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Chapter 940: Fighting

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

After about an hour, Feng Jiu’s figure was still nowhere to be found. Duan Ye could only look back while muttering, “That kid won’t be caught, will he? Forget it, I’d better go back and have a look. ”

Just as he was patting his mount to turn around, he saw a figure in red darting out from the woods and came to him in a few breaths.

“Duan Ye, can your ma.s.sive beast enter the spirit beast s.p.a.ce?” As long as it’s a contracted beast, which could get into the spirit beast s.p.a.ce, his beast should be able too, right?

“It can! But why? Isn’t it good for me to ride on?” He looked at Feng Jiu with a puzzled look.

“Wait until we left the Qing Dynasty before riding it again. Otherwise, it will be too eye-catching. Hurry up, put it away.” She gestured and glanced toward the back. When they reached the boundary barrier, she gathered spirit energy breath on her fingertips and with her fingers pointed, she shouted loud and clear.


As soon as her shout rang out, the spirit energy on her fingertips pointed forward. It was as if a huge rock was thrown into a calm lake. A sudden wave of spirit energy pulsated open in that transparent-like s.p.a.ce.

Duan Ye put his contracted beast into the spirit beast s.p.a.ce. He was stunned to see in front of him the boundary barrier acted as if opening a small door for them. How could this happen?


Feng Jiu pulled him and jumped out. Little Cloud Devouring Beast followed behind them. After they jumped out, that place was gradually restored to its original appearance.

“Hiss! I have no idea that the boundary barrier can be broken this way? Won’t they know it when someone comes out in this manner?”

With an astonished look, he turned back and was immediately pulled by Feng Jiu atop the flying feather along with Little Cloud Devouring Beast. They then went away quickly…

A day later, in a town in the Qing Dynasty.

While resting on the bed inside the inn, Feng Jiu heard faintly the sounds that seemed to be a quarrel downstairs. She pulled the quilt up and covered her head. However, after a while, the innkeeper went upstairs in a hurry and knocked at her door.

“Young Master, Young Master. Open the door quickly, Young Master. There’s something wrong.”

When she heard the tension in the innkeeper’s tone, Feng Jiu climbed out from the bed helplessly. After a quick wash, she put on her coat and opened the door. With some displeasure, she asked, “What kind of mishap happened so early in the morning?”

The innkeeper replied hastily, “Young Master, that young master who came with you is fighting with others outside.”

“Fighting?” Feng Jiu was startled for a moment, then replied indifferently. “Let them fight, what’s the big deal?” With his strength, Duan Ye might not necessarily lose to others.

When she was about to close the door, the innkeeper stopped her. “No! He’s fighting against the town bully. I’m afraid this young master will… ”

She frowned. “What is it? It’s okay as long as he’s only beaten up and not beaten to death. What’s the big deal?”

As soon as he heard this reply, the innkeeper was stunned to speechlessness. It’s okay as long as he’s not beaten to death? Was this about that young master or about the bully?

“Forget it. Get me some light breakfast. I’d better have another bowl of porridge.” She stepped out with Little Cloud Devouring Beast at her feet

“Young Master, you’re not going to have a look at your friend?” The innkeeper asked in a daze.

“Didn’t you hear what I said?” She paused and glanced back at the innkeeper.

That one glance made the innkeeper break out in cold sweat. He nodded repeatedly and left.


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