? Why did she have this stupid idea of ​​making them both beaten up themself? She just wanted to hit her head against the wall because the f.u.c.k.i.n.g nightmare wasn’t over.

Ravenous wanted to avoid breaking him at first, but it looked like he was an idiot like the other men and only wanted to use her body in a private room. Now she wanted to break him, so she quickly agreed.

Marie, who watched everything, did not know what to think. Did he think he can make Ravenous serve him? She wasn’t sure who would win in a serious fight, but she worried that Lucien didn’t have a good ending and tried to argue with him.

“Please, Lucien. Do the sparring session in an arena for your own safety. This woman is very dangerous… if you want someone so much to… I could… we could go to a room…”

Anne and Lucien were surprised. Was the stubborn Marie suggesting she would give her body just so he wouldn’t fight Ravenous? Anne was upset that she hadn’t thought of it before Marie.

Lucien can’t help but be pleased. Marie seemed to be accepting him more and more. Maybe if he were a little bold as he was with Mia, she would fall easy now.

A portion of him wanted to accept Marie’s proposal and go to a room with her. But most of him wanted to follow Ravenous. He was not only very interested in her body but also in her performance as a “men breaker” while still a v.i.r.g.i.n.

Lucien saw many people worried about him and thought they were stupid because they didn’t know what kind of pleasures he would experience with Ravenous. Of course, if he manages to beat her… But he had to say something to silence his avid supporters.

“Please, guys, calm down. Nothing bad is going to happen to me or the sweet Ravenous. We will only do the sparring session in a private room because I am timid, and I will not be able to fight well if many people are watching me.”


Marie, Anne, Jeanne, and all the adventurers who saw Lucien’s b.l.o.o.d.y show choked when hearing Lucien’s absurd words. “What does he mean he was timid?!?! He clearly wants to be abused by Ravenous.”


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