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Chapter 4451: Bizarre Blood Door

“Clan Chief, something is amiss here. Should we leave?”

Seeing that the situation was developing in a direction where they were completely unprepared for, an elder of the Yu Heavenly Clan asked their Clan Chief.

And in truth, the Yu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief was also panicking at the moment as well.

He could sense that there was something approaching them from the underground, but he was unable to tell what it was. He could only helplessly wait as the bizarre chimes crept closer and closer to them.

He was afraid. Both his intuition and the pressure he felt was telling him that whatever that was going to emerge from the ground might not spell good news to him and the Yu Heavenly Clan.

But at the same time, when he saw how the Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief, Monstrous Herd Temple’s sectmaster, and the crowd from the Cloudsky Immortal Sect were showing no signs of retreating at all, his determination to retreat from this place faltered as well.

He was deeply aware of the fact that fortuitous encounters were usually paired with great risks, and similarly, the most dangerous of situations usually came with fortuitous encounters.


Suddenly, the desert beneath the crowd began to collapse inward.

A ma.s.sive depression appeared in the midst of the humongous desert. The depression was so large that the crowd could no longer see any hints of the desert as far as their sight could reach.

Everything beneath their feet had been reduced to an unfathomably deep abyss.


At the same time, the bizarre bell chime had grown extremely close to them as well.

“It’s right there, but we can’t see anything at all.

The crowd was able to pinpoint the location where the bell chimes were coming from, but somehow, they weren’t able to see whatever that was producing those chimes.


Following that, the sound of a door creaking open echoed in the air.

At the same time, the crowd could see a ma.s.sive door appearing before their eyes.

The door was located amidst the abyss, and it boasted a height of tens of thousands of meters. It was truly a sight of behold.

The door was blood-red in color, and it looked peculiarly eerie when contrasted against the darkness of the abyss it was in.

There was a blood-red bell placed on each side of the ma.s.sive door, and a human stood by the side of each bell.

These humans were over a hundred meters in height, but their bodies were bulging with fats. Other than a white cloth that concealed their private parts beneath their waist, their bodies were completely exposed.

Their skin was ghastly white, devoid of any redness at all. On the other hand, their eyes were crimson red. Their appearances made them look like monstrous beasts.

It was these two people who were striking the blood-red bells, producing the deafening chimes that the crowd had been hearing all this while.

More importantly, be it the two ghastly white bizarre-looking giants or the tens of thousands of meters tall blood-red door, they were all emanating the scent of the Ancient Era.

“Father, what’s that?”

Long Xiaoxiao hid behind her father’s back as she peeked at the blood-red door in a mixture of fascination and fear.

The blood-red door looked unnaturally sinister, and it was emitting an overwhelming aura of death. It felt like something that shouldn’t exist on the face of this world, as if it had escaped here from h.e.l.l.

Despite so, the crowd still couldn’t help but stare at the opening blood-red door in its face, hoping to peer into what lay within.

However, the interior of the blood-red door was dyed with a monotonous red color too. It was impossible to discern anything within.


All of a sudden, a strong suction force burst forth from within the blood-red door. It was so overwhelmingly powerful that even the clouds in the sky were immediately dragged down onto the ground and through the cracks of the door.

Realizing that the situation was turning awry, the cultivators present immediately tried to break free of the suction force and escape.

However, it was already too late. The suction force coming from the blood-red door was simply that strong.

Even experts like the Yu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief or the Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief were unable to break free from the suction force.

Soon, everyone was dragged into the blood-red door, leaving only a single figure standing in the air.

That person was no other than the G.o.dwish Grandmother.

The suction force was still howling furiously at her like a frenzied beast. It felt like countless vile specters were stretching their invisible hands out at her, wanting to drag her through the blood-red door.

But it was all futile.

The clothes of the G.o.dwish Grandmother fluttered furiously amidst the wind, but she Grandmother didn’t budge in the least. She simply gazed down at the blood-red door fearlessly.

On the contrary, there was a hint of expectation in her eyes

“La.s.s, don’t let your master down,” the G.o.dwish Grandmother muttered.

After being mercilessly dragged through the blood-red door, Chu Feng and the others found themselves landing into another world.

It was a barren world with its ground as hard as granite. But peculiarly, there were blades of gra.s.s scattered around this incredibly hard ground, even though they looked withered and on the verge of dying.

The sky was dyed not blue but a murky gray, and there was not a single cloud to be seen.

Not too far away from them was a towering rock mountain shaped like an eclipse. It felt like a ma.s.sive bowl placed upside down on the ground.

The rock mountain was barren as well, devoid of any trees. But mysteriously, there were blades of gra.s.s growing on it too.

Why would gra.s.s grow out from boulders?

However, Chu Feng and the others were in no mood to think about such matters. Their attention was completely captured by the ground beneath the rock mountain.

Over there stood a blood-red door.

This blood-red door only had a height of around a thousand meters, but it looked identical to the one which Chu Feng and the others saw in the abyss earlier.

Similarly, this blood-red door had two bells placed by its sides. The ghastly white giants who had chimed the bells earlier, however, were nowhere to be seen.

There was also one more thing that was different about this place, and that was the presence of a blood-red plaque hanging above the blood-red door.

There were five words inscribed on the plaque—Ancient Era’s Tomb of Armaments.

“This is the Ancient Era’s Tomb of Armaments?”

Upon reading the words on the plaque, a glint flickered across the eyes of the powerhouses present here, be it the Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief or the Yu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief.

“What is the Ancient Era’s Tomb of Armaments?”

On the other hand, everyone else, including Long Xiaoxiao, those from the younger generation, and even most elders, looked confused as to what was going on.

Clearly, they had no idea what the Ancient Era’s Tomb of Armaments was.


All of a sudden, a chilling wind blew in their direction, lifting everyone except for Chu Feng in the sky and displacing them from where they were.

Screams of shock filled the air in an instant as the crowd fl.u.s.tered at this abrupt event.

Before Chu Feng knew it, he was the only one left in this area.

He was still thinking about how he could bring Long Xiaoxiao out of this place, but before he knew it, Long Xiaoxiao and the others were already nowhere to be seen. He couldn’t even sense their auras at all, so he was unable to discern where they were at.

“Why am I the only one who is fine?” Chu Feng was perplexed.

There were plenty of cultivators who were stronger than Chu Feng here, so no matter how he looked at it, he shouldn’t have been the only one remaining here.

Furthermore, when the chilling wind swept past them, Chu Feng clearly felt the chilling wind brus.h.i.+ng him by, but it didn’t sweep him away like it did with the others.

It was definitely not a coincidence. For some reason, the chilling wind had chosen to spare Chu Feng and only Chu Feng.


A bizarre sound echoed in the air.

Turning in the direction of the sound, Chu Feng saw that the blood-red door beneath the rock mountain was slowly opening itself. This time around, the interior of the blood-red door was not entirely red.

Instead, it was gleaming with a golden splendor. Countless treasures appeared before Chu Feng’s eyes.


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