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345 – Ambush

“Stop!! You beast!!” At that moment, Becky’s eyes s.h.i.+mmered with anxiety, she bellowed, and fired an arrow laced with green qi shooting towards Yang Feng’s eye like a shooting star.

Yang Feng brandished his wings and easily blocked the green arrow. At the same time, he opened his huge maw and belched a dragon breath.

“No!” When Becky saw this, she uttered a heart-wrenching scream.

The fearsome dragon breath engulfed Kisad in an instant, and black flames swallowed the peerless genius of the Meheecan Princ.i.p.ality and burned him to ashes.

“I’ve been had!” When Yang Feng’s embodiment of an ancient black dragon swept out with his perception, he clearly felt frightening fluctuations of power spreading from the temple of the G.o.d of the Meheecan River. The temple had clearly been alarmed.

Human experts hiding in the city flocked towards the temple.

Yang Feng looked up, and his eyes glimmered with an unruly glint: “There’s no room for retreat at this stage! I might as well come up with a way to annex this princ.i.p.ality! In any case, the planar tide has started, and the control the G.o.ds in the starry sky hold over the secular world has been weakening frantically. They should be helpless by now. This will come as a great surprise to the backstage manipulator.”

On the road leading to a manor outside the imperial palace, a carriage forged ahead. Inside the carriage sat the two extremely beautiful women Esramia and Glicedar.

Dispatched to protect the two women by Archduke Meheecan, ten cavalrymen escorted the carriage on both side.

“Halt!” Suddenly, a group of armed warriors emerged from both sides of the road. The leader of the bunch, who donned a magic armor, pointed at the coachman with the magic sword in his hand and barked.

Crossbow bolts were fired at the ten cavalrymen, shooting them full of holes.

The coachman pulled the reins and the carriage stopped, eyes overcome with fear.

The leader donned in magic armor said in a husky voice: “Please come down, ladies!”

Glicedar and Esramia soon alighted the carriage.

The leader went on to say in a husky voice: “Please come with us, ladies! If you cooperate, we can guarantee your safety.”

“Who are you people? Why have you intercepted us? What do you want?” One hand holding her skirt, the other covering her chest, eyes full of panic, Glicedar looked the part of a pitiful, lovable, fragile beauty that could arouse and excite men to the core.”

Bathed in moonlight, Glicedar looked even more seductive and pitiable.

The ordinary warriors behind the leader donned in magic armor stared at Glicedar’s curvaceous and exquisite body with greed in their eyes.

The leader uttered in a hoa.r.s.e voice: “What we want doesn’t concern you. All you have to do is to come with us!”

Glicedar smiled sweetly. Shedding all pretenses, she showed a smile of curiosity: “That’s odd. I’ve used charm spells, so why aren’t you fighting amongst yourselves? Could it be that you aren’t humans, and therefore are more resistant to charm spells?”

The leader’s heart surged with an ominous premonition, and he roared: “Catch them. If they resist, you have permission to cripple them!”

Hundreds of heavily armed warriors suddenly erupted and pounced towards Glicedar and Esramia.

“Hee-hee, it’s no use! Threads of Darkness!” Glicedar’s pretty face surged with a flush. She revealed a flirtatious smile, and waved her lily-white hand. Strangely, darkness power surged towards her hand and then spread about in the form of black threads.

Illuminated by the moonlight, the black threads interwove and sparkled, slicing the lower bodies of the hundreds of fully armed warriors into fragments as if the sharpest blades. Copious amounts of blood splashed and scattered all over the ground.

Almost instantly, the lower bodies of the hundreds of warriors were cut into pieces, and the remaining upper bodies fell to the ground, issuing miserable wails.

Bathed by the moonlight, the countless warriors lying in a sea of blood and screaming tragically painted a picture of h.e.l.l.

As she smiled enchantingly, black light enveloped Glicedar’s delicate body. She looked like a seductive witch treading in the darkness.

When she saw this scene, Esramia’s eyes flashed with unwillingness, yet she kept quiet. As the great elven monarch, she wasn’t some innocent elf who had never seen the world. She knew that she could not be compa.s.sionate towards her enemies.

