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Chapter 4356: Humility

“How did you obtain these tokens?”

“We’re the disciples of the Lady of Dao Sea, so how do you think we obtained these tokens?” the female disciples replied impatiently.

In their view, since they had already flashed their tokens, the other party should be cowering in their presence.

Of course, since they had come with a request, they wouldn’t make things difficult for these disciples. Nevertheless, they were still feeling aggrieved from how they were humiliated a moment ago, and they would have to find a place to vent this emotion.


Contrary to their expectations, the disciples of the Soaring Flower Villa suddenly burst into laughter. Instead of displaying fearful faces, they were laughing derisively at the female disciple.

“A bunch of hideous freaks actually dares to claim that they are disciples of the Lady of Dao Sea? Who in the world doesn’t know that the disciples of the Lady of Dao Sea are known for their ravis.h.i.+ng beauty? How did freaks like you even come up with the idea of impersonating them? Get lost, or else I’ll have my men beat you up!”

After a peal of loud, derisive laughter, the disciples of the Soaring Flower Villa bellowed at the female disciples angrily.

“Audacious! You fools, do you not even recognize the tokens of our Dao Sea? The likes of you aren’t qualified to speak to us. Get your sectmaster over here!” the female disciples spat through gritted teeth.

If they still had their cultivation, they would have already made their moves by now to teach these disciples of the Soaring Flower Villa a lesson!

“You’re even dreaming of meeting our sectmaster? Looks like you really don’t know your place at all. What kind of place do you take our Soaring Flower Villa to be?!”

It was at this moment that a big group of disciples rushed out through the entrance of the Soaring Flower Villa. They commanded an imposing presence that the disciples guarding the entrance couldn’t compete with.

The one who was leading this group of disciples was a relatively good-looking man, who was both well-dressed and exuded an exceptional air around him.

These disciples who had just arrived on the scene were all exceptional cultivators in the Soaring Flower Villa, but compared to the good-looking man, they appeared to be lacking instead.

This was the difference that set aside a decent cultivator and a truly talented one.

The good-looking man one of the personal disciples of the Soaring Flower Villa’s sectmaster, and his name was Chen Yan.

“Chen Yan, it’s me. I’m Song Feifei!”

Upon seeing Chen Yan, the female disciples of the Lady of Dao Sea appeared to be exceptionally agitated.

This could be especially said about the woman who had a conflict with Chu Feng earlier. She waved her hand frantically as she shouted out excitedly. It almost resembled how a bee would dance upon encountering a flower.

The Lady of Dao Sea and the Soaring Flower Villa’s sectmaster had some a.s.sociation with one another.

In order to please the Lady of Dao Sea, the disciples of the Soaring Flower Villa would tend to fawn on the female disciples of the Lady of Dao Sea. While most of the female disciples of the Lady of Dao Sea would remain unmoved, Song Feifei happened to be one of those who ended getting moved by Chen Yan’s unceasing attention.

Since long ago, their relations.h.i.+p had already progressed to an unusual level, such that many thought that they might become dao companions.

Thus, as soon as Song Feifei saw Chen Yan, her eyes immediately lit up as if she had seen her savior.

From her perspective, Chen Yan was no different from her fiancé. In times of need, it was always rea.s.suring to see someone that one could count on.

In fact, she even began running toward Chen Yan out of joy, intending to leap right into his embrace.


But who could have thought that before Song Feifei could even touch Chen Yan, a slap had already landed on her face?

The one who had slapped Song Feifei was no other than Chen Yan.

“Get lost, you hideous witch. How dare you impersonate Song Feifei? Where did this bunch of demoness come from? Men, capture them and send them over to the Pill Concoction Pavilion to turn them into nourishment!

“Remember, use the cruelest way possible to deal with them. I want to make them regret for daring to mess around with our Soaring Flower Gazebo! Even as ghosts, they shall learn to steer clear of this place!” Chen Yan bellowed furiously.

He didn’t believe that these freaks before him would actually be the fairies of the Dao Sea at all, let alone that the person who had run to him earlier was Song Feifei.

