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Chapter 923 – Vanquis.h.i.+ng a Quasi-Holy

Translator: Xaiomoge

The Phantom Ruler, who is hovering between real and illusory, moves like a specter. It is a most frightening

With his cultivation base, the Dark Gorge Quasi-Holy would have originally sensed the Phantom Ruler as soon as it approached him within 100 meters. However, he was heavily wounded by the G.o.d Slayer White Jade Sword and his perception was covered by the thick fog the Mistwalkers have transformed into. Additionally, his attention was attracted by the invading Dazzling Light Units. The Phantom Ruler took advantage of this to get close to him and attack him successfully.

A Warlock Monarch rank s.h.i.+rake powerhouse uttered in a deep voice: “Sir, what should we do?”

The Dark Gorge Quasi-Holy roared wildly: “An Feng, go stop them at once! Don’t let them into the core area! As long as we can escape back to the 17,000th floor, we’ll be able to make a comeback!”

If the Succubus Empress hadn’t colluded with Yang Feng, the Gumana Universe’s powerhouses would not have suffered such a miserable defeat.

Before it could exert its full power, the Tier III Hive was nearly crushed by the G.o.d Slayer White Jade Sword. Despite this, the Tier III Hive is still mostly functional. However, because the 777th floor is rejecting it, the Tier III Hive can no longer draw power from the floor.

If it was on the 17,000th floor, using the floor lord authority, the flor’s abyssal force could be mobilized to boost the Tier III Hive. Furthermore, with the Dark Quasi-Holy and other powerhouses of the Gumana Universe taking charge, the Tier III Hive could even fight against Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouses.

“Yes! Sir!”

A fierce shade flashed in the eyes of the Warlock Monarch rank s.h.i.+rake powerhouse, and he led countless Gumana Universe’s powerhouses towards outside.

Following the Dark Gorge Quasi-Holy’s order, the experts in the core of the Tier III Hive were sent to fight with the Dazzling Light Units.

The virtually invisible Phantom Ruler suddenly emerged, and then entered the body of the Dark Gorge Quasi-Holy.

If it wasn’t for the fact that his origin was severely damaged by the G.o.d Slayer White Jade Sword, it would be impossible for the Phantom Ruler to erode the Dark Gorge Quasi-Holy, who is a quasi-Holy step powerhouse. Even now, it is still very difficult for the Phantom Ruler to erode the Dark Gorge Quasi-Holy.

“As expected of a quasi-Holy, he is really difficult to deal with!”

Sitting on the bridge of a Starfield Battlestar, Yang Feng’s true body looked at the Red Sea Quasi-Holy and frowned slightly.

The Red Sea Quasi-Holy is a quasi-Holy step powerhouse not for no reason. Even though he is seriously injured, he still blocked two Warlock Monarch rank blazing angels by himself.

Furthermore, the countless 5th generation battle robots Yang Feng sent to besiege the Red Sea Quasi-Holy are being destroying by him with ease.

Yang Feng’s true body turned into smoke and disappeared, and then appeared outside. With a flick of his wrist, the Shoot the Heavens Bow appeared in his hand.

Yang Feng extracted a tremendous amount of world force via the World Ring inside him and poured it into the Shoot the Heavens Bow.

The Shoot the Heavens Bow suddenly sparkled, and a brilliant arrow containing the power to shoot through stars barreled towards the Red Sea Quasi-Holy.


Alarms went off in the Red Sea Quasi-Holy’s mind, and then a marvelous rhombus barriers emerged from him and covered him.

The brilliant light arrow pierced through the rhombus barriers released by the Red Sea Quasi-Holy in the blink of an eye, and then ran through the person himself and nailed him to the ground.

If the Red Sea Quasi-Holy was in his prime, even though the light arrow fired by Yang Feng is formidable, he would still be able to block it. But when his red rhombus crystal was shattered, his origin was damaged.

Taking advantage of this chance, Agnipe stabbed her sword into the Red Sea Quasi-Holy. Tremendous dark force turned into countless runes that poured into the Red Sea Quasi-Holy and suppressed him.

A teleportation beam shot down from a Starfield Battlestar in the sky, landed on the Red Sea Quasi-Holy, and teleported him into a sealing coffin aboard the Starfield Battlestar, sealing him completely.

After defeating the Red Sea Quasi-Holy with a light arrow, Yang Feng’s figure fluttered, and he returned to the Starfield Battlestar. He operated a secret method and recovered his power.

In the Abyss, there are countless weird and powerful floor lords. These floor lords are not kind people. If Yang Feng shows a sign of weakness, they will pounce on him like wild dogs and tear him to pieces.

Since Yang Feng didn’t show any weaknesses, the floor lords could only stay put and watch the Gumana Universe’s powerhouses being decimated.

Suddenly, a white bone s.h.i.+p flew out from a floor and flew towards the 17,000th floor.

