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Chapter 638: The Alchemy Division’s cave dwelling

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

Seeing the youth’s indifferent look, the old man was not surprised. After all, he looked down on others first. So he smiled apologetically. “The old man has not introduced himself yet. In fact, I am the Alchemy Division’s steward. I take care of the small jobs at this division. Everyone calls me Steward Sun.”

“Oh, Steward Sun, for what reason are you looking for me?” She responded carelessly, stroking Old White’s head with one hand.

“Hehe, it’s like this. You’re officially a Nebula Academy’s Alchemy Division student. I want to show the Alchemy Division to you. You are the first student to be admitted to this division. Now you can go first to the dwelling where you’ll be staying. What do you think?”

Feng Jiu looked at him and paused for a minute. Then she answered, “Then, I’ll be bothering Steward Sun.”

“No trouble, no trouble, that’s all I should do.” He hurriedly said with a smile. hesitated, and said: Then, he spoke in a hesitant manner. “That, Feng Jiu. Please excuse me if I committed any offense in the past.”

“Not at all,” She smiled.

Seeing this, Steward Sun finally put his mind at ease. With a joyful heart, he took Feng Jiu to select the dwelling first.

However, when Feng Jiu followed him for nearly an hour and went more and more to remote places, she could not help but ask, “Steward Sun, this Alchemy Division is not at the front? How did you get to such a remote place?

“Haha, as a new student, you don’t know that our Nebula Academy covers a very wide area. The place where each division located is different. Only when the divisions are recruiting students that everyone is convening here. Practically, it’s difficult to meet others in an ordinary day. The academy gate is not often open. Only in the enrollment day, once every three years, will it open. Usually, the side doors of the academy are used.”

As he spoke, he pointed to the hill ahead. “The Alchemy Division is over that mountain top.”

Feng Jiu was somewhat surprised to hear this. Although the Nebula Academy was larger than a major city, she realized that the place was extraordinary once she was inside. When she saw that she had to climb over the mountain top ahead, she quickened her pace.

In their journey there, Steward Sun told her that only Alchemy Division students lived in the cave dwellings, while those from other divisions lived in the courtyards. It was because each of the Alchemy Division student was equipped with an alchemy room, bedroom, bathroom and sundry room. Since refining pills always involved danger of furnace blast, every cave was arranged in a formation.

This point was incomparable to other divisions. But, there were also disadvantages. The Alchemy Division students had to manage everything themselves. Each student was also a.s.signed to take care of a piece of spirit land. Students also needed to earn their contribution points to exchange for spirit herbs needed in refining pills.

Under the guidance of Steward Sun, Feng Jiu chose a relatively remote but larger cave dwelling. After entering the cave dwelling, she tied Old White outside the dwelling. Then she followed Steward Sun to see where the teacher usually taught.

After getting familiar with the place, she asked doubtfully, “Steward Sun, we have also pa.s.sed through a lot of places. How can we not see other Alchemy Division students?” It’s also strange that the division covered a large area, but after a trip back and forth, she only saw a few people.

“Haha, well…”

Steward Sun smiled sheepishly. “Maybe some of them are doing tasks to make contributions, while some others are refining pills in their own cave dwelling. This is the case in the Alchemy Division. Usually, few people are seen. You will know it after you stay long.”


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