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Chapter 623: Setting Up Base

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Old White leaned down on his front hooves, it did not dare move with its ears being twisted. It could only whiney in hopes that it would appease its owner.

The dark-skinned boy who witnessed everything ran over. He looked at the strange horse and young boy in red clothes who was now filthy. His mouth twitched, not knowing what to say.

“Next time you dare to get excited when you see another beautiful girl, I will castrate you.”

Feng Jiu spoke in a low light voice in Old White’s ear, her voice was dangerous and full of intent.

Old White stopped moving and lay on the floor dutifully with a low whimper.


Feng Jiu snorted and let go of the horse’s ear she had been twisting this whole time. She dusted off some of the dirt on her clothes and glanced at the young boy: “Where is the inn you recommended earlier, lead the way.”

“Yes, it is just up ahead, not far away.Follow me mister.” The young boy turned around as he replied. When he saw that mister was leading the horse, he walked on ahead.

He had thought that mister was a lazy boy from a rich family who had come to enrol at the Nebula Academy. After what he had witnessed, didn’t think that was the case anymore.

The young man in red clothes was handsome and beautiful. He had never seen anyone so handsome before in all his years in Nebula City. However, the image of him being beaten up had made his image drop somewhat.

He had not expected that this extravagant young mister would be in such a sorry state. He reckoned that he was a good for nothing in his family who never bothered to learn anything.

“Mister, we are here.”

The dark-skinned boy had brought Feng Jiu to the picturesque inn: “This is the famous inn in the East City, it is very s.p.a.cious inside, there is also a courtyard for guests to drink tea and chat. It will be more comfortable staying here, but the price is more expensive.”

“Mmm.” Feng Jiu responded and looked at the inn.

Upon seeing the guests, the innkeeper came out to greet them: “Mister, are you thinking of staying here? Please come inside.”

“Take care of my horse.”

She handed the reins to the innkeeper and said to the dark-skinned boy who was stood behind her: “You can go back now! No need for you to lead the way anymore.” She just wanted to take a bath and have a rest.

The dark-skinned boy scratched his head in embarra.s.sment: “Then… the ten silver coins…..” He had only taken her part of the way and was not sure if he should keep all ten silver coins.

Feng Jiu smiled and waved her hand: “It’s yours.” As proceeded to step into the inn, the dark-skinned boy handed her something.

She looked at it and saw the boy smile with slight embarra.s.sment: “This is the map of Nebula City. I draw them to sell. This is for you mister.” He stuffed the map into Feng Jiu’s hands before he ran off.

Feng Jiu raised her eyebrows and smiled as she looked at the map in her hand and walked into the inn. After she paid the innkeeper, she followed him to one of the deluxe rooms at the back…..


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