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Chapter 885 – The Warlock Monarch Rank Red Rhombus Race Powerhouse Dies

Translator: Xaiomoge

“Since you dare storm my divine country, you may as well stay here forever!”

In the center of the divine country, in a huge temple, the Six-eyed Transcendent watching the countless battle robots in the sky snorted coldly, raised the black polearm in his hand, and pointed at the sky.

Violent fluctuations of divine force surged in the divine country abruptly, and mysterious runes emerged in an instant.

Tremendous dark divine force entered the dark angels and raised their fighting strength by a level.

At the same time, the dark divine force in the divine country eroded the 4th generation battle robots.

The enhanced 4th generation battle robots activated their energy s.h.i.+eld to resist the erosion of the dark divine force. At the same time, they launched a frenzied attack against the dark angels.

After the dark angels were blessed, they fighting strength reached the Starry Sky Warlock realm. However, they are still far weaker than the 4th generation battle robots. When the vanguard composed of Type III Undyings rushed into the midst of the dark angels, they brandished their blades and chopped the dark angels to pieces.

As soon as the dark angels were chopped up, they turned into black gas that entered the void and formed dark freaks. Then, the dark freaks flew out of the void and rushed towards the huge mechanical legion.

When the dark freaks collide with the Type III Undyings, they were easily slayed, and then turned into dark divine force that entered the divine country.

As if there is no end to them, the dark freaks appeared continuously and consumed the strength of Yang Feng’s mechanical legion.

Although the dark freaks aren’t strong, but their continuous rebirth makes them frightening. Even if a Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse was besieged, their strength would be gradually consumed and, without some formidable secret method, they could even die.

The Six-eyed Transcendent looked at the dark freaks who formed anew again and again and raised the corners of his mouth into a scornful smile: “This idiot, this is my divine country. Just because of a few words of ridicule, he attacked my divine country, what an idiot.”

In his divine country, the Six-eyed Transcendent has the confidence to defeat even Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses. However, since the Dark Transcendent King is a quasi-Holy step powerhouse, he had to join forces with the G.o.ddess of the Earth and the Vajra Transcendent ant the time.

“It is a pity that the G.o.ddess of the Earth didn’t fell for it! Otherwise, I could get a taste of her.”

The Six-eyed Transcendent turned his head and took a deep look at a b.l.o.o.d.y cross engraved with countless runes and exuding a strong smell of blood, and regret flashed in his eyes.

In his divine country, the Six-eyed Transcendent has complete confidence in his ability to quickly quell the G.o.ddess of the Earth. He requested the G.o.ddess of the Earth to come to his divine country in order to launch a surprise attack against her, and then get a taste of her.

Yang Feng sneered: “Unkillable freaks? If it was someone else, this his is the feature of the intact divine country of the Six-eyed Transcendent would have been a great headache, Unfortunately, the opponent is my mechanical legion!”

A level-5 stronghold flew out from the Starfield Battlestar and flew into the divine country of the Six-eyed Transcendent like a meteor.

365 pipes extended from the level-5 stronghold and erupted with an fearsome attractive force that sucked the dark divine force, which the chopped up freaks transformed into, into the level-5 stronghold.

Inside the level-5 stronghold, Eternal Power Furnaces roared, absorbed the dark divine force, and transformed it into high energy crystals.

Huge whirlpools suddenly appeared in the dark divine county and frantically devoured the dark divine force.

Eternal Power Furnace is a kind of machine that specializes in absorbing all kinds of energy and transforming them into high energy crystals. Since dark divine force is a kind of energy, it is only natural for it to be absorbed and transformed.

“d.a.m.n it, what’s going on?! How could this be?”

When the Six-eyed Transcendent saw the chopped up freaks being absorbed by the level-5 stronghold and the dark divine force in the dark divine country diminish rapidly, his complexion changed drastically.

The Six-eyed Transcendent can clearly perceive that the dark divine force within his divine country is disappearing at an alarming speed.

“Hongs.h.i.+ Jiangyuan, go destroy that thing!”

The eyes of the Six-eyed Transcendent flashed fiercely, and he barked at the Warlock Monarch rank red rhombus race powerhouse engraved with countless mysterious runes, with dull eyes, standing quietly aside.

When the Warlock Monarch rank red rhombus race powerhouse escaped into this world, he was deceived by the Six-eyed Transcendent into entering his divine country, where he was suppressed and refined into a puppet.

The puppet the Warlock Monarch rank red rhombus race powerhouse was forged into is extremely powerful. Naturally, the Six-eyed Transcendent isn’t willing to hand over such a treasure to Yang Feng, which resulted in this war.

“Yes! Master!”

The Warlock Monarch rank red rhombus race powerhouse, with a dull air around him, saluted the Six-eyed Transcendent.

