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Chapter 87 Panic, Our Master was Sick

Her words made the kneeling father and daughter got stunned. But then the middle-aged man shook his head, and half lifted it, “Second Miss Qin, you’re a kind person, and Qu Le told me already. She said you’re a perfect miss and since now you know we are threatened by Madam, and you didn’t beat nor criticize Qu Le, it was great for her to follow Second Miss.”

“Second Miss, please let me follow you!” Qu Le lifted her tearful face and cried out.

“Isn’t it great for a family to stay together?” Qin Wanru looked at this man in confusion. The man, looking ordinary was not special in a crowd.

“Reporting to Second Miss, I have to find my master, and I have to work as well. My wife is now sick. I can’t raise so many kids, so initially, I was planning to sell them, and after I found master, if he could be generous, I repurchase them if possible.”

The middle-aged man said in bitterness. It could tell that he was speaking honestly as his eyes were red now.

His words showed both his loyalty to master and his affection towards his daughter. However, under this condition, anyone would think this was his only method.

A servant, even if he took money with him when finding his master, but ten years pa.s.sed, how could he still have money!

Without any methods, he could only sell his daughter.

Staying together, then n.o.body could survive, but selling them out, if they had the fortune to get bought into a good family, they could survive.

“Qing Yue, give him some money.” Qin Wanru took more glimpses on this middle-aged man’s face and said after a temporary silence.

“Yes, Miss!” Qing Yue went back into the room for money in a hurry.

“You take the money and move home. Don’t make Madam find you, and I’ll keep Qu Le. But I don’t keep idling people or unloyal by my side.” Qin Wanru looked at Qu Le with contemplation, “if you couldn’t do it, you should leave the mountain, and the money is my sponsor fee for you!”

“Miss… I’d like to follow you, and I would only listen to you.” Qu Le was a smart girl and she said with tears in her eyes. She was grateful to Qin Wanru.

She didn’t know father’s things clearly, and now Qin Wanru didn’t blame her but asked Qing Yue to give them money, she was despondent. Now she was demonstrating her loyalty to Qin Wanru with sincerity.

She didn’t live in the mansion for a long time and had fewer connections with Qin Wanru. Actually, she didn’t feel anything about her, but now she was moved.

She finished her sentences and kowtowed three times sincerely to Qin Wanru.

“Second Miss, don’t worry, I’ll move home after I go back and Madam’ll never find me. Qu Le will follow you since now!” He wiped his tears and said decisively.

Qing Yue came out of the room and pa.s.sed the money to Qu Le’s father, and then she stepped aside.

“How could you avoid Madam’s investigation? Madam’s words mattered in Jiangzhou!” Qin Wanru asked him while frowning.

“Don’t worry, Second Miss. I heard that Madam didn’t get along well with general, so now she was busy dealing with her own problem, sparing her less time to care about me. I’ll move home when I go back instantly. I’ll avoid talking with neighbors, so she couldn’t find me, and I’m just worried about… ”

Qu Le’s father had a clear train of thoughts, and he only hesitated when he mentioned Qu Le. He could shun away from Madam Di, but Qu Le who lived in General’s Mansion couldn’t shun away from her.

“She is my people now, and I’ll protect her. As long as she is loyal to me, I won’t allow anyone to mistreat her.” Qin Wanru said gently, and her eyes were still lingering on Qu Le’s father with contemplation.

He was smart as he could tell the current condition of Madam Di facing in General’s Mansion. Qin Wanru believed not all people in the mansion were gossiping and would not tell a random person about Madam Di. So his conclusion came from his investigation. Only three times’ visiting on the mansion, he knew the condition of the master who lived in the inner yard, he was not a simple person!

“Then thanks, Second Miss, I’ll leave now!” Qu Le stood up and wiped away his tears. Lifting his head and staring at Qin Wanru, he paused for a little while and looked at Qu Le as he was reluctant to part with her. But finally, he still left.

n.o.body would know if they could meet each other again after this separation.

Qu Le looked at his figure and couldn’t stop crying.

“Go and send your father away!” Qin Wanru turned around and walked inside while saying.

Qu Le got stunned, but then she was exhilarating. Kowtowing to Qin Wanru again, she stood up and chased after her father.

“Miss, this… “Looking at her figure running away, Qing Yue was at unease, and she turned around and followed Qin Wanru to walk back into the yard.

After they went into the room, Qing Yue made another cup of tea for Qin Wanru and she was standing aside as if she had something to say.

Qin Wanru took the teacup and took a sip, and then she put it down and rolling her water-like eyes to Qing Yue. She smiled and asked, “do you have anything to ask me?”

“Miss, can we… trust Qu Le from now on?” Qing Yue heard her question and replied in a hurry.

“I’d consider her as a useable person temporarily, but I still need to examine her for a while.” Qin Wanru contemplated and said.

“So is her father telling the truth?” Qing Yue still had doubt. She thought Qu Le was reliable, and Miss was her and her family’s benefactress now. However, Qing Yue dared not to lose alarm on her.

“It’s true! He is a loyal servant. So many years have pa.s.sed, he is still finding!” Qin Wanru sighed, and said with implications, “he did that at the cost of sacrificing his own daughter!”

