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Chapter 2197: Ghost Doctor Feng Jiu

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

He went to the cave-dwelling in fear and trepidation. But, before getting closer to the place, he froze and stared at the scene in front of him with shock…

The protective boundary barrier surrounding the cave-dwelling was broken. In front, a handsome man in white that looked like a banished immortal was dealing with three poison envoys.

He was jolted by the fact that the man was able to handle three poison envoys with ease. What’s more, there was already a poison envoy lying dead on the ground. Those three poison envoys together could not even touch the man’s sleeve, but after a few moves, another poison envoy met violent death by a blow of his sword!

After seeing the poison envoy collapse as well as the two remaining poison envoys stepped back with fear, he hesitated a bit.

Should he go? In this situation, going there would mean death. So, it would be better to put it off until later based on the situation.

Thus, after making up his mind, the wounded poison envoy watched from the shadows.

“Who are you! What grudges do you have with our Five Poison Sect? You even meddle in our business with the Heavenly Pill Tower!” One of the poison envoys shouted harshly and glared viciously at that banished-immortal-like man.

Mo Chen rested a hand behind his back and used the other to point with his sword. He looked at the two men calmly and answered with a gentle voice. “I have no grudge against you, but you’ve provoked the person you shouldn’t offend.”

“The person we shouldn’t offend? Do you mean the Heavenly Pill Tower’s Ghost Doctor Feng Jiu? Or the Black Market’s Master?” That poison envoy asked with a frown.

Mo Chen’s lips curved up slightly. “You are all going to die. What’s the use of asking so much?” With this answer, the white figure swept out instantly. A mighty pressure suddenly pervaded and the two poison envoys were struck by this sudden pressure. Their bodies stiffened and were unable to budge. It was in this short moment that they lost their lives.


The two figures stared wide in horror and fell straight down. They were the great Immortal Sacred Strong Exponents. Unexpectedly, they would be petrified by their opponent’s pressure. It only showed that this person’s strength was much greater than them!

The poison envoy who watched surrept.i.tiously from a few hundred meters away watched the two figures fall and couldn’t help cover his mouth and looked at that banished-immortal-like man in horror. When that man in white glanced towards him, he could only shudder and then ran for his life quickly while enduring the wounds on his body forcibly.

How terrible! How terrifying! With that kind of strength, who would dare to fight?

Mo Chen saw that fleeing poison envoy but didn’t chase the man. In his opinion, those few were nothing to be afraid of. It didn’t matter if they escaped. Now, he’d better go in and see if Feng Jiu needed his help.

So, in order to prevent the poison guards from coming in, he stretched out his hand to set up the boundary barrier and then walked inside. When he went in, unexpectedly there were two corpses on the ground.

He looked inside and there was no sign of Feng Jiu, so he continued to walk farther inside. He knew that her strength was enough to deal with these people but he was a little worried about her dealing with the Five Poison Sect’s master.

Inside, Feng Jiu pushed open the last door and saw a figure sitting cross-legged inside the cave. That man also opened his hostile-filled eyes as soon as Feng Jiu opened the door and swept his gaze over her.

“Ghost Doctor Feng Jiu!”

With certainty in his vicious voice, he stared at her cruelly.


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