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Chapter 3862 – Arriving At the Emperor’s Tomb

At the time when Tuoba Chengan and the other All-heaven Sect’s elders were about to vomit blood from anger, Chu Feng had already left the Red-dress Holy Land.

There were also a group of people accompanying him.

They were the Mystic Cave Saints.

“Say, brother Asura, did you really use canine excrement for that spirit formation of yours?”

Haha. If that’s true, I bet those people from the All-heaven Sect were all angered to death by you.”

“That bunch are all arrogant people who believe themselves to be so important and above everyone. Especially in the All-heaven Starfield, they simply consider themselves to be G.o.ds.”

“Indeed. Even if the dog s.h.i.+t is unable to reach them, the stench should be able to disgust them.”

After the Mystic Cave Saints learned that Chu Feng had actually left behind such a spirit formation to mess with the All-heaven Sect’s elders, they all rejoiced at their misfortune.

“That said, brother Asura, what you’ve done will set you against the All-heaven Sect, and make you an irreconcilable enemy of theirs,” said the Eleventh of the Mystic Cave Saints all of a sudden.

Even though he was the youngest of the Mystic Cave Saints, he was much older than Chu Feng. Because of that, even he addressed Chu Feng as brother.

Of course, the reason for the change in the Mystic Cave Saints’ behavior was because Chu Feng was currently their ally.

“We are irreconcilable enemies to begin with,” said Chu Feng.

Chu Feng did not specify things clearly.

Only he knew that the All-heaven Sect had already been his enemy before he even travelled to the All-heaven Starfield.

They were the ones in the wrong first. Thus, Chu Feng would show no mercy towards them.

“Brother Asura, you actually didn’t have to lay your cards to them at all.”

“As long as you didn’t reveal your origin, they would have continued to think that you were supported by experts, or a major power.”

“More or less, they would have had a restraining fear of you.”

“By directly revealing your cards now, they will now attack you without any fear,” said the Eleventh of the Mystic Cave Saints.

“It’s useless. Since that All-heaven Sect dared to dispatch their men to our brother Asura, it proves that they cannot tolerate brother Asura being unrestrained in the All-heaven Starfield.”

“Although their first attempt failed, it revealed to them that brother Asura is not protected by any expert.”

“Because of that, there will naturally be a second, or even a third attempt. They will continue until brother Asura is killed…” said the Eldest of the Mystic Cave Saints.

“If that’s the case, then it would indeed not matter if brother Asura directly reveals his cards to them,” the others from the Mystic Cave Saints agreed.

“While it would indeed not matter for brother Asura to directly reveal his cards to the All-heaven Sect; brother Asura, you are, no matter what, a guest invited by the Red-dress Holy Land. Furthermore, I can tell that you have quite a friends.h.i.+p with that la.s.s from the Red-dress Holy Land. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have helped them take us on.”

“Are you not afraid that the All-heaven Sect will cause trouble for the Red-dress Holy Land because of what you’ve done?” asked the Eldest of the Mystic Cave Saints.

“They won’t,” said Chu Feng.

The reason why Chu Feng said that was because he already knew what had happened to Song Yichen.

He had learned from Yin Zhuanghong that even though it was the All-heaven Sect’s Supreme Elder Cheng Hui that was disguised as Song Yichen, all of Chen Hui’s clothing, t.i.tle plate and even the contents in his Cosmos Sack belonged to Elder Song Yichen.

For Cheng Hui to be able to gain so many of Song Yichen’s possessions, it most likely meant that she had already been killed.

In fact, when Elder Song Yichen had first disappeared, the people from the Red-dress Holy Land had already suspected that her disappearance might have something to do with the All-heaven Sect.

After all, Elder Song Yichen went to do one thing before her disappearance.

That thing was very dangerous, and concerned the interests of both the All-heaven Sect and the Red-dress Holy Land.

Because of Elder Song Yichen’s disappearance, the Red-dress Holy Land had already realized that the All-heaven Sect would very likely try to eliminate them.

Thus, even if Chu Feng hadn’t set himself against the All-heaven Sect, the All-heaven Sect would not have spared the Red-dress Holy Land either.

Likely, the All-heaven Sect was still holding back against attacking the Red-dress Holy Land due to some considerations.

However, battle between them was inevitable.

That was also the reason why Chu Feng had decided to openly make himself an enemy of the All-heaven Sect.

Since the people from the All-heaven Sect wouldn’t possibly spare him anyways, he might as well infuriate them more.

After leaving the Red-dress Holy Land, Chu Feng proceeded for a place with the Mystic Cave Saints.

That place was the Great Monster Slayer Emperor’s Tomb.

The Great Monster Slayer Emperor’s Tomb was located on a vast plain.

That plain was abnormally desolate.

Yellow dust was flying everywhere, and trees were extremely spa.r.s.e. Furthermore, no trace of life could be seen.

Although that place was not a desert, it was practically no different from a desert.

It was truly a barren land.

However, deep within this barren land was a mountain range densely covered by greenery.

Ahead of the mountain range was an isolated mountain.

That mountain was not connected to the mountain range. Furthermore, it was very tall.

That isolated mountain was much higher than the highest point of the mountain range.

Although the mountain range was enormous, it was completely beneath the clouds.

As for that isolated mountain, it pierced through the clouds, and seemed to scale the heavens.

The mountain range was covered densely with greenery. Singing birds, fragrant flowers, flowing waters, wild beasts and ferocious beasts were all over the mountain range.

Apart from the birdsongs, one could occasionally hear roars that shook heaven and earth.

Even though the plain was completely barren, the mountain range was filled with vitality.

Because of that, the mountain range created a clear-cut contrast with the plain.

Chu Feng and the Mystic Cave Saints arrived by air. Thus, they were able to witness everything clearly.

Looking down from above, they were able to see that the vast and boundless continuous mountain range faintly resembled a person.

That was a person lying on the plain.

If one were to look closely, one would notice the trees changing too. In fact, one could even faintly make out the silhouette of that person.

The isolated mountain that pierced through the clouds also indicated what sort of place this was.

The reason for that was because the words ‘Great Monster Slayer Emperor’s Tomb’ were engraved on that mountain.

That mountain was actually the tombstone.

As for the continuous mountain range behind it, it was the burial ground of the Great Monster Slayer Emperor.

That place was the Great Monster Slayer Emperor’s Tomb!!!

“Brother Asura, did you manage to make out anything?” Seeing Chu Feng standing in midair motionlessly for a long time, and sizing up the mountain range repeatedly with his seemingly ordinary eyes, the Mystic Cave Saints guessed that Chu Feng must be using a special observation method to examine the mountain range.

Because of that, they all arrived before Chu Feng and began to ask him if he had detect anything.

“This place is truly miraculous.”

“Even though the mountain range is covered in greenery, the mountain range will be transformed into the form of a human should one pay close attention.”

“The power of the Great Monster Slayer Emperor fills every corner of the mountain range.”

“The inside of the mountain range is a profound mystery. It’s no wonder the All-heaven Sect is unable to enter the tomb even after so long.”

After examining the mountain range, Chu Feng praised it nonstop.

His praises also revealed how remarkable of a place the Great Monster Slayer Emperor’s Tomb was.


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