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Chapter 366: Thrilled

Children… Lucien never thought about that before meeting l.u.s.t. Before, he only thought of avenging his mother and then rescuing her after learning that she is actually alive.

Then other things filled Lucien’s mind as protecting and loving his sisters and wives.

So he met the cute little Ko and other kids as the little girl from Neola’s group who wanted to join his troops even though she was so young.

Whenever he thought of how cute and adorable children are, he also felt sad about being sterile. He did not feel sad for himself but for his wives, who could not have their own children with him, and his mother, which would never be the grandmother of his children.

But again, the situation has changed. After his first time with Oya and her characteristic roar, the possibility of children became a reality for him and his lovers.

However, that possibility can be a blessing or a curse now. He has s.e.x with over two thousand women, and even the pregnancy of his main wives could be complicated now that they are not very powerful and face deadly battles often.

Lucien had to put the thought of children in the back of his mind for a while so that it wouldn’t stop him from making his women stronger.

Yet, just to know that there was such a possibility, all his wives experienced an ‘update’ in their goals, which no matter what they were before, now they have to live with a strong desire to be the mother of Lucien’s children.

That desire was not only positive to make the girls strive to be stronger and protect their future children but also greatly improved their s.e.x sessions. Now girls don’t see s.e.x just as a way to connect with Lucien, feel pleasure, and become stronger, but also to expand their family and satisfy that desire in their hearts.

Still, that possibility was just Oya’s instinct, l.u.s.t’s guess, and his wives’ expectations. Lucien accepted that possibility, but he still had not wondered what it would be like if he were really going to be a father soon… until now.

Caressing Sophia’s belly, he can really feel a strong familiar sensation. He feels a connection that is different from that he has with his soul weapons, l.u.s.t, and his wives.

“This… is real… right?” Lucien can’t help but smile as he asks himself a rhetorical question.

Not even l.u.s.t could convince him that the incredible familiar sensation he is feeling is not his child in Sophia’s belly. Even though it doesn’t have any logical explanation yet, he is sure of what he is feeling.

And Sophia thinks so too. She is also sure that she is pregnant with Lucien’s baby, and both of them are radiantly happy.

She giggles while using Lucien’s hand to caress her belly. “Yeah, you’ll be papa Luci soon.”

He hugs Sophia tightly again. “Thank you, Sophia… thank you, my love. I cannot describe how happy I am for that.”

“You don’t have to say anything, I can feel your happiness, and it’s like mine.” Sophia can’t stop smiling as she strokes Lucien’s hair and horns.

They continue to kiss and caress each other in the air while Daisy and his other wives gather on the ground below them.

“Oh, you’re alive…” Wrath comments with a surprised expression as she looks at Daisy. She didn’t think the injured mature vampire could handle the tracker.

Daisy looks at Lucien and Sophia in the sky with a thoughtful expression. “Lucien… he saved me.”

“It looks like my little brother eventually grew up to be a man.” Donna laughs while resting her arm on Amelia’s shoulder.

“You have no idea…” Ca.s.sidy comments. She and Mia followed Lucien to help him, but he killed that angel very quickly, and she and the other women who followed him were silent so as not to disturb that family reunion.

But now, all his wives can feel how thrilled Lucien is, and as they can see him stroking Sophia’s belly in the sky, they can’t help but be expectant.

“Who are you? Friends of my brother?” Donna asks.

“His wives…” Amelia responds.

“Wives?!?!” Donna is surprised by the number of women who are supposed to be wives of her little brother.

Wrath shakes her head. “It still doesn’t make sense for l.u.s.t and the boy to be so strong.”

“And getting his sister, another host, pregnant? Does that make sense?” Sloth smiles with an expectant expression. Since she met Lucien, she knew things would be different this time because he would make everything different.

“So is it true? Is Sophia really pregnant?” Angela asks while she can’t contain her smile, just like Lucien’s other wives.

Sloth floats close to Lucien’s wives while a.n.a.lyzing their bodies. “Yes, she is. But I believe that a barrier of royal dragon babies prevents us from feeling the child. Yet, Sophia has an incredible life affinity, and due to the boost of my sin and the blood rose, she can feel the baby’s aura.”

“Could she know if we are pregnant too?” Aria asks.

“You?” Sloth makes a thoughtful expression while she cannot feel any additional life inside the body of Lucien’s wives, just as she cannot feel Sophia’s baby.

Angela takes Oya’s hand, in demi-human form, and smiles at Sloth. “Oya has mystical instincts as a moon tiger, and that’s why we believe we can be pregnant with Lucien’s children too.”

“I see… a moon tiger…” Sloth approaches Oya. “I have never seen a moon tiger in human form, but I think this is due to this ma.s.sive amount of the demonic energy of Envy in your body…”

“…” Oya doesn’t know what to say. She understands that Sloth is not her enemy, but she doesn’t know if she and the other new women will become Lucien’s wives too. Well, she is already used to all beautiful women becoming his wives or troops at least.

While a.n.a.lyzing Oya’s body, Sloth makes a shocked expression when she realizes that Envy’s energy is not inside the mama tigresses in Its original form but mixed with the energy of l.u.s.t, or rather, Lucien.

