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May 06, 2020

When the lights on the stage were all brightened, it turned out to be a robot sitting before the Steinway piano. As a result, the guests and the audience were even more surprised than seeing the world’s top piano masters gathered together to play the music.

In addition to the science fiction movie, the actual real robot was not at all stupid, let alone taking a cup of tea for two minutes. This one, although not the security robot in a science fiction movie, could play the piano with human-like flexible fingers, which was still very sci-fi.

After the rushing note came to an end, the guests stood up in unison, dedicated to the robot with the warmest applause. And Yang Baihe with Kong Tao who were in charge of the show were stepped onto the stage. And the reporters in the front row of the press seats couldn’t sit still and raised their hands to signal that they wanted to ask questions.

Monster Heavy Industry had a good impression for the few press stations that had been able to open a special promotion before, without mentioning the labor costs. Seeing them raising their hands, Kong Tao smiled and signaled that they could ask questions.

“h.e.l.lo, I’m a reporter for Machinist News. I would like to ask, is the robot playing the piano the robot product of Monster Heavy Industries?”

The robot moved slowly under the bright lights.

“It is really the new product robot, look at the appearance and the picture of the previous official logo.”

“Stunning performance. As far as I know, wanting a machine to perfectly simulate humans playing music. The coordination requirements of the two-handed robot are more demanding than the motivation of making a sports car. At least, I don’t know which company is able to let the robot play the piano perfectly. “

“Before that, I also thought that this robot was just an immature concept product. Now it seems that even if it is a home tutor, it has a promising market.”

“It’s just… “

“I think your company also understands that the definition of robots by ordinary people should be robots with fixed intelligence that can perform certain housework independently.” The reporter asked a very critical question: “This product from your company seems to be there is no intelligent software control. Is this product mainly positioned as a remote service? “

Kong Tao had shaken his head and said with a smile: “we have no positioning for this product. How to use it depends on users. Before our internal product testing, there have been many interesting aspects. “

I did not know if it was a coincidence or Kong Tao intended to quote the topic.

With the end of the reporter’s question, on the holographic projection screen, some of the more practical usage methods of the company’s employees at the beginning of the test have begun.

There were industrial and household uses.

The guests at the scene were not very interested in in-home use. It was an industrial display that shocked and surprised them. For example, would be unmanned work in a toxic environment.

In a sealed room, an experimental reactor used to simulate a toxic chemical plant was boiling, and a cloud of thick black smoke was emitted from the discharge port. How to say this, in the chemical industry, it is not uncommon for such toxic substances to leak, and accidents caused by human negligence occur at work and in production. It’s just that most of the accidents were strangled by people who reacted in the initial stage.

This process was extremely dangerous, and it was easy to burn chemical substances, inhale harmful air, and so on. When they saw the situation in this simulation, the reaction kettle is shaking. If no measures are taken, the explosion was its only ending. All of this did not make the industrial robot to turn back, it rushed in, and the process was extremely fast and rude. The thick smoke sprayed the robot’s face, and the unknown liquid sprayed from the discharge port even splashed the robot’s body everywhere.

The robot picked up the reactor without any influence, and directly dropped it into the waste tank, and then sprayed a large amount of alkali powder into the waste tank to mix the components of the reaction solution.

This must-have replaced the work of the worker because maybe the worker could be poisoned early or have severe chemical burns.

Even if the worker had time to wear fully equipped chemical protective clothing, he should pray that the reaction kettle would not burst or have a strong physique like Schwarzenegger.

The second scenario was the matching of toxic chemicals. The robot worked directly next to the ventilated kitchen without any protective measures. After the work, he ran to get the water solution and wiped himself around.

Between the guests, there were two senior chemical engineers, their hands shook with excitement. One of them on his arm, there were light yellow scars the size of a coin.

This is not an engineer playing the mainstream, it’s okay to burn yourself with a cigarette b.u.t.t. In fact, this scar has been around for more than a year, and it has not yet formed a scab. This appalling yellow, fat-like wound originated more than a year ago, when he was in a laboratory to make a match, and accidentally let the test tube of bromine drip onto his arm. Fortunately, the other arm was not injured, but something more terrifying was encountered.

The 2oo liter bottles stored in the factory workshop were collided and leaked due to incorrect operation by the workers during the handling process. The liquid immediately turned into gas when it encountered air. The entire plant was evacuated urgently, but a worker stayed, rushed into the workshop with a protective mask, and cut off the power supply in the workshop.

Because when this gas would encounter electrical sparks, it would explode violently. More than that, there were not simple copies stored in this warehouse. The worker survived, but even with a protective mask, his voice was severely corroded and he could no longer speak. Ah, if there were two such robots in this factory.

What to say if the robot was drenched in strong acid liquid? This industrial robot housing itself is made of highly corrosion-resistant and high-temperature resistant alloy metal, and the outside is wrapped with an insulating composite material. It could break through the mountains and seas.

Because of these painful lessons of human accidents caused by security accidents, this kind of robot could be used, and it was not distressing for it. On weekdays, if it was not involved in the rescue, it could also be responsible for dangerous chemical matching. This saves money on personal protective equipment and guarantees that many such robots can be bought.

This is true for the chemical industry, as is the machinery industry.

When the industrial danger is eliminated, they can be calm and let the robots play. If the robot is unfortunately smashed into a discus, they can just watch it lively.

Today is the day when the product is officially launched. If it can be clothed, it can be ordered naturally. There are 10,000 robots in stock, and 7,000 explorers in its industrial version.

After the improvement of the battery, it could work for forty minutes continuously. The Explorer with waterproof and dustproof function has been ordered 200 by some local tyrants in the guest table. Each one costs 100,000 Yuan, which is already very favorable compared to its performance. After all, Ye Qing didn’t dare to set the price too high.

The home version, priced at 120,000 Yuan, has not yet attracted much attention.

If you think about it, to have a Taiwanese family car and if you have the money to hire a babysitter, you can wait for three years.

In the embarra.s.sing situation of no one’s attention in the home version, the piece meeting of the second product will begin.


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