Suddenly, the red rhombus on the forehead of the Warlock Monarch rank red rhombus race powerhouse bloomed with a rune, and a red ray hit the s.e.x-eyed Transcendent.

Hit by the red ray, the Six-eyed Transcendent froze for an instant.

At this moment, the hands of the Warlock Monarch rank red rhombus race powerhouse burst out with six red rays that stabbed into the six eyes of the Six-eyed Transcendent like swords.

In the nick of time, the Six-eyed Transcendent stimulated the dark divine force inside him, and a barrier formed from dark light emerged

The six red rays pierced through the barrier of dark light, and then stabbed into the eyes of the Six-eyed Transcendent and crushed them, and blood flowed down his face.

“You b.a.s.t.a.r.d, how dare you injure me, how dare you injure my eyes!”

The Six-eyed Transcendent released a piercing roar. The six eyes of the Six-eyed Transcendent have different extraordinary powers. Among them, two can can injure or even kill Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses.

Hongs.h.i.+ Jiangyuan, who is a veteran Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse from the Gumana Universe that has experience countless battles, made the conscious choice to injure the eyes of the Six-eyed Transcendent.

“Thank you for helping me heal, fool!”

The Warlock Monarch rank red rhombus race powerhouses’ eyes flickered with derision, and he radiated red light, rose into the sky, and flew towards the outside.

“Then let’s die together.”

The Six-eyed Transcendent uttered madly and beckoned with his hand, and a mirror with an eye pattern on the surface suddenly appeared and aimed at Hongs.h.i.+ Jiangyuan.

28 runes emerged from the eye and resonated with the runes inside the Warlock Monarch rank red rhombus race powerhouse.

“Curses, you did something to my body!”

Many parts on Hongs.h.i.+ Jiangyuan’s body distorted. He clenched his teeth, and the red rhombus on his forehead release light that enveloped him.

Hongs.h.i.+ Jiangyuan’s body burst in many places, and his blood and flesh fused with the dark divine force in the void and formed a freak that exudes Bright World Warlock rank fluctuations of power.

When the freak took shape, Hongs.h.i.+ Jiangyuan weakened by 30%.

Hongs.h.i.+ Jiangyuan swept the freak with a cold gaze, and then proceeded to fly towards the outside of the divine country. His priority right now is to escape Yang Feng’s pursuit, rather then to fight the Six-eyed Transcendent.

“Die! Dark Verdict!”

The Six-eyed Transcendent bellowed, took out the black spear the Dark Verdict, and threw it at Hongs.h.i.+ Jiangyuan.

A large amount of black divine force poured into the Dark Verdict and enhanced it. Upon reaching the pinnacle, the black spear turned into a black ray capable of destroying everything and piercing through anything and shot towards Hongs.h.i.+ Jiangyuan.

The Dark Verdict is one of the most powerful trump cards in the Six-eyed Transcendents’ a.r.s.enal. In this dark divine country, this trump card can seriously injure and even kill a Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse.

“You lunatic!”

Both startled and angry, Hongs.h.i.+ Jiangyuan barked, and the red rhombus on his forehead radiated red light that formed a red barrier in front of him.

When the Dark Verdict hit the red barrier, it pierced through it, and then stabbed into Hongs.h.i.+ Jiangyuan and blasted his lower body apart.

Hongs.h.i.+ Jiangyuan spilled a large amount of blood, yet he clenched his teeth and flew towards the outside. When he launched a surprise attack against the Six-eyed Transcendent, if he kept fighting the other party, he might have a chance to kill him. But now, he already has no chance to kill the Six-eyed Transcendent.

Within one breath of time, Hongs.h.i.+ Jiangyuan flew out from the divine country.

“I’ve been waiting for you for a long time!”

When Hongs.h.i.+ Jiangyuan flew out from the divine country and was thinking about casting a secret method, he saw a huge hand containing primal chaos breath barrel towards him.

The red rhombus on Hongs.h.i.+ Jiangyuan’s forehead flickered, and he turned into a sharp cone that stabbed the huge hand and pierced through it.

A mechanical torrent formed from 1 million 5th generation battle robots engulfed Hongs.h.i.+ Jiangyuan in an instant.

Red light shone as Hongs.h.i.+ Jiangyuan destroyed the 5th generation battle robots.

“Ha-ha, you d.a.m.n aboriginal of a lowly universe want to capture me? It’s not that easy! Let’s die together!”

After Hongs.h.i.+ Jiangyuan destroyed 1,000 plus 5th generation battle robots, he suddenly burst into laughter and, with a flash of red light, exploded in an instant. The fearsome explosion engulfed 3,000 5th generation battle robots around him.


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