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Chapter 435: The first dream display

That is, when Tianjin began to dismantle the Explorer robot, Ye Qing also started the research and development of a new product in the Longxitan factory. The diamond-coated flexible gla.s.s, after the trial production, both its compression resistance and bending resistance had surpa.s.sed ordinary display gla.s.s. The diode substrate made of organic materials was also thrown out by the centrifuge for a small batch of diode coating materials that had also been trial-produced. He planned to trial-produce a 32-inch computer monitor and a mobile-phone monitor to revolutionize his own electronic equipment.

In the dust-free operations room, he had cut the desired gla.s.s and material substrate size with the laser machine and then used nano-scale organic diode materials to spray on the first layer of the substrate. He had used the red, one of the three primary colors, and then continued to cover a layer of the substrate.

The three primary colors, the yellow, the red, and the blue can be sprayed to form any color.

The power of the dream display was one of the nano-level diode materials.

1 nanometer is a nanomaterial. 100 nanometers are still called nanomaterials.

The principle of the dream display, expressed in a popular way, is that three kinds of coatings that emit light by themselves are combined to form a colorful dynamic picture visible to the naked eye through the changes in the brightness of the pixels and the particle size of the coating determines the fineness of the picture.

The coating currently used by Monster Heavy Industry had a particle diameter of 5 nanometers, and the top coating was formulated in strict accordance with the formula in the black technology drawings. Its material fineness was fifty to one hundred times that of ordinary nano-coating. When this material would be put in a bucket, it was clearly a solid powder, but in people’s eyes, it was a liquid like water.

Whoever wanted to reach out curiously to catch it, would promise to stage a modern version of monkey fishing for the moon.

And this kind of organic diode material could only be milled out mechanically. The monsters tailored three mills, and they ground them for two days before obtaining 50 grams of nano-level diode material. Even the spraying equipment had now dismantled the five-axis machining center and changed its ultra-high precision spindle into a material spraying port.

When the five-axis spraying equipment sprayed diode material on the flexible substrate, Ye Qing, wearing a dust-free suit, could not see the material sprayed out.

This was called high-tech. Samsung and Nikon were counted as a ball?

After the three-color diode material was sprayed, a special laser hot-melting device would be fused the three substrates together and then pasted them on the back of black hole-like film material. This was the active matrix backplane of the Dream Display, which was used to control the light emission of each pixel of the diode. If you change the black material to a transparent one, the dream display would be a pure transparent display, which would be usually the same as gla.s.s.

This kind of transparent and dreamy display was very good for dazzling technology, and it was also very promising. Only used in traditional displays, the black active matrix backplane was indispensable.

Careful people would find that the more high-end mobile phones with good graphics, the darker the screen after the screen is turned off. Those gray or white screens are basically low-end phones.

Of course, the normal display turns black after shutting down because of other principles. It’s not like a dream monitor, with a black active matrix backplane.

But the effect you want to express is the same. Black absorbs other light. The darker the color, the higher the contrast of the screen color. On the contrary, the screen will reflect severely, and you can’t even see anything outdoors.

As the Monster Heavy Industry, the black active matrix backplane that could absorb 95% of the messy light from the outside was like a black hole, so that manufacturers, who produced displays could fly down three thousand feet in admiration. The rest was to press the gla.s.s and the capacitive touch screen and install the control chip of the active matrix backplane.

Two hours later, a number of technological breakthroughs in the dream display of Monster Heavy Industries were a.s.sembled, and the production was completed. Except for the chips inside, the materials for this dream display all came from the cooperative production of three monsters.


At the moment when the dream display was completed, Ye Qing’s Monster Factory mobile phone had immediately popped up a red prompt box.


“Testing pa.s.sed, more than 60% of the parts in the dream display are manufactured independently by the monsters.”

The dream display, the perfect driver, was being created. After the production was completed, congratulations, through their own hard work, they have created the first dream display with all display technologies.

“Quickly, quickly, change the screen of my mobile phone.”

Hearing the Monster Factory’s announcement of the success of the product, Ye Qing couldn’t wait to take out his mobile phone and threw it to the emissary. It took only ten minutes for the electronic messenger to re-place the Apple 7P with the dream display.

Taking a deep breath, Ye Qing pressed the power b.u.t.ton.


After ten seconds, he found the screen was still black. He kept pressing the switch, but after waiting for 30 seconds, the screen still did not turn on.

“It doesn’t make sense, the Monster Factory has clearly announced the success of the dream display.”

Ye Qing felt his excitement and was instantly poured into a pot of the minus 250 degrees liquid hydrogen, which was cold to the limit.

As he was about to let the electronic messenger disa.s.semble and find the cause, he suddenly slapped his head. The problem should be the Apple phone.

In order to ensure that parts were not counterfeited by other factories, Apple’s mobile phone had deliberately written identification codes in the chips of several main parts. If the identification code did not match, the motherboard would refuse to work. The display was also among them.

Of course, if this design was really useful, there would be a large number of merchants selling mobile phone accessories online, swearing that they were selling original products, and there will be a large number of users.

After changing the screen, Ye Qing obviously felt that the picture quality is reduced and the mosaic is serious. Using his computer to log in to the online shop, Ye Qing found a shop that looked like a small factory was selling Apple screens. He directly asked him how to crack the identification code of the Apple screen a.s.sembly.

“Haha~ dear, this is a regular store. The price is cheap. That’s because my goods are parts removed from the original machine. How do I understand this technology?” The store seller responded very quickly.

“Five thousand.” Ye Qing responded faster.

“Brother, I’m really a conscientious merchant who sells regular goods, why don’t you add me to QQ chat?”

Ye Qing had added the friend here, and the store seller over there sent a smiley expression: “Brother, I can’t hide your fiery eyes. I do understand this technology, but it’s not convenient to chat on Are you really sure you will pay five thousand Yuan?”

Ye Qing explained everything directly with action. Some virtual products make up the difference in his shop. He shot five thousand in one breath. After the payment was completed, follow along to confirm the payment and add praise, and two minutes later, Ye Qing received the compressed file package from him. Twenty minutes later, the Electronic Messenger wrote the identification code in the chip of the dream display.

When Ye Qing had turned on the mobile-phone again, within five seconds, the phone screen lighted up quietly.


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