She quickly looks at l.u.s.t. “How is this possible?!?!”

l.u.s.t smiles at Sloth. “There is a lot to explain. But yes, this is possible thanks to Lucien. This will be our future, the way that our race will be much stronger than all others with our family leading our people.”

Wrath and Donna get more and more confused, let alone Daisy. But Envy smiles as Sloth is really expectant.

Then Sloth looks at Oya again. “You roared at the moon when… well, you know.”

Oya nods, and Angela quickly complements. “It was an incredible roar that echoed through the sky, and even the moon seemed to s.h.i.+ne brighter.”

“Then there is no doubt.” Sloth smiles. “Donkeys are those who do not respect ancient traditions and don’t believe in the instincts of such an incredible creature as the moon tigers.”

l.u.s.t materializes her body next to Sloth. “Yet, we will need Sophia to check which others of his women are pregnant. You know, the numbers are significant…”

“How many exactly?” Donna asks with a curious expression.

“We have an army of women.” l.u.s.t replies.


Donna laughs sarcastically. “For real? Are you talking about little Luci satisfying an army of women?”

Lucien’s wives shake their heads as they feel sorry for Donna not knowing the real Lucien. Well, at least she will not try to have him just for her as Amelia wanted before she started to like them.

Sloth smiles at l.u.s.t with a friendly expression. “I always knew that one day you would s.h.i.+ne more than us. I always believed in your potential.”

l.u.s.t makes a loving and proud expression. “It’s not about me, but him. He did me better than I could ever be alone or with anyone else.”

“This is not entirely true,” Lucien speaks as he descends from the sky with Sophia in his arms. Then he smiles lovingly at l.u.s.t and his other wives. “This is an equal partners.h.i.+p between my lovers and me.”

“Little Luci!!” Donna ignores that strange conversation and hugs Lucien with Sophia. “I missed you, brat.”

Due to Donna hugging really tight, making Lucien’s bones make some sounds, Sophia takes a step back and lets them embrace themselves alone. Being to his side is enough for her to feel like the happiest woman in the universe.

“Sister…” Amelia speaks in a timid tone.

“Sister…” Sophia nods to Amelia with a friendly expression, but she doesn’t take a step away from Lucien.

Everyone there can see that there is something strange between Sophia and Amelia as they look at each other with odd expressions while the mood seems to be heavy and tense.

Amelia always envied the fact that Sophia was so close to Lucien and thought that that was why she didn’t have s.p.a.ce in his heart. She tried to approach him several times, but Sophia was always there, defending her position as a guard tower.

Sophia, on the other hand, always felt Amelia’s envious gaze on her. It didn’t take long for Sophia to understand that Amelia also wanted Lucien differently than just siblings.

She would not mind if Lucien gave his affection to other women, especially their sisters. But Sophia also knew that Amelia didn’t think so and wanted Lucien to belong only to her.

Sophia would never give up on having Lucien’s love, and she also didn’t like Amelia’s violent behavior and manipulations, which resulted in their relations.h.i.+p getting strange.

Now, while Amelia knows that Sophia will remain the same, that is, someone who will support Lucien in everything and therefore will always have a special affection from him, Sophia does not know what happened between Amelia and her lover.

“So… you’re pregnant…” Amelia speaks in an envious tone. In fact, her whole body burns with jealousy, and Envy can feel their power rising like never before and breaking the barrier of the Earth Realm second layer really easily.

Sophia smiles with a proud expression as she thinks to herself. [I won! And I will be the first woman to have his child as well.]

But it is obvious that she contains her willingness to boast about that not to create conflicts. “Have you been together for a long time?”

Amelia also tries to contain her jealousy while making a sad expression and responding to Sophia. “Not enough, I guess.”

Sophia can feel that Amelia is not happy with her arrival. That does not mean that they hate each other, but it is evident that Amelia did not get what she wanted from Lucien, and now Sophia’s presence can obstruct her plans.

“Perhaps the problem is not the time…” Sophia speaks openly. She has no intention of being kind to Amelia after she has mistreated Lucien many times.

“…” Amelia has no answer for that comment. She very much regrets never being able to express her feelings for Lucien and being too shy to take that step even when he tried to approach her.

But she will not back down. She will not be intimidated by the beautiful relations.h.i.+p between Sophia and Lucien and will guarantee her place beside him without manipulation but showing her love for him.

And Lucien knows that. He knows that Amelia is now a different person, and even though she is still very jealous, how she will always as Envy’s host, he already loves her very much and knows that she loves him too. They just need to take a small step to reach their true potential together.

He stops hugging Donna and holds Sophia’s hand while extending his other hand to Amelia. “Don’t let past issues get in the way of what this really should be, a time to celebrate… we should be happy to be together, healthy, and getting stronger so that soon our whole family can be together like that.”

Sophia nods while hugging Lucien’s waist. Amelia approaches them, holds his hand, and embraces the other side of his waist.

“Mm.” Both sisters make cute sounds of agreement while looking at each other with compet.i.tive expressions.

Lucien and his wives can see that things will not be so simple between Sophia and Amelia while Marie and Lena look at each other after understanding those expressions well.

Still, all Lucien’s wives know that conflicts are almost impossible as long as they feel so happy around him.

And now, knowing that the possibility of all of them being pregnant is high, the moment is one of extreme happiness.


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