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Chapter 722: Can He Be Saved?

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

“Feng Jiu,” The Headmaster called to him.

“Headmaster, would you like to join me?”

She looked up at the Headmaster with curiosity and wondered why they were so generous and gifted her with such a delicious feast. Even if her elder brother had taken the food from the kitchen, there shouldn’t be so many people around, unless something had happened?

“No thank you.”

He smiled at her and said: “To be honest, we came to ask for your help to save Teacher Lu’s life. We are willing to discuss any needs or conditions.”

Feng Jiu stopped eating when she heard the news and asked: “Teacher Lu has collapsed?”

She stuffed more food into her mouth, deep in thought: So that was what happened. But why did they think to look for her? Was it because of her caution the other day?

Guan Xilin sliced a piece of roast meat for her and said: “Well, I heard that Teacher Lu collapsed while he was giving a lecture. The pharmacists and doctors from the academy have been to see him. His condition is critical and he won’t live more than a few hours. In fact, he probably only has another two hours left now.”

Feng Jiu sipped her chicken soup as she listened, but said nothing.

Guan Xilin told her the whole story and finally said: “The Headmaster and everyone else were waiting outside the cave dwelling for over two hours. Hence, I took the Deputy Headmaster’s token and went to the kitchen to bring all this food here.”

Feng Jiu finally understood.

She put down her bowl and wiped her mouth as she looked at the Headmaster and Deputy Headmaster: “So in other words, they both know?” She hadn’t said what it was they knew, but both of them understood what she referred to.

“You can rest a.s.sured that we won’t mention anything else.”

Even if she cured Teacher Lu, everyone would only presume that she had medical knowledge. They wouldn’t think that she was the Ghost Doctor. Besides, no one would have thought that the Ghost Doctor would enrol as a student in the academy.

Though they had heard of the Ghost Doctor’s ability to bring the dead back to life, however, Teacher Lu’s condition was unusual. So it begged to question whether he was able to save his life.

“Let me take a look at him first!” She stood up and continued speaking: “I have to a.s.sess his condition before I know whether I can save him. Since we are running out of time, let’s get moving.” She removed the flying feather and threw it in the air. She jumped onto the feather and flew in the direction of the teaching office.

Upon seeing this, the Headmaster and Deputy Headmaster followed suit in a hurry.

Ye Jing turned to Guan Xilin who was packing up everything and asked: “Will Feng Jiu really be able to cure him?”

“Little Jiu has already said she needs to a.s.sess his condition first.” He distributed some of the roast meat to Old White and Cloud Devouring who had just come out of the cave dwelling, and the big black bear. He brought the pot of spirit chicken ginseng soup into the cave dwelling for Feng Jiu to drink later on.

After he had finished packing up and left instructions for the three beasts to guard the cave dwelling, he said to Ye Jing: “Do you want to go and take a look?”

“Yeah.” Ye Jing nodded and followed him.

After she arrived at the teaching office, Feng Jiu walked into the room under the watchful eyes of Teacher Lu and came to the beside of Teacher Lu to a.s.sess his condition.

“The blood vessels in his brain are broken and there is blood in his brain. His condition is very serious.” She said softly as she undressed his robes to a.s.sess his liver condition.

When the Headmaster heard that there the blood vessels in his brain were broken and there was blood in his brain, his eyes glazed over in shock and asked: “Well, can he be saved?”


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