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350 – Siege

When he entered the abyssal fiend mob, he smelled a fishy odor and sensed abyssal demonic power in the air.

Abyssal fiends had no habit of taking a bath after taking their meal. Besides, clean water was very scarce in the Abyss. As such, abyssal fiends smelled awfully.

Yang Feng carefully scanned the abyssal fiends around him with his gaze, a look of novelty in his eyes. The abyssal fiends he saw looked very odd, and had a ferocious aura about them.

The infinite Abyss was a mysterious plane that ran through the 36 primary material planes. In terms of the degree of mystery, this plane was only slightly inferior to the Netherworld that spanned throughout the countless planes and was the final destination of the dead.

The infinite Abyss concealed countless fearsome powerhouses. Even strong divine power rank G.o.ds could only dominate the first 49 floors of the infinite Abyss at most, but once they reached the 50th floor, they couldn’t guarantee their safety.

Even the Cangzhi Plane’s 7 Warlock Emperors, who suppressed countless planes and ruled the world, didn’t manage to conquer the Abyss completely.

Although the 7 Warlock Emperors could come and go freely in the Abyss, could enter the deepest floor of the Abyss and kill any powerhouse they wished, yet they still weren’t able to conquer and purify the entire Abyss.

Each time a Warlock Emperor fell, the Abyss would rebel, and countless human Warlocks would die in battle with abyssal demonic creatures.

The Cangzhi Plane had done research on the Abyss and divided the abyssal fiends roughly into four types: human, beast, ghost, and other.

The goat-headed and bull-headed fiends belonged to the beast type, balrogs belonged to the other type, succubi belonged to the human type, and tupilaqs belonged to the ghost type.

Generally speaking, ghost-type fiends were the strongest, beast-type fiends where fairly balanced, and human-type fiends were the weakest. As for other-type fiends, their strength was uncertain. There were fearsome other-type fiends stronger than ghost-type fiends and there were other-type fiends even weaker than human-type fiends.

Although human-type abyssal fiends were fairly weak, yet they were relatively more cunning and intelligent.

The goat-head fiend Yang Feng had transformed into was a beast-type abyssal fiend, and its immediate superior was a Legend rank ghost-type abyssal fiend, a great fiend tupilaq.

Tupilaqs were 4-meter-tall, ugly and sinister-looking fiends that could freely manipulate their bones. They could use the bones in their body to form extremely sharp blades and make them appear on any part of their body. In terms of sharpness, their bone blades were only slightly inferior to Yang Feng’s secret swords forged from divine blood steel.

After careful observation, Yang Feng found out that the commander of the fiend army was a tupilaq, while of the five vice-commanders, three were beast-type fiends, one was ghost-type fiend, and one was male human-type fiend horned.

The horned was the size of an ordinary human, dark in color, and very handsome. It had a 30-centimeter-long horn on its head, a pair of fiend wings on its back, and odd demonic runes on its face.

Of the three beast-type fiends, two were goat-headed fiends and one was bull-headed fiend. The ghost-type fiend was a bakt fiend.

Bakt fiends were 3-meter-tall ghost-type fiends with a pair of giant fiend wings on their back, a 30-centimeter horn on their head, a ferocious face, black scales, and a mace-like tail, and they exuded a fearsome demonic might.

Of the six great fiends, the tupilaq and bakt fiend exuded fearsome demonic might, which was far superior to the other four great fiends.

The horned great fiend was responsible for controlling the 90,000 fiend servants in the rear, the other four vice-commanders were in charge of 2,000 fiends each, while the tupilaq great fiend was in charge of 2,000 advanced fiend tupilaqs.

Confronted with this fiend army, human troops without Wizards and without a large number of priests would be faced with a terrible disaster.

Under the leaders.h.i.+p of the six great fiends, the frightening fiend army soon appeared 5 kilometers away from the Meheecan City.

Hiding in the shadows, Glicedar suddenly uttered: “The enemy has come! Get ready for battle!”

Esramia ordered coolly: “Light!”

“Grand Light!” Meygal silently recited an incantation, pointed into the sky with the scepter of the Meheecan River in his hand, and conjured the level-3 divine spell Grand Light!

