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Chapter 2269: The azure robe’s reappearance

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However, this place was filled with devilry cultivators and villains. If one day she unravelled the boundary barriers and the formation arrays, how should she deal with those people?

She pondered at this thought. It seemed that before she unravelled the boundary barriers, she first had to rectify all the people in it. For now, her strength was her top priority.

Only by having a formidable strength could she suppress the people here. Would they rather be killed or stay? It all depended on strength.

“Then I should build a team first! Compared with those devilry cultivators and evil cultivators, the demon and ghost cultivators have better merits.” “She murmured as she walked to the location where loose cultivators usually roamed about.

She wanted to build a team of cultivators, a team that could deal with devilry cultivators and evil cultivators’ teams. This kind of people should be found among the loose cultivators here.

She took out a piece of fruit from the s.p.a.ce and ate it. As she walked into the forest, she released her divine consciousness and paid attention to the movement around. When she came to the forest, she still saw some devilry cultivators sitting in a group together and other cultivators sat around them. When she appeared, these people observed her quietly.

Her eyes pa.s.sed those devilry cultivators and evil cultivators over but stayed on those cultivators. When she explored using her divine consciousness, she saw their cultivation strength clearly.

There were thirteen cultivators and more than a dozen devilry and evil cultivators sitting all around here. She wouldn’t talk to those devilry cultivators for the time being. She took a look at those cultivators and made a rough estimate that their lowest strength was at the Nascent Soul Peak rank. Most of the cultivators among them were at the Celestial rank with three or four of them at the Celestial Peak rank and one of them was at the Immortal Sacred Mid-Stage rank.

She saw that the Immortal Sacred Mid-stage rank was a middle-aged man wearing a shabby robe. Quite a few parts of his robe were already torn. His bound hair was not so neat, with some strand of hair scattered messily. He was probably aware that she looked at him. He looked up at her with a sharp and terrifying gaze. There was a bloodthirsty and killing intent in his eyes. The murderous intent in his body also started to disperse.

Her eyes flashed at this sight. This man’s strength was pretty good. It would be a great a.s.sistance if she could attract him over. But, this person was an Immortal Sacred mid-stage cultivator. This strength was considered mighty in this place. It wouldn’t be easy to attract him.

According to the information divulged by that devilry cultivator, the loose cultivators here were those who were unwilling to be restricted. They were unwilling to recognize a master and be under his control. In this case, to win them over to her side, she must gain their trust or give them a reason to follow her voluntarily.

She withdrew her gaze. With a little tiptoe, she jumped on a tree and rested, ignoring their probing stares.

The loose cultivators around were looking at Feng Jiu. They saw that the man was dressed in azure, looked very clean and neat, and seemed very young. They were very surprised that such a person suddenly appeared here.

So, after looking carefully for a while, they saw that the man in azure was not a spirit cultivator but a mystical one. What’s more, he was a Mystical Martial Divine cultivator. He had such strength at such a young bone age which was very few here. It was clearly visible that the man’s talent was excellent. But, how could this kind of person come here?

What’s more, they had never seen a man in azure appear in this area before. Was it possible that this man came together with the woman in red half a month ago?


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