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Chapter 3622 – Marvelous Technique To Breach An Army Of Ten Thousand

“He’s that amazing?” asked Chu Feng.

“More than amazing, he’s simply terrifying. Most importantly, that fellow not only possesses astonis.h.i.+ng chess skills, but I heard he’s also a top rated genius in terms of martial cultivation.”

“Oh, that’s right. That Nangong Yifan is also Linghu Hongfei’s rival,” said Kong Tianhui.

“Rival?” Chu Feng asked.

“That’s right. The two of them have fought many times in private. However, no one knows the results of their battles.”

“Likewise, no one knows the true level of Nangong Yifan’s martial capabilities. He has only fought against Linghu Hongfei, and never once fought with us. Even when my younger sister challenged him, he would never accept her challenge.”

“In the end, it’s all because he looks down on us,” Kong Tianhui said with a sigh.

“In that case, this Nangong Yifan is truly arrogant,” said Chu Feng.

“He’s arrogant indeed. However, he’s qualified to be arrogant.”

“Actually, we’ve long heard that Nangong Yifan not only possesses powerful cultivation, but his chess skills are also very powerful.”

“Originally, we did not believe those rumors. However, after he acted that time around, we truly had no choice but to believe it. He was simply too powerful.”

“Thus, I’ve been urging my younger sister the entire time, telling her that they should not bother with researching chess strategies or setting up formations at all. After all, with Nangong Yifan present within the All-heaven Starfield, we will definitely not be able to win,” said Kong Tianhui.

“Based on what you’ve said, does that mean that Nangong Yifan will always be present for the chess matches?” asked Chu Feng.

“Of course. Although he will not personally partic.i.p.ate, he’ll always be present. He’s the All-heaven Starfield’s trump card, the trump card that we cannot defeat.”

“As long as that Nangong Yifan is present, we truly have no hope of victory at all.”

Kong Tianhui was serious as he said those words. From his behavior, Chu Feng could tell that he truly held no hope for the matter.

It wasn’t that Kong Tianhui was lacking drive. His behavior was simply someone who was defeated so badly that he was in a state of despair.

“Brother Kong, can you bring me over to check out the chess strategies?” asked Chu Feng.

It was Chu Feng’s first time hearing about this so-called Ancient Era’s Cultivator Chess.

However, after hearing Kong Tianhui’s words, Chu Feng not only became curious about that Nangong Yifan, but he also grew very interested in the Ancient Era’s Cultivator Chess.

Thus, he wanted to see exactly what this so-called Ancient Era’s Cultivator Chess was like.

“Brother Chu Feng, you’re interested?” asked Kong Tianhui.

“I am,” answered Chu Feng.

“Very well, since you’re interested, I will bring you over. In the meantime, I’ll introduce you to little sister Xian Yun and little sister Long Ning.”

“Hehe. Although those two girls are not as beautiful as that red-dressed beauty we encountered the other day, they are still devastatingly beautiful little celestial faeries.”

When Kong Tianhui mentioned the two girls, he not only smiled voraciously, he even rubbed his hands in excitement.

His appearance was simply that of a hungry wolf seeing little rabbits.

“You’re not planning to spare even your little sister’s friends?” asked Chu Feng.

“Brother Chu Feng, what are you saying? Don’t think of me as such a vile individual, okay?” Although Kong Tianhui spoke with righteousness, the expression on his face was more than vile.

Guided by Kong Tianhui, Chu Feng pa.s.sed through many gardens before finally arriving at a palace hall.

There were only three people inside the palace hall.

One was Kong Ci. As for the other two, they were both women.

Furthermore, those two women were both rare beauties. From their outward appearances, they could be said to be not at all inferior to Kong Ci.

Likely, the two of them were the Xian Yun and Long Ning that Kong Tianhui mentioned nonstop.

The gathering of those three women was truly the gathering of three different and distinct beauties.

Kong Ci gave off a n.o.ble air.

As for Xian Yun, she, like her name, gave off a celestial fairy’s air.

As for Long Ning, she had the look of a young girl. She had a delicate face, and gave off a bright, suns.h.i.+ne-like air. It made her look very adorable.

“He’s here. That’s the fool that had never heard of the three of us before.”

Kong Ci said to Xian Yun and Long Ning upon seeing Chu Feng’s entrance.

At the instant when Chu Feng walked into the palace hall, Xian Yun and Long Ning began to size him up.

“Ancestral Martial Dragon City’s Long Ning greets big brother Chu Feng.”

Long Ning arrived before Chu Feng and greeted him courteously. Not only was that girl adorable, but her voice was also very pleasant. Most importantly, she was very polite. The initial impression she gave Chu Feng was very good.

“Monstrous Holy City, Xian Yun.”

Xian Yun also walked over to greet Chu Feng.

Compared to the carefree Long Ning, Xian Yun was very gentle.

“Chu Heavenly Clan’s Chu Feng greets two young misses,” Chu Feng returned their greetings.