“The 17,000 floor is the base of the Gumana Universe’s powerhouses!”

“There must be a lot of treasures in their base!”

“With the three quasi-Holy step powerhouses away, the 17,000th floor is unguarded! It’s a great opportunity to make a move!”


The eyes of the floor lords, for whom avarice is their second nature, s.h.i.+mmered with greed. Magic fluctuations rose, and they rapidly formed temporary alliances.

Wars.h.i.+ps flew out from floors and united to form huge fleets flying towards the 17,000th floor.

Before, when the Gumana Universe’s vanguard was in its prime, no one dared to mess with their base. However, now that the Gumana Universe’s three quasi-Holies, the Tier III Hive, and the countless experts are fighting with Yang Feng on the 777th floor, their base is empty. This is a great opportunity.

Yang Feng scanned these floor lords and smiled coldly, but didn’t make a peep. He quietly watched the Tier III Hive.

In the Tier III Hive, in addition to the Dark Gorge Quasi-Holy, there are ten Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses.

In order to deal with Yang Feng, the Gumana Universe’s powerhouses not only mobilized three quasi-Holy step powerhouses, but also deployed a Tier III Hive and ten Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses.

Yang Feng used the G.o.d Slayer White Jade Sword to wreck the Tier III Hive and give the Dark Gorge Quasi-Holy and the Red Sea Quasi Holy a serious injury. Meanwhile, the traitor Succubus Empress launched a surprise attack and got rid of the Steel Mark Quasi-Holy. If it wasn’t for these events, who knows who the victor would be.

Inside the Tier III Hive, the ten Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses of the Gumana Universe, who have also been severely injured by Yang Feng’s sword strike, were besieged by Dazzling Light Units, who on average possess pinnacle Bright World Warlock rank battle prowess, and were suppressed one after another.


A Warlock Monarch rank flamewell powerhouse roared furiously and slapped with his hand, and an orange pillar of fire blasted into a dozen plus Dazzling Light Units.

The energy s.h.i.+elds of the dozen plus Dazzling Light Units were crushed, and then the units themselves melted into pools of liquid.

At this moment, a Dazzling Light Unit that has been strengthened to the Infinity Warlock realm suddenly broke through from above and sliced the Warlock Monarch rank flamewell powerhouse.

Boom! Boom!

Along with loud noise, six Infinity Warlock rank Dazzling Light Units broke through from a wall on the other side, rained attacks on the Warlock Monarch rank flamewell powerhouse, and sliced him into countless pieces and crushed his soul.

After being strengthened, a Dazzling Light Unit that had reached the Infinity Warlock realm shook slight, and then started to absorb the surrounding power. One after another, Dazzling Light Units flew over and were devoured by it.

After devouring 100 Dazzling Light Units, the Dazzling Light Unit suddenly expanded by a size, countless mysterious runes emerged on it, and it evolved into a Dazzling Ruler in one go.

The Dazzling Ruler fluttered and retreated to the Dazzling Light Unit legion. Then, ripples surged and resonated with the Dazzling Light Units again.

The two Dazzling Rulers resonated, increasing the fighting strength of the Dazzling Light Units by another 10%.

The most terrifying thing about Dazzling Rulers is that the more there are of them, the more fearsome the resonance power they can form will be.

If there were 100,000 Infinity Warlock rank Dazzling Rulers, just the resonance between them could propel them to the Warlock Monarch rank.

The strength of the Dazzling Light Unit legion soared while the strength of the Gumana Universe’s powerhouses decreases sharply. Following this trend, the speed at which the Gumana Universe’s powerhouses are being grinded away is accelerating.

The fierce battle lasted for three hours before the Gumana Universe’s powerhouses that entered Yang Feng’s trap on the 777th were wiped out.

With the Dark Gorge Quasi-Holy being controlled by the Phantom Ruler, the Tier III Hive fell into Yang Feng’s hands.

After annihilating the Gumana Universe’s powerhouses, Yang Feng calmly moved his forces to the 17,000th floor.

When Yang Feng thought of the battle of the Dulan Imperial Court, of the abyssal army commanded by Poydul that was being ordered by the Gumana Universe’s powerhouses, an indistinct premonition welled up his heart.

The presence of the Gumana Universe’s powerhouses in the Abyss is a thorn in Yang Feng’s side, which he has to pull out.

There are countless treasures and resources and even some inheritances of abyssal emperors in the Abyss. As the strength of his floor lord avatar rises, Yang Feng’s ambition regarding the Abyss increases.

If his floor lord avatar can take control of the 17,000th floor, it will shock all the forces in this universe.

When the huge fleet flew to the 17000th floor, Yang Feng saw the war that broke out with the 17,000th floor as the center via holographic projections.

At this time, there are many wars.h.i.+ps stationed around the 17000th floor. Swarms of abyssal freaks flew out from the wars.h.i.+ps, poured into the 17,000th floor, and went on a rampage.


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