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Ye Qing discreetly sent a gesture of sympathy to the boss Su Yuan.

No matter what the final solution is, the boss Su Yuan will not be too good this time.

Because the construction period will be seriously prolonged.

The construction industry expects to fully fund it unless there is such a person as Ye Qing can do this.

To be big and broad is what qualified businessmen should do.

Since the expected construction period is extended by an accident that occurs during the construction period and construction can not be completed on time.

The bank loan is a tiger that does not spit bones and it will not be polite with you.

If Su Yuan want to build a building, this civil air defense project must be demolished.

The modern commercial buildings who have no underground parking is equal to entertainment places without princesses.

Which is willing to go there?

The original strength of the construction of the Xinghe River is very ordinary.

Not to mention the extension of bank loans or the demolition of civil air defense projects, they too need a huge cost.


The locked secret rooms were also opened, and the militia of the People’s Armed Forces carried out one wooden box that was covered with iron.

Some of the wooden boxes were printed with a 56-type submachine gun, a 7.62mm bullet, and 67-type grenades.

Many citizens were shooting there with their mobile phones. Even the reporters of Zhongyun TV Station ran, holding a camera and kept shooting.

The excitement has already been read, and it is also a matter for others to trouble again.

Ye Qing returned from the parking lot and went home.

When he goes back to Longxitan, Ye Qing counted his own cash flow.

There are more than 1.5 billion Yuan in total!

The money earned before was invested in the development of the factory.

The purchase of a large number of building materials can fill the entire underground base.

Previously, he has about 3 billion Yuan in his current account.

Ye Qing forgot that long series of figures when the Finance Department checked the accounts a few days ago.

The current 1.5 billion Yuan, mainly due to the sale of the Mechanical Colossus Type I, and the half-dive flood control wall deposit prepaid by Liangjiang City.

The money is not in the hands, and it is spent.

Now the reefs in the Bay have been destroyed by Ye Qing with his lord chariot by 90 percent.

The lord chariot destroys the reef and builds a hidden route.

It is Ye Qing’s plan to launch a port again.

The amount of astronomical money needed to build a port is not clear, but the cost of building a port at Longxitan should be around 500 million Yuan.

The lord chariot needs to dig up the shoals so that the giant ships have enough water lines to reach the sh.o.r.e.

This can be solved by Mechanical Colossus Type X, which requires storage and loading cranes.

Ye Qing can also manufacture it in his factory.

The rest is the concrete needed to pour the pier, and Ye Qing is ready to launch two sets of concrete mixing stations and do it with concrete.

In this way, it is also possible to use the ore to separate the iron ore and use the ma.s.sive amount of stone powder produced.

Ye Qing found an electronic map of Longxitan and planned the location of the concrete mixing plant in an open s.p.a.ce away from the factory.

Recently, the working hours of the monsters were too tight.

When the mixing station is used, ordinary workers are hired to take responsibility.

After planning the harbor, Ye Qing hasn’t planned how to spend the remaining billion.

It is no longer necessary to continue to launch large-scale industrial equipment because there are not enough monsters to start.

Yu Huali, the manager of the personnel department at night, called and he reported that he had already talked to the management of the Blue-sky Building.

The other party had no idea of a lease the whole building.

It just shows there are several companies whose lease contracts expire this year.

Those companies do not intend to renew the lease.

The management of the Blue-sky Building can rent the site to Monster Heavy Industries.

Because the packaging work of mechanical engineering chairs and engraving machines in the area of the underground warehouse is too small, and it has already reached the full point.

They must rent an area for more works.


Building a building that belongs to you only is Ye Qing’s beautiful plan, and it is also an imperative necessity.

Ye Qing’s chosen name is all right – the giant beast industrial building.

Please forgive me, after a.s.sisting the reunion, Ye Qing really likes Tony’s industrial building.

Not only the complex, but the night magic, the SHIELD agent, Jessica Jones, and other film and television dramas, this unusual science fiction building has also been measured.

Every time Tony flew home in his suit, and he flew to the helipad, and then a bunch of automated mechanical mechanisms popped up, stripping his armor.

Tony’s back is the famous Chrysler Building, and the height seems to be similar.

However, the Stark Industrial Building is much advanced, with an independent Ark energy system, strong security measures, and numerous unconventional technology machinery.

This is simply a paradise for the Industrial Party.

The only regret maybe it does not exist.

There is a luxury car, but there is no luxury home. I don’t want to own it, but Ye Qing wants to build it himself.

The wooden houses in the water resort let Ye Qing see the enjoyment of life brought by technology, which has made Ye Qing more and more impulsive to build a technology mansion.

The mansion is built at the top of the Giant Beast Industrial Building, with an independent ap.r.o.n an air swimming pool and a sky garden…

Build a building with a height of more than 300 meters, there are about 40 in the country.

According to Ye Qing’s vision, the building with the price of the building of Iron Man may exceed 10 billion Yuan.

This money is not a one-time investment.

When a building is built, Ye Qing believes that he can earn more than 10 billion Yuan.

Looked at the time, um … not too early, you can go to sleep, the building’s things first scratched in your mind.

The next morning, Ye Qing got up a little late.

All the reefs in the bay were unplugged last night.

At this time, Ye Qing went to the company to meet. And put the preparation materials needed for the construction of the port and the concrete mixing station to the employees.

At the crossroads of the Blue-sky Building, Ye Qing looked down on the ruins next to it and the entrance to the civil air defense project.

There was a large wooden board covered there, and the surrounding area was also fenced.

A man who was a little lonely stood in the fence and quietly dazed, Ye Qing recognized him, Su Yuan, the boss of Xinghe Construction.

Ye Qing parked the car in the parking lot of the Blue-sky Building.

He did not go to the company but went to the side of Su Yuan through the sidewalk.

Ye Qing and Su Yuan only met once.

And Ye Qing came to him not to comfort him but wanted to exchange and talk about buying land to build a building.

After all, the behemoth heavy construction is part of its own building, and it will be on the official agenda one day sooner or later.

A Yellow Crane Tower 1916 handed to Su Yuan, some bald-headed man, slightly stunned to see Ye Qing.

“I am the owner of a company opposite the Blue-sky Building. I found out that the underground civil air defense project was also there yesterday.”

Ye Qing rushed and nodded.

“Don’t worry, the report for the dismantling should not come too late.”


Su Yuan took smog and smoked a sip fiercely.

“The report to apply for the removal of this civil air defense project was sent out last night.”

“The deputy director of the Urban Construction Bureau also visited the scene last night. He said that based on experience, the above may be very large.”

“Isn’t it really good to dismantle?”

Ye Qing is a bit strange.

If it can be removed, it should be the best solution.

Why is he still frowning?


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