Chu Feng was actually rather surprised. He did not expect that geniuses like Long Ning and Xian Yun would actually possess such etiquette. At the very least, the two of them did not possess the arrogance and conceit present in other geniuses.

“Big brother Chu Feng, have you decided to join us in playing Ancient Era’s Cultivator Chess?” Long Ning asked with a smile.

“As miss Kong Ci said, I am someone from the Ancestral Martial Starfield. Thus, I should fight for the Ancestral Martial Starfield. However, since you all are the main forces, I’ll merely play a supporting role,” said Chu Feng.

“Big brother Chu Feng, I trust in your talent,” said Long Ning.

“Young master Chu Feng, if you’re interested, have a look at the rules first.”

“Apart from that, here are some chess strategies. You can have a look at them too.”

Xian Yun handed several scrolls to Chu Feng.

The first scroll recorded the rules of Ancient Era’s Cultivator Chess, as well as how it was played.

The remaining several scrolls recorded different strategies.

After reading the scroll containing the rules, Chu Feng gained a rough understanding of Ancient Era’s Cultivator Chess.

The chessboard for Ancient Era’s Cultivator Chess was similar to that of a mountain. It was separated into three peaks.

The three peaks represented three different levels.

However, the three mountain peaks held distinctive differences.

The first peak demanded a very low chess power. Everyone could climb it.

As for the second peak, its requirement for chess power was raised. If one did not possess a sufficient amount of chess power, one would not be able to climb it.

As for the third peak, without a doubt, it demanded an even higher chess power.

As for chess power, it was something that one would be able to gain should one enter the chessboard. However, the amount of chess power one would be able to gain was limited. If one wanted to increase one’s chess power, one would have to defeat the opponents to devour their chess power to increase their own, or use a special method to absorb the chess power within the chessboard itself.

That said, the stronger one’s chess power was, the greater the amount of control was required. If one did not possess sufficient control and continued to increase one’s chess power nonstop, one would be rejected by the chessboard. In other words, one would be eliminated.

Although the stronger one’s chess power was, the better it was, a very high demand was also required for one’s control.

That said, even if one possessed very powerful control, and could easily utilize the chess power, one would not necessarily be able to obtain victory.

The most important aspect to winning at Ancient Era’s Cultivator Chess was cooperation.

It was not a one-man chess game. No matter how strong a single person might be, they would find it very difficult to obtain victory.

The reason for that was because the three mountain peaks must all be climbed in order to gain victory.

No matter how powerful a single person might be, no matter if they could defeat multiple opponents by themselves, they would only be able to climb a single peak.

The question of how to allow one’s team’s power to defeat one’s opponent involved formations. The chess strategies naturally recorded how to set up such formations.

Thus, after learning the basic rules, Chu Feng looked at the chess strategies.

Chu Feng felt that whilst chess power was important, understanding tactics was even more important.

At that moment, a chess strategy by the name of ‘Marvelous Technique To Breach An Army Of Ten Thousand’ caught Chu Feng’s attention.

This chess strategy stated that if one were to attack with a marvelous trick, one would more often than not catch one’s opponent off guard.

Compared to the other chess strategies, this one was more interesting.

A strategy like that was much more suited to Chu Feng’s liking.

“Chu Feng, you’re being a bit rude, no? You’re only a beginner yet you’re studying the most profound strategy?” Kong Ci walked over to Chu Feng whilst making a cutting remark.

Once Kong Ci spoke, the others also gathered over.

“Brother Chu Feng, don’t bother looking at that chess strategy. That strategy is simply useless,” Kong Tianhui said.

“Isn’t this the most profound strategy?” asked Chu Feng.

It was indeed listed on the ‘Marvelous Technique To Breach An Army Of Ten Thousand’ that it was the highest tier technique of all the chess strategies.

“Brother Chu Feng, trust me.”

“Although this strategy is said to be the highest level, it is also the most difficult one. We attempted to take on the All-heaven Starfield according to it. However, we ended up being unable to maneuver properly, and were completely defeated by them. That defeat was truly ugly,” said Kong Tianhui.

“Big brother Chu Feng, you should study another strategy. Things like strategies mainly rely on mastery. It’s not necessarily true that a higher level strategy will be stronger. Even the chess genius of the All-heaven Starfield, that Nangong Yifan, only uses tactics from middle-tier chess strategies.”

“That said, I’ve heard that he was instructed by a master, and was only able to gain mastery over his strategies after a period of long study.”

“As for this ‘Marvelous Technique To Breach An Army Of Ten Thousand,’ it’s simply too difficult. It is not suitable for you,” said Long Ning.

“The way I see it, you simply do not have to bother with studying strategies at all. Instead, you should focus on learning how to control chess power. After all, you won’t have the chance to bother utilizing strategies, since no one will listen to you anyways as big sister Xian Yun is our leader.” Kong Ci looked to Xian Yun, who stood beside her, as she said those words.


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