A look of fear in his eyes, the leaded donned in a magic armor suddenly slashed at Glicedar with the magic sword in his hand.

Glicedar strangely disappeared and then reappeared behind the leader, and tore off the helmet of the magic armor.

Beneath the helmet was a pale, handsome face. Glicedar grabbed the leader by the neck, and pried open his mouth, revealing fangs specific to kindred.

As Glicedar held the kindred by the neck, her eyes revealed a look of excitement, and she said with a sweet smile: “So you’re a kindred! Unlike these vampire sc.u.m, you are an advanced kindred (level-3 Warlock rank). Interesting. It seems that my master has gotten himself involved in your plot. How interesting! You were fis.h.i.+ng and caught a big whale!”

It was at this moment that Glicedar felt the fearsome dragon might that gushed out of the imperial palace.

Glicedar sighed with regret: “I was going to showcase you my skills and let you have a taste of the punishments of dark elves. Unfortunately, master is in trouble now! So I can only send you on you way to h.e.l.l!”

A black thread difficult to make out with the naked eyes flashed, and the advanced kindred was beheaded.

Black threads flickered, and the sounds of blades reaping lives reverberated in the area.

The hundreds of struggling vampires were turned into countless fragments by the frightening black threads.

Glicedar blurred into motion and rushed towards the source of the dragon might.

Esramia blurred into motion and rushed after Glicedar.

“Ian, what happened?” When she reached the imperial palace, Esramia saw Yang Feng transformed into an ancient black dragon bleeding profusely from a gash opened on his neck, and she could not help asking.

Earth-yellow divine power surged around the gash on Yang Feng’s neck, hindering its recovery.

Yang Feng said briefly: “I was set up by someone. The other party framed me and made of me the culprit who raped and murdered Princess Tissini, forcing me to have a tough battle with a Legend rank powerhouse.”

Esramia frowned and asked: “What do we do now? Do we leave this place?”

Esramia didn’t believe that Yang Feng raped and murdered Princess Tissini. If he was really as l.u.s.tful as rumors suggest, then she and Glicedar would not be able to keep their purity.

Yang Feng’s eyes s.h.i.+mmered coldly as he spoke frigidly: “If we leave now, won’t that favor the backstage manipulator? Follow me. Let’s go and uproot the temple of the G.o.d of the Meheecan River and then annex the Meheecan Princ.i.p.ality. Anyway, the planar tide has already begun, so G.o.ds have no time to deal with such trivial matters.

Originally, Yang Feng didn’t intend to annex the Meheecan Princ.i.p.ality. But since things have played out this way, he didn’t mind showing his fangs and annex the Meheecan Princ.i.p.ality.

After he reached the Great Warlock boundary, even with the Taboo Text, it was very difficult for him to continue to evolve in the Feisuo Plane due to the suppression of the planar laws. Here, ascension to G.o.dhood was the right path of evolution. And ascension to G.o.dhood required a huge believer base and a vast territory.

If there was no planar tide, Yang Feng could only slowly manage the Red Earth Wasteland and Funes Province. But since the planar tide was here, it was very difficult for G.o.ds in the starry sky to interfere in the secular world. This was his best chance.

Yang Feng could guess that now that the planar tide arrived, that all sorts of unsavory characters hidden throughout the Feisuo Plane would emerge out of their lairs in order to ascend to G.o.dhood.

Glicedar watched Yang Feng with her beautiful eyes sparkling with antic.i.p.ation. The corners of her mouth rose and her eyes overflowed with intoxication: “That’s great! This is how my master should be!”

Dark elves wors.h.i.+ped the strong. Only an expert like Yang Feng who seized every opportunity to develop himself could be the object of Glicedar’s admiration and the person she was willing to follow.

Startled, Esramia gave Yang Feng a deep look. For the first time, she saw a man who had no respect for G.o.ds, and she couldn’t help but wonder: “Is he not a fanatic of the G.o.ddess of the Weave? Then how come he’s so disdainful of G.o.ds?”

“Let’s go!” Yang Feng blurred into motion and rushed towards the temple of the G.o.d of the Meheecan River.

As long as the temple was destroyed, Yang Feng’s group of three would have no match in the Meheecan Princ.i.p.ality.


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