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Chapter 4957: The Gap Between Prodigies

“Young friend Chu Feng, our Zhuge Clan is indebted to you. You’re more than welcome to enter our legacy formation as many times as you like. However, our Zhuge Clan is planning on leaving this area and going into hiding. Why don’t you leave us with an address? I’ll personally pay you a visit after we settle down at a new location,” the Zhuge Clan’s Clan Chief said.

“Thank you, elder, but I’m not sure where I’d be heading to next either. I’ll just enter the legacy formation once. If I fail, I’ll give up on it,” Chu Feng said.

“This… Alright. Young friend Chu Feng, you should give it a try first. If it doesn’t work, I’ll find another way to help you in the future.

“Before you enter the formation, there are two things I would need to tell you. Firstly, before entering the formation, you’ll be put through a simple test that determines whether you’re qualified to enter the legacy formation or not. Given your talent, that shouldn’t pose a problem, but you’ll still experience a certain degree of pain. Thus, you should mentally prepare yourself for it,” the Zhuge Clan’s Clan Chief said.

“Thank you for your advice. What about the second point?” Chu Feng asked.

“There will be another test after you enter the legacy formation, and that’s to decipher a formation. The formation isn’t fixed, so I’m unable to provide you with any clues on it. However, I trust that you should be able to deal with it easily given your talents. After deciphering the formation, you’ll be presented with three formation gates, the Iron Wolf Gate, the Golden Boulder Gate, and the Inferno Whirlwind Gate. All three formation gates grant you the opportunity to grasp the legacy formation.

“For the Iron Wolf Gate and Golden Boulder Gate, even if you fail to grasp the legacy formation, you won’t face any danger. You can attempt those gates over and over again. However, if you enter the Inferno Whirlwind Gate, you’ll only have one chance to grasp the legacy formation. Once you fail, you’ll lose your life.

“Those are the words that Lord Situ Qi personally relayed to our clan.

“Three of the juniors of our Zhuge Clan have attempted the Inferno Whirlwind Gate, but none of them were able to grasp the legacy formation. They ended up dying in there. Thus, you must make sure not to enter the Inferno Whirlwind Gate,” the Zhuge Clan’s Clan Chief reminded.

“Thanks for your reminder, elder. I understand,” Chu Feng said.

Following that, the Zhuge Clan’s Clan Chief conjured a formation key before walking up to the legacy formation. It turned out that there was another hidden defensive formation constructed around the legacy formation.

“Young friend Chu Feng, this way please,” the Zhuge Clan’s Clan Chief said after removing the hidden defensive formation.

Without any hesitation, Chu Feng began making his way toward the legacy formation.


As he approached the legacy formation, the spirit formation gate began emanating a yellow aura that swiftly shrouded Chu Feng. It was translucent in nature, allowing the crowd to see Chu Feng’s condition.

And Chu Feng’s response to the yellow aura astounded the crowd from the Zhuge Clan.

Even when the yellow aura eventually dissipated, many of those from the Zhuge Clan still had their mouths agape. Those from the older generation were even more so dumbstruck.

“Elder, I’ve already reached the spirit formation gate. Shouldn’t the first test have appeared by now?” Chu Feng asked the Zhuge Clan’s Clan Chief.


The Zhuge Clan’s Clan Chief revealed an awkward smile before asking, “Young friend Chu Feng, do you feel no pain coming into contact with the yellow aura?”

“The yellow aura? It was a little choking, but nothing much other than that. Ah, now that I think of it, it did feel a little ticklish,” Chu Feng said.

“Just a little ticklish?” the Zhuge Clan’s Clan Chief asked.

“That’s right,” Chu Feng replied with a nod.

“Young friend Chu Feng is truly extraordinary,” the Zhuge Clan’s Clan Chief said.

“Elder, it can’t be that the yellow aura is the test you spoke of?” Chu Feng asked.

“It’s indeed the test. There’s not a single junior of our Zhuge Clan who is able to remain unfazed before the yellow aura. Most simply faint under the excruciating pain, and even Zhuge Feiluan would be forced to grit his teeth. Yet…

“I can only say that there’s a huge gap among different cultivators,” the Zhuge Clan’s Clan Chief sighed.

“You’re flattering me, elder. Since the test is over, I’ll be entering the spirit formation gate now,” Chu Feng said.

After saying those words, he stepped into the spirit formation gate.

“Zhuge Clan’s Clan Chief, is the information you told us about the legacy formation true? It can’t be another one of your lies, right?” Shengguang Buyu asked.

“What I’ve said is the truth. If you doubt my words, you may ask Master Yin Ren about it instead. He has seen the juniors of our clan entering the legacy formation before,” the Zhuge Clan’s Clan Chief said.

“What the Zhuge Clan’s Clan Chief said is true. I’ve taken a close look earlier, and the yellow aura is indeed the same as I remember it to be. Young friend Chu Feng appears to be impervious to its effects,” Master Yin Ren said.

“As expected of young hero Chu Feng,” Shengguang Baimei said gleefully.


The next moment, the legacy formation started trembling. Two forces of energy, flame and wind, began forming above the spirit formation gate, and they swiftly fused into a single ent.i.ty.

“This is bad.”

The crowd from the Zhuge Clan were appalled to see the emergence of the two forces of energy. Even Master Yin Ren showed hints of nervousness.

“What does that mean? It can’t be that young hero Chu Feng has chosen the Inferno Whirlwind Gate?”

Shengguang Baimei could tell that something was amiss by the reactions of those from the Zhuge Clan.

“Haaa, why didn’t young friend Chu Feng heed my advice? I’ve already warned him against it, but he still chose to put himself in a dangerous position,” the Zhuge Clan’s Clan Chief sighed helplessly.

His response was more than enough to answer Shengguang Baimei’s question.


All of a sudden, the spirit formation gate began to vibrate intensely. The spirit power it harnessed started to turn incorporeal, and the energy in the legacy formation started collapsing into the spirit formation gate.

It was as if something within the spirit formation gate was siphoning away the energy of the legacy formation. Soon, the spirit formation gate started to turn illusory, as if it was going to disappear.

The crowd felt like their hearts were about to leap out of their chests.

If the spirit formation gate disappeared, wouldn’t Chu Feng be trapped inside the formation?


But just before the spirit formation gate disappeared, a figure suddenly darted out from within. It was none other than Chu Feng.

A bizarre sight occurred the moment he appeared. The remaining energy left in the legacy formation, instead of surging into the spirit formation gate, starting gus.h.i.+ng toward Chu Feng.

The crowd swiftly noticed that Chu Feng was emanating spirit power as well, but the spirit power had reached rank six Dragon Transformation Sensation. By this point, the answer was already clear to them.

Chu Feng had successfully obtained the legacy!


Shocked gasps could be heard from the members of the Zhuge Clan. They couldn’t believe their eyes.

So many juniors had entered the legacy formation over the years, but none of them had been able to obtain its legacy. Yet, Chu Feng was able to conquer it so easily?

It hadn’t even been fifteen minutes since he last stepped into the legacy formation!

“Is this such a huge gap between prodigies?”

The Zhuge Clan’s Clan Chief looked at the sky and sighed deeply.


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