The temple of the G.o.d of Meheecan River exuded formidable fluctuations of divine power. As if a small sun, a sphere of light suddenly rose from the temple, scattering light in all directions.

It looked like it was daytime in the are a few kilometers around the Meheecan City, and the human warriors atop the city wall saw the bizarre and frightening, 100,000-strong fiend army in the distance.

When they saw the fearsome fiend army, the human warriors atop the city wall unwittingly revealed a look of fear in their eyes.

The Meheecan Princ.i.p.ality had been at peace for many years. The 10,000 city guards in the Meheecan City were at most at the level of fighting bandits. Although under Kisad’s leaders.h.i.+p, the 10,000 city guards fought the Desert Empire several times, but it was the first time that they had to fight against frightening extraordinary life forms such as fiends.

Watching the human warriors atop the city wall, the eyes of the tupilaq great fiend Anjit flickered fiercely and it barked: “Balow, attack! Kill them all!!”

The horned Balow released an eerie screech.

The eyes of the 90,000 bizarre abyssal demonic servants suddenly turned bloodshot, and they surged toward the city wall like a black tide.

Countless abyssal demonic servants were born in the infinite Abyss every year, and they acted as common food for abyssal fiends. They were cannon fodder among cannon fodder, and no one cared about their lives.

Only after devouring one another or devouring enough souls of intelligent life forms and evolving into abyssal fiends would they possess a bit of status, rising from food cannon fodder to warrior cannon fodder. Only after evolving into abyssal fiend lords would they be considered to be bigwigs in the Abyss.

Esramia ordered coldly: “Fire!”

The archers atop the city wall released a rain of arrows onto the abyssal demonic servants.

The bizarre abyssal demonic servants were shot and nailed to the ground one after another, and black blood sprayed out of their wounds.

When the demonic servants arrived at the base of the city wall, many of them flapped their wings and flew upwards.

The powerful light from the temple of the G.o.d of the Meheecan River spread into the surroundings and a frightening restricted airs.p.a.ce array suddenly sprang up above the entire city.

The abyssal demonic servants had just flown up, when they plummeted towards the ground.

Copious amounts of burning oil were being dropped from atop the city wall. When they were hit by the boiling oil, the demonic servants were burned, and they issued miserable screams.

The densely packed demonic servants conjured their innate spells Toxic Smoke, Venom, Bonespikes, Shadow Ray, and other long distance offensive spells barreling towards the human warriors atop the city wall.

Offensive elemental spells were completely blocked by the strong barrier protecting the city, while bonespikes and other physical attacks pa.s.sed through the barrier and shot one after another human warriors atop the city wall.

The G.o.d of the Meheecan River’s divine power was limited, so the barrier could only resist the attacks of elemental spells. As for barriers that could guard against elemental and physical attacks, they consumed a lot of divine power. Only G.o.ds of the Zaliah and t.i.tan divine systems had the qualifications to employ them.

Some abyssal demonic servants similar to demonic insects crawled along the city wall and quickly progressed towards the top of the wall.

When a 4-meter-long advanced abyssal demonic servant human-faced centipede climbed up the wall, it opened its mouthpiece full of feelers, bit off the head of a human warrior, and swallowed it, and the face on its back revealed an elated expression.

“Go to h.e.l.l!!” A human warrior brandis.h.i.+ng a sword roared and mercilessly slashed at the human-faced centipede’s back.

Ding! With a sharp sound, the sword of the human warrior was ricocheted. The human-faced centipede turned around, opened its sharp mouthpiece, and mercilessly bit at the human warrior, crus.h.i.+ng the upper body of the warrior. Blood scattered on the ground.

The human-faced centipede was an advanced demonic servant with a carapace as hard as steel. Among abyssal demonic servants, it had the strongest defense and was the most adept at storming fortifications.

The human-faced centipede was like a moving tank. Wherever it pa.s.sed, it would bite off the upper bodies of human warriors, extremely terrifying.

“Die!” Dressed in magic armor, Mikel roared, slashed down with a magic sword, and sliced the human-faced centipede into two. A copious amount of black blood sprayed out of the cut on the human-faced centipede.

Under Mikel’s leaders.h.i.+p, Sky Knight rank powerhouses and above set out to slaughter the insect abyssal demonic servants that reached the top of the city wall.


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