His was a smart person, a brilliant one. He even knew how to speak in a way that was not overemotional and could arouse people’s sympathy within several short sentences. If he could support himself dedicated to working in many fields, it was impossible that he couldn’t raise his kids.

However, he ended up like this!

He deserved people’s sighing and admiration, but no matter how much he should be paid appreciation to, Qin Wanru wouldn’t be so a kind but silly person, and she wouldn’t allow others to scheme on her freely.

“So Miss meant what he said was true, but what person would make him find for so many years!” Qing Yue asked in surprise.

“His master maybe was dead! Otherwise, it won’t take him such a long time to find him and find nothing!” Qin Wanru shook her head. She thought this was weird as well. However, it concerned about other mansion’s issues, and it had nothing to do with her.

Madam Di should have paid much concentration on this issue, and she was even thinking to rearrange Qu Le to her and Qin Yuru’s side. Nevertheless, Madam Di didn’t expect she took the opportunity before others as the person was sent to her own place. Therefore, she managed to send this person out or put her aside to others.

Later, she inquired about some issues from Qu Le’s father, and it seemed that she was concerned about his master’s condition. However, Qu Le’s father was smart, he didn’t reveal any secrets, and she unveiled her intention of paying attention to this issue.

This had no relations with her, but she had a very unspeakable fantastic feeling and she even felt pity about this father and daughter…

Qu Le came back fast, but she came back while wiping her tears on her way back.

After she went into the room, she kowtowed to Qin Wanru for three times, and Qin Wanru asked Qing Yue to support her standing up.

“Do you know about your father’s secret?” Qin Wanru held her medical books in her hands and asked casually.

“I don’t know about my father’s issue, and he never mentioned it with me nor my sisters, I didn’t…. expect he was hiding a secret like this. I used to hate him for being a terrible father.” Qu Le cried and said. She didn’t know much about her father before and always thought her father was useless.

“Your father… is a loyal servant!” Qin Wanru sighed, but didn’t continue, “leave and wash your face.”

“Yes, Miss!” Qu Le nodded her head and replied with respect. Her father kept advising her repeatedly. Since now she entered Ningyuan Army General’s Mansion and enjoyed the protection from Second Miss Qin, she had to be loyal to her and could absolutely do anything behind her back.

Qing Yue took Qu Le to leave for washing her face, and Qin Wanru’s eyes went back to her books. However, she felt those characters were jumping away from her, and the scene when Qu Le’s father was looking at her came back into her mind.

He paused at that moment!

That was weird as if for that moment, he looked confused but his confusion floated away.

Did she take it wrong or misjudge it? She felt that glimpse meant profound implications! Her heart was pounding at that moment too as if something slipped through her heart but then, nothing, just nothing!

She reached out her hand and rubbed her forehead. She felt some of the memories collected from her previous life were not consistent but were in fragments. It seemed that she could catch something by her intuition, but she couldn’t find anything.

For the next few days, Qin Wanru was living her life as usual. But Qu Le was attached to much attention gradually. For some issues that Qin Wanru didn’t want others to know, Qin Wanru would like to ask her to do it.

After she asked Qu Le to do many works, she found Qu Le was smart and sometimes a decisive person, and she also responded fast. Although she was a second level girl servant, her behaviors never showed inferiority.

This was a surprise to Qin Wanru. Since there were fewer people to use by her side, and she didn’t feel secure using other people who she never approached in the mansion.

Xiao Xuanzi stopped Qu Le when she picked up the lunch basket. Qu Le at first thought he was a hooligan and dared not to take him in front of Qin Wanru. But Xiao Xuanzi was pushing her hard, so she had to take him in front of Qing Yue.

Qing Yue saw it was Xiao Xuanzi, so she pulled Xiao Xuanzi to the other side for whispering. After they crammed into the same vat, they were familiar with each other now.

“Xiao Xuanzi, what do you want to talk to my Miss?” Checking n.o.body was around, Qing Yue stopped and asked him. Miss has told her not to make others know the existence of Xiao Xuanzi, so Qing Yue was cautious

“Our sir was sick!” Xiao Xuanzi was in a rush, and he was sweating on his head. He felt Qing Yue was his kinship, and his eyes were red. He then pulled her closer inside.

“Isn’t your master sick all the time?” Qing Yue became careful when she heard it was news about the young childe.

In her perspective, Chu Liuchen’s complexion was always terrible, and he was sick all the time naturally.

“It was worse this time, he… he was too tired that day, the day when Ningyuan Army General getting married!” Xiao Xuanzi was afraid that Qing Yue didn’t understand, so he described it with further details.

“What happened to that day?” Qing Yue didn’t understand.

“That day… he became much sick. Now he doesn’t want to take medicine, so I want to invite Second Miss Qin to go and have a look.” Xiao Xuanzi said in a hurry.

“My… my miss couldn’t give medical advice!” Qing Yue looked nervous and was afraid to leak the news that her miss could do medical treatments.

With his ident.i.ty, her miss couldn’t afford to be responsible for it!

“I didn’t ask your miss to help with our master’s disease treatment, and I only want her to persuade my master. It seemed that he has a good relationship with her!” Xiao Xuanzi clenched his fists and looked around. He approached Qing Yue’s ear and whispered. Xiao Xuanzi clenched his fists and looked around. He approached to Qing Yue’s ear and whispered.

Qing Yue was so frightened that she almost fell over!


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