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Chapter 541: Big boss of Ba Sucha.

When someone is sad, someone is happy.

For example, at this moment, Ba Sucha seated in the first cla.s.s of an airplane with his mink fur coat in the cabin, his head combed back, a pearl chain thick like a thumb hanging from his neck with a dagger sword. Now, his face full of triumph.


What does it mean to live on earth today?


Ba Sucha’s boss is naturally his old man, and his relationship is not bad. It turned out that Ba Sucha always thought he was a big boss. In Bashu Mansion, he couldn’t cover the sky with one hand, but it was normal for him that he could call on wind and rain. He was in a good time to live a small life, but after getting to know the young president of Monster Heavy Industry, he knew he was the son of a village executive at best, and he was a young man from the village which had seeds and fertilizers in the village.

People have desires, or in other words, all have aspirations. Using his father’s relationship, Ba Sucha made his debut in society from the age of nineteen and stood on the shoulders of giants that countless people can only admire. After working hard for seven or eight years, he has now reached a total of several hundred million a.s.sets in total.

It stands to reason that Ba Sucha should be happy, and his life is also chic. But Ba Sucha gradually realized that his career had experienced a bottleneck period. Although gold jewelry is a bowl of iron rice, there are too many people doing it, and he makes money too slow. The business he had built on a whim came to the side of China with a personalized version, the mobile phone, and due to encountering many imitations, the benefits got worse and worse. Bashu Mansion really couldn’t satisfy his ambitions.

As the saying goes: “If you want to go further, you can’t just look at the country.”

Looking across the country, no business opportunities were found. There are a lot of young people with scary backgrounds. These people are not his brothers, and they are his compet.i.tors. After all, the market is so big, and there was no objection to it.

Ba Sucha has considered encompa.s.sing all the business opportunities that will arise within his company, Bashu Mansion, but if you want to do business outside of him, there is no way. In Ba Sucha’s eyes, the eye-catching business must be a profitable business that everyone is jealous of. In the end, there would be no way to compete with it, so Ba Sucha had to come to China to learn from the experience.

This acquisition enabled him to obtain the agency right of the ionization purifier, and later met with the president of Monster Heavy Industry and shook hands with Ye Qing. This hand evidently had the purse of G.o.d’s wealth.

In just a month, the scale of Ba Sucha’s business changed, and the younger generation of the wealthy who originally saw him not being pleasing to them and threatened him that he would not. He should not allow himself to enter their circle, and whose status and superior to his, now arrive to call him brother.

Who is going to look for problems with the money? Obviously no one.

Now Ba Sucha holds the power of the ionization purifiers, when it comes to them, these second-generation rich people can only pour foreign cigarettes and wine into the Tao Teng Bar and Club, using their connections to smuggle them and together send scientific and technological wealth to European and American countries.

Ba Sucha has unlimited natural knowledge. It’s not that no one is jealous of the power of the ionization purifier in their hand, but this power is given by Monster Heavy Industry, a big company in China, and he is the king of the state of Thailand, and they are not compet.i.tors for him.


If you really can’t afford to offend, then take yourself to make a fortune and practice in another camp. Get a taste of the huge profits brought in by countless big capitalists and the world’s most coveted monopoly technology.


Today, Ba Sucha has another plan to make a fortune, and Monster Heavy Industry just launched the Magic Crystal mobile phone, and all doubts are completely gone after physically touching this phone.

Ba Sucha started his business with gold jewelry and imitated cell phones. Of course, he is a person who knows the merchandise, so he has every confidence to help his big boss, Ye Qing, chase the Apple mobile phone out of the country.

However, the more confident Ba Sucha, the more guilty he felt, because the Big Boss Ye Qing who had allowed him to draw a great fortune, had a.s.signed him a mission, but the mission Ye had entrusted to him escaped him, since half a month had pa.s.sed without even the slightest success as if the thieves had disappeared as if they had evaporated into the world.

The Bashu Mansion branch in China is expected to get the spark of love by recovering the stolen rhodium from Linpu Precision Instrument Co. Ltd., this branch promised employees a reward at the end of the year if they recovered the stolen rhodium, but no one came selling rhodium at a low or high price. In this regard, he was somewhat helpless, so he could only use 12 points of effort to help Ye Qing, and that is by selling his Magic Crystal phone.

As soon as he thought of the Magic Crystal phone, Ba Sucha pulled the new phone out of his pocket and was ready to watch the downloaded movies on the airplane mode. Watching movies on the Magic Crystal mobile phone was simply a pleasure he never experienced in his life.

