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Chapter 517: My Name is Feng Jiu

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

The three examiners inside glanced at the person who came in and saw a youth in a red robe. When she entered the room, she looked around curiously. It seemed that it was her first visit to the alchemist guild.

Seeing this, one of them coughed and said, “Come over and register here. What’s your name? How old are you?”

The a.s.sessment only needed to register the name and age of the partic.i.p.ant. The name used as a code, but not so with the partic.i.p.ants’ age. They needed to know the age of each examinee and the alchemist rank they take for statistical purposes.

Feng Jiu then also looked at the three men. She saw two middle-aged men and an elderly man, then went forward and made a salute. Her beautiful face showed a pure and innocent smile.

“Greetings, examiners. My name is Feng Jiu. I’m sixteen years old.”

The three men saw the young man in front of them had a handsome face and a melodious and energetic voice. This was the face of a person who was not well-versed with affairs of the world, but he had a good etiquette. One by one quietly nodded, thinking that this youth should be the son of a n.o.ble family.

After recording his name and age, the middle-aged man pointed to a stone door behind him and said, “The spirit herb room is over there, it contains all kinds of spirit herbs. You are required to identify the spirit herb and select the medicinal ingredients. Then, go to the medicinal refining table to make the pills there.”

Feng Jiu looked in the direction he pointed and nodded, “I understand.”

Then she went to the stone gate and pushed it open. Inside, she saw that there was another world in it. Even though it’s called a spirit herb room, she had to walk nearly ten meters to the spirit herb room. Rather than a room, it should be called a three-storey spirit herb building.

There was a small square table in front of the building. There was an old man dozing off with his chin in his hand. Perhaps he heard footsteps, so he opened his eyes.

“Payment receipt for registration.” The old man glanced at Feng Jiu and drummed his fingers on the table.

Feng Jiu took out the previous payment receipt and handed it over, thinking in her heart that there were many inconveniences involved. It took a lot of effort at every step.

The old man looked at the payment date and glanced at the fee casually. His eyes instantly widened. He rubbed his eyes and thought that he had made a mistake. But again, it was still the same number. He raised his head and looked this youth in a red robe up and down strangely.

“Go in!”

He handed the voucher back to Feng Jiu and watched her enter the building with an odd expression. Then he whispered, “It was the highest a.s.sessment fee. Which rank badge is this youngster taking the exam?”

When she entered the building, Feng Jiu sensed that the three-storey building was shrouded in a powerful aura. It was like a pair of eyes watching everything inside. She did not care. She took a basket and picked up some spirit herbs to be used. Without spending a half-stick incense time, she came out with two baskets of spirit herbs.

Seeing the youth leaving with two baskets of spirit herbs, the old man sitting at the table was stunned. So many spirit herbs. Moreover, those were not the common spirit herbs. Even if she had to pay an a.s.sessment fee again, she could not make up for the price!

The guild fees were divided into three ranks. Generally, those who came to get badge a.s.sessment chose well. Even if they were Ancestor rank alchemists, they would take no more than fifty elixirs. But the youngster just went in and brought out two baskets in less than a half-stick of incense time.

Now he just wanted to see the expressions on the previous examiners’ face when they saw the youngster carrying two baskets of spirit herbs.


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