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Chapter 2152: Do You Know Who I Am

“I don’t lack elixir pills or spirit herbs either, and I have plenty of magical artifacts.” She smiled and watched as the old man’s face sank, then she said: “Although I won’t exchange it with you, but…”

“But what?”

The Pharmacy Division Peak Master asked, and he wondered what tricks the young boy had up his sleeve. He didn’t want his elixir pills, spirit herbs or magical artifacts? Did he not know that the things that he refined could rarely be bought outside?

“I will bet with you, how about it?” A ray of light flashed across her eyes as a look of astonishment appeared on the Pharmacy Division Peak Master’s face. She waved the Purple Double-Lobed Blossoms in her hand and said: “If you win, I will give you this.”

Upon hearing this, the Pharmacy Division Peak Master considered it. He looked at Feng JiuL “A bet? I have never gambled in my whole life and I will not start now.”

He was already very busy with his alchemy work, where would he find the time to gamble with people? He didn’t understand the gambling games either.

Song Ming stood at the side without saying a word. Though when he heard the Pharmacy Division Peak Master refusing to gamble with Feng Jiu, he looked at her.

Feng Jiu smiled, and said: “It’s not so much a gamble as it is a comparison.”

“Oh? What do you mean?” His interest had piqued. This young boy had a lot of confidence, did he know who he was? He dared to compare with him?

“We will compare pill refining. If the Peak Master wins, then the Purple Double-Lobed Blossoms will be yours. If I win…”

She smiled slightly, and a sly glint flashed across her eyes as she spoke with a hint of provocation in her tone: “I heard that Pharmacy Division Peak Master has a five hundred year old Seven Star Spirit Gra.s.s? We will use that as a stake for winning or losing the bet, does the Peak Master dare to bet with me?

When he heard the provocation in the young boy’s words and saw his confident expression, he was so conceited, the Pharmacy Division Peak Master was startled. Then he raised his head and laughed loudly.


The hearty laughter spread through the Pharmacy Division and drew the attention of many disciples who came to see what was happening.

“Little boy, do you know who I am?” There was a smile between his eyebrows as he had one hand behind his back and stroked his beard with his other hand. He smiled at the conceited young boy.

Feng Jiu smiled and said: “I do. Heavenly Sun Sect Peak Master Elder Ye. It is said that amongst the Four Great Immortal Sects’ four Pharmacy Division Peaks, Elder Ye’s talent for pill refining is the best.”

“Since you know that, you still dare to challenge me?” He was slightly surprised, did this young boy want to give him things so easily?

“Of course I dare, I’m just afraid that Peak Master doesn’t dare to.” She looked at him with a smile.

Upon hearing that, the Pharmacy Division Peak Master stroked his beard and shook his head: “You are a very interesting young boy. Since you are not afraid of losing, then I am also not afraid of others saying that I am bullying a young boy. It’s getting late today, tell you what! Shall we compete tomorrow morning?”

“Sure.” She nodded and smiled: “However, I hope that Pharmacy Division Peak Master can invite several influential witnesses to watch this compet.i.tion, because I am also afraid that Peak Master will not be willing to admit defeat, then I will suffer.”


When the Pharmacy Division Peak Master heard those words, he laughed in amus.e.m.e.nt: “Alright, you can rest a.s.sured! Tonight I will speak to the Sect Master and the other Peak Masters and invite them to watch our compet.i.tion. At the same time, I will tell them the stakes of our bet in advance so that they can be our witnesses and that way, I can avoid being said that I deceive young children in the future.”

Her eyes flickered, and she smiled: “Pharmacy Division Peak Master, I am no longer a child, don’t underestimate me.”


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