The plane’s flight time was around five hours, and most regular cell phones don’t have enough battery charge. But this is tested once the Magic Crystal phone’s screen is on; this phone stays on for an hour and a half longer than the Apple 7.

The Magic Crystal cell phone battery is nothing special because The supplier is Desai Battery, a well-known cell phone battery supplier in China, but the outstanding screen technology of the Magic Crystal saves more power than the ordinary mobile phones.

Ba Sucha wanted to watch a movie with pleasure, but two minutes after he took out the Magic Crystal phone, a guy on the side sitting in the other row of the aisle turned his head and looked at him frequently. Besides, no one can be indifferent to be watched for a long time with just one pair of eyes.

“Hey ~ that’s too much!” Ba Sucha was watched with a little hairy head. He straightened up and pulled the elastic vest over his chest, revealing a patch of chest hair and a black tiger tattoo with a vicious look.

With such a tiger gaze on Ba Sucha’s chest, which was full of aura, this gentlemanly looking guy really showed a trace of fear. It had taken a long time before he finally gathered his courage and declared with a twist.

“Excuse me… Do you… Do you have a Magic Crystal phone?”

“Did you recognize it?” Ba Sucha immediately became happy. As it turned out, this guy was careful with his cell phone.

“I just watched its intro video on the Internet.” The guy smirked: “Is this phone easy to use? The internet says its screen technology is particularly powerful.”

“It’s not just amazing; it’s beyond the technology of this time.” Ba Sucha burst out laughing and tossed the Magic Crystal phone very generously: “How powerful it is? You see for yourself, and you can buy one immediately if you like it. I can’t afford to refuse if you wish.”

In less than a minute, Ba Sucha seriously regretted this decision after facing the other party with happy eyes, because this gentleman has now become even more daring than him.

“It’s my lucky day!”


“Haha ~ it’s great, it’s an alien screen, and the image is going to explode.”

Fortunately… Ba Sucha didn’t throw the VR at him, so he could only say that.

Ba Sucha comforted himself and then indulged in the visual feast brought by the Magic Crystal phone. The time went by too quickly, and when the plane landed at Bangkok International Airport, Ba Sucha had already watched two films without dressing up, one of which was watched with VR

Ba Sucha didn’t think it was enough to watch the shocking scene that really happened in front of him a hundred times when a Mercedes-Benz G 63 pulled up in front of him at the airport gate.

Ba Sucha got in and sat in his own car, happy to be returning to Thailand. His temper was quite different from the one before in front of Ye Qing. His watery eyes started getting confused, and he had a duller flavor.

“Did something happen in the company while I was away?”

A woman with a slightly dark complexion, but with very attractive features and an exceptional figure, sat next to Ba Sucha, opened a wooden cigar box, took out a cigar from the box, lit it with a match, then exhaled the smoke and pa.s.sed it to Ba Sucha.

“Mr. San Pan from Nong Khai Province once came into the business. He wants to tell you about the Ionization Purifier Agency in Nong Khai Province.”

“Mr. Saiyu also came over once and said you had beaten his son and that you have to give him an explanation.”

“Tell him I gave his son a correction. Sooner or later he will have to thank me for doing this, and his son will someday make a big mistake.” Ba Sucha, who has been detained for much of the day on the plane, took a big puff of thick smoke, glanced at his white teeth, and said: “Is that all?”

The secretary nodded, looking him tenderly in her eyes. She loved this man who looks rude and crazy, but who is actually delicate in his heart and calm in his work.

The latter patted her on the shoulder and told her that he had worked hard for the past two days.

“Let’s go back to the business first and help me contact those cell phone dealers along the way. The Big Boss gave us another job, and I’ll help him do it beautifully.”

The secretary nodded again and pulled out her cell phone to contact the people, and she couldn’t help but be filled with endless curiosity about the Big Boss. This Big Boss is from China, eh? Thinking of the Chinese, the secretary also recalled a trivial matter during the two days that Ba Sucha was away.

“By the way, boss, yesterday the company got a call. Someone asked us in English if we need a precious metal like gold. I know the English accent of the Chinese, and he is a native from China when I heard it. That English word, I haven’t understood the word at first, so I checked. The word was rhodium metal.”

“What?” Ba Sucha suddenly bounced off the seat and kicked his head directly on the roof of the car.

“China? Rhodium?” Ba Sucha was so excited that the cigar in his mouth fell out.

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