On the other hand, hearing that Chen Yan was intending to concoct them into medicinal pills, the female disciples of the Lady of Dao Sea panicked.

Their first instinct was to clarify the situation.

After all, the Soaring Flower Gazebo was on close terms with their Dao Sea.

Even if they didn’t recognize their personal tokens, they should still be able to convince the disciples of the Soaring Flower Gazebo of their ident.i.ty if they were to talk about their shared past.

Shoosh shoosh shoos.h.!.+

But in the next instant, several gunny sacks inscribed with runes fell over their heads.

These weren’t ordinary gunny sacks but enchanted tools used specifically for binding objects or living beings.

As soon as these gunny sacks were placed over them, they found themselves unable to move at all, and not a single word from them was able to reach the outside anymore.

With this, the female disciples of the Lady of Dao Sea lost their opportunity to explain themselves too.

“A bunch of disgusting monsters. They have really dirtied my eyes! I’ll really have nightmares when I sleep tonight!” Chen Yan remarked with a shudder.

He was the one who had bound the female disciples of the Lady of Dao Sea with the gunny sacks. He wasn’t thinking too much when he did it; he simply wanted to cover their hideous faces.

“Senior Chen, there’s still one more person,” one of the disciples of the Soaring Flower Gazebo pointed at the unconscious Chu Feng as he spoke.

“He’s a companion of those monsters, so he’s bound to be nothing good either. Concoct him into medicinal pills too!” Chen Yan instructed before leaving the area.

The other disciples quickly went ahead to carry out Chen Yan’s instructions and carried Chu Feng, w.a.n.g Yuxian, and the others to the Soaring Flower Gazebo’s Pill Concoction Pavilion.

Nearly every power would have a facility devoted to the concoction of medicinal pills, but the Soaring Flower Gazebo’s Pill Concoction Pavilion was a little extraordinary.

For one, it was extremely well-protected. There were multiple layers of spirit formation cast over it, almost as if they were protecting some sort of forbidden land.

Without a special token, it was impossible for anyone to enter the ground.

And inside the Pill Concoction Pavilion, there were many valuable medicinal herbs and living beings. Amongst the living beings, there were many ferocious beasts, sentient monstrous beasts, as well as… children.

They were human children. Some were several years old, and the youngest of them all was still an infant.

These children would have a special medicinal fluid pumped into their stomach every day, and eventually, they would eventually be concocted together with some monstrous beasts and various medicinal herbs to form unique medicinal pills.

How could the Soaring Flower Gazebo call itself an orthodox sect when it was doing such stuff in the shadows? This was practically what only demonic sects would do!

It seemed like Chu Feng and the others had been categorized as monstrous beasts by the disciples of the Soaring Flower Gazebo. The disciples who had brought them in there made sure to specially instruct the elder of the Pill Concoction Pavilion to use the cruelest method to put Chu Feng and the others to death.

Whether it was beneficial to the pill concoction process or not wasn’t important at all. The key over here was to ensure that Chu Feng and the others suffered as much as possible.

Hearing such words, the female disciples of the Lady of Dao Sea were nearly scared out of their wits.

They had come here to ask for help, but who could have thought that they were only leaping from one h.e.l.l hole into another one.

They had never thought that this would happen to them.

What was even more surprising was that a short moment later, Chen Yan also entered the Pill Concoction Pavilion too. Upon hearing that Chen Yan had arrived, while the female disciples of the Lady of Dao Sea were furious, a spark of hope also lit up in their eyes.

They thought that Chen Yan might have realized the folly of his actions and came over to correct his earlier recklessness.

Perhaps, he might have come here to talk to them amicably and ascertain their ident.i.ties.

However, they soon realized that they were overthinking the matter.

Chen Yan wasn’t here to ascertain their ident.i.ties at all. Instead, he was worried that the elder of the Pill Concoction Pavilion would simply take his words lightly, so he had made this trip over here to ensure that his instructions were carried out properly.


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