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Chapter 4948: Awful Complexion

Fifteen minutes pa.s.sed by quickly, and problems started occurring with Chu Feng’s formation.

“This is bad.”

Everyone has been keeping a close eye on Chu Feng, so they immediately noticed the troubles he was facing. Daoist Niantian and the others began to feel nervous.

The reason why everyone was so shocked by the formation Chu Feng was constructing wasn’t because they knew what it was. In truth, not even those from the Situ World Spiritist Clan could tell what kind of formation Chu Feng was building.

They were simply deducing its prowess from its delicate procedure. However, maintaining a high level of control over one’s spirit power was extremely tough, such that even veteran world spiritists like them would struggle to do so.

If Chu Feng did manage to pull it off, its prowess was bound to be one to behold.

The key problem Chu Feng faced here was the sheer level of difficulty. It was simply too difficult for him to maintain such a high level of concentration. If he were to loosen up in the slightest, the entire formation would be affected.

Right now, Chu Feng’s attention had started to loosen, resulting in his reduced control over his spirit power. At this rate, the overall prowess of the formation would be affected.

Chu Feng could still turn things around if he managed to stabilize the formation in time, but the problem was that he panicked. He was too desperate to salvage the situation that resulted in him incurring a series of mistakes.

In the end, his formation construction method became utterly chaotic, impossible to make sense of. It was common sense to world spiritists that formations needed to be constructed with strict rigor, such that not even the slightest flaw could be tolerated.

That was also the reason why world spiritist paid so much heed to the degree of control they had over their spirit power.

Yet, Chu Feng was making the worst mistake a world spiritist could make.

He had started out building an incredibly delicate formation, so it was understandable for him to make some mistakes here and there. However, he had gone into a complete panic mode, making it near impossible to fix the formation anymore.

What Chu Feng should be doing right now was to reconstruct his formation, but he still adamantly tried to st.i.tch up his formation, only to make more and more errors.

Of course, not a single person told him to start anew.

It was futile, after all. Even if Chu Feng really started anew, he still wouldn’t be a match for Situ Gouyue. Situ Gouyue’s formation was simply too powerful, even if they were just looking at it with their eyes.

Unless Chu Feng was able to complete that delicate formation of his within 45 minutes, he stood no chance at victory against Situ Gouyue’s formation at all.

The situation was already hopeless for Chu Feng.

“Heh… I must have gotten foolish. I actually thought that I underestimated that lad. Why did I still bear expectations of the Ancestral Martial Galaxy’s descendants?”

Seeing the fl.u.s.tered Chu Feng, the blue-cloaked woman laughed beneath her hand. The others from the Situ World Spiritist Clan also burst into laughter as well.


Those from the Zhuge Clan sighed deeply.

They thought that it was impossible for Chu Feng to turn things around after committing such a fatal error. The duel hadn’t ended yet, but the outcome was already decided.

“Master Yin Ren, will you be able to save Chu Feng if he loses the duel?” Princess Xiaoxiao asked.

She didn’t want to see Chu Feng losing his life here.

However, Master Yin Ren shook his head.

“Princess Xiaoxiao, from the moment young friend Chu Feng chose to challenge Situ Gouyue, we’re no longer in control over his life anymore. Taking a step back, even if he wins the challenge, do you think that the Situ World Spiritist Clan would let him go so easily? Young friend Chu Feng is simply too reckless,” Master Yin Ren said.

“As reckless as he is, it’s also hot-bloodedness. If those from our eastern region had such hot-bloodedness in them as well, we wouldn’t have been looked down on by the ma.s.sive world of cultivation out there,” Shengguang Buyu said.

He didn’t look at Master Yin Ren when he said those words, but it was clear that he was refuting the latter.

Master Yin Ren glanced at Shengguang Buyu before shaking his head, clearly disagreeing with the other party’s view.

The remaining thirty minutes was torture to Princess Xiaoxiao and the others.

They prayed hard that Chu Feng could create a miracle and turn things around, transforming the seemingly ruined formation into a masterpiece that would awe them all. However, such a thing didn’t occur. Even when the countdown was finally up, he still hadn’t finished his formation yet.


A furious roar quaked the palace. An inferno beast rose in front of Situ Gouyue.

This inferno beast was incredibly terrifying. It towered at a height of ten thousand meters, and the aura it gave off was frightening as well.

To use an a.n.a.logy, if this inferno beast had manifested in the Ancestral Martial Lower Realm, it would have destroyed the entire place within moments. Its arrival would signal doomsday to those from the lower realm!

Even in the eyes of Daoist Niantian, Master Yin Ren, and the other top world spiritists present here, there was hardly a flaw that could be picked with Situ Gouyue’s formation.

It was no easy feat to set up this formation, but Situ Gouyue managed to pull it off nearly perfectly. This fully showcased his ability.

What was worth noting was that even though Situ Gouyue had activated his formation, he didn’t make a move on Chu Feng right away.

“Hey, n.o.body from the Ancestral Martial Galaxy. 45 minutes is already up. What are you doing? What’s that nonsense in front of you? Surely you should at least be able to construct a formation, no?”

Situ Gouyue sneered at Chu Feng. He had only refrained from making a move because he wanted to see the latter make a fool out of himself.

“The fight hasn’t been decided yet. How do you know that my formation is weaker than yours?” Chu Feng replied confidently as if everything was under his control.


Right after he said those words, his formation suddenly began changing.


The formation in front of him released an incredible aura.

“Young master Gouyue, quickly end it!”

Someone from the Situ World Spiritist Clan urged Situ Gouyue to attack Chu Feng.

They suddenly felt uneasy. While Chu Feng’s formation appeared to be nothing spectacular, the aura it was releasing was tremendous. If they had made a misjudgment here and Chu Feng had really managed to properly construct his formation, things could get dangerous for Situ Gouyue.

It was better to err on the cautious side, so they wanted to end things before Chu Feng could properly activate his formation.

“Time’s up for you!”

Situ Gouyue could also sense a whiff of danger in the situation, so he immediately sent the inferno beast at Chu Feng.


The inferno beast unleashed a sea of flames upon where Chu Feng was standing earlier, destroying everything in the area.

Right before everyone’s eyes, Chu Feng’s body swiftly disintegrated into ashes. Even the formation he had constructed was burned down.

The inferno beast was simply too powerful.

“Chu Feng…”

Princess Xiaoxiao was horrified to see Chu Feng dying in the sea of flames. Daoist Niantian and Shengguang Buyu felt a lurch in their hearts too.

Even Shengguang Baimei, who previously held a grudge against Chu Feng, clenched his fists tightly. He glared at Situ Gouyue with vicious eyes, not making any attempts to hide his killing intent.

He did view Chu Feng as a threat previously, but after everything they had gone through together, he subconsciously started to admire Chu Feng’s character. As someone from the Holy Light Galaxy, he felt a sense of pride in Chu Feng.

Yet, such a prodigy lost his life to someone from another galaxy.

How could he not feel anger?


Even many from the Zhuge Clan sighed sorrowfully. Some of them even averted their eyes, not wanting to watch on.

Chu Feng had stood forward for the sake of their eastern region. It pained them to see a prodigy losing his life like that.

“Hahaha! The eastern region is nothing but a joke!”

Seeing that the duel had finally come to an end, the blue-cloaked women looked at the Zhuge Clan with eyes filled with scorn.


A cry of agony suddenly echoed.

The face of the blue-cloaked woman stiffened. She quickly looked at the palace, only to widen her eyes in disbelief.

It was Chu Feng.

Not only was Chu Feng alive, but he was even standing unharmed in front of Situ Gouyue. In his left hand was a dagger made out of spirit power and in his right was a severed arm.

The severed arm belonged to none other than Situ Gouyue.

Situ Gouyue had let out a cry of agony because Chu Feng had suddenly appeared and severed his arm!

“What’s wrong, young master Situ? You don’t look too well,” Chu Feng sneered.


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