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Chapter 1012 – Return

It is a f.u.c.k.i.n.g Wine Celler; I don’t know whether I should be happy or sad about it as I had been desperately wis.h.i.+ng it would turn out to be a vault filled with treasures, but seeing it is Wine Celler, I couldnt make myself sad either.

Especially when just a faint whiff from it made me feel drunk and filled my body with the energy, after experiencing something like that, I couldn’t help but feel excited about the surprises that are stored within the cellar.

I quickly wore masks and looked at Ashlyn, who had multicolor smoke swirling around her, and she took it all up while gently swaying drunkenly.

Like all food items, Ashlyn loved wine and getting drunk, which is why I rarely take out any form of Alcohol in her presence, as she would always drink it all without holding anything back.

I am quite shocked seeing her taking up all thick mist inside her, if I had not know about strangeness of her, I would have heart attack her having sucking up all intoxicated smoke which filled with terrifying amount of energy.

She continued sucking up the mist for a whole fifteen minutes before she finished with all.

As she finished, her body swayed drunkenly before she fell. She had not fallen unconscious; she just drank too much that now she could not stand up straight.

Seeing the smoke is nearly despaired, I walked toward the Wine Cellar but did not take out the mask that I had on me.

I know very well that there still lingering smell remained in the cellar, and I am not strong enough to take even a single whiff of it, if it somehow got inhaled by me then I don’t know anyone who would be able to save me from exploding.

So, I once again checked the mask for any leaks and even covered it with dense mana of mine as precaution against any tiny leak which I could not see.

Soon I reached the entrance of the Celler and picked up ashlyn, who was swaying drunkenly, “You little drunk.” I said before I entered inside, and as I did, my expression changed as if I ate a fly.

These bottles of wine looked spoiled, though they are not shattered to anything; they are covered in moss which had reached deep inside and had drunk all the wine inside.

I had been expecting to see very rare bottles of thousands of years of aged wine, but what I have got moss-filled bottles.

The Cellar is quite big and likely has the capacity of over then thousand bottles and looking at celler, it seemed to be only filled to 10% of its capacity.

There are around one thousand to one thousand five hundred bottles in this wine cellar and all of them seemed to be covered in the Moss.


I was in a really bad mood when suddenly I noticed something, the moss on the bottle, especially that is inside, seeing it my eyes couldn’t help but lighten up; there may be no wine in the bottle but they were still very useful.

The Moss on them is very precious, so precious that it just became the most precious herb of my collection.

“Icerandia Moss,” I said this moss is very precious with very high medicinal value.

With so much Icerandia Moss, I won’t have to worry about the resources anymore,

I am very confident that this Moss alone would be enough to fill the need for the resources I need.

Though I did not get any wine, I still got this precious moss, which had fulfilled all my need for resources, so I am happy to see the Cellar got destroyed.

Without wasting any time, I sunk my consciousness into my storage and created a special part to store these bottles. The moss is fragile, a small disturbance in its environment and it will wither away.

So, I created a special place inside my storage, a special environment created by formation that needed to store for this Moss. With that done, I started to store, one a bottle after another into my storage.


I had just stored fifty-two bottles into my storage when suddenly I came across the bottle, which is perfectly fine other than the Tag, which could not resist the test of time.

The wine seemed perfectly fine, and bright red liquid could be seen swis.h.i.+ng inside. Looking closely, I am very sure this wine is not damaged by the Moss and is in perfectly fine condition.

As for whether it is drinkable or not, I don’t know, age could mature the wine, but thousands of years of aging could very well make it a poison, so I would not drink it before checking if it is fine or not.

After putting in a special wine formation, I again started picking a moss-filled bottle and also came across another perfectly fine bottle of wine which I had picked off course.

As I kept picking up Moss filled wine bottles, I came across many more perfectly fine wine bottles, by the time I had finished collecting nearly all the bottles in the wine cellar, I had collected sixteen perfectly fine wine bottles.

This is huge; if these wine bottles are drinkable, then they would fetch a very high price, more price than I could imagine; a wine that is aged for thousands of years is extremely rare.

I had nearly finished collecting all the Wines in the wine cellar, except for one. In the center of the Wine Cellar, there is an Ornate crystal box, and inside, there in the shadow of a wine bottle could be seen.

This Wine bottle must be very precious to be in place in the center inside such an Ornate crystal box, which does not show any sign of damage except for being dust-laden.


I cleared away the dust of the crystal box and felt its color and texture, and just as I did that, I couldn’t help but gasp.

As I was able to identify what this crystal is. The crystal box is made of ‘Naemor Crystal,’ which is one of the best materials to store precious things.

The value of the box is huge, one could easily buy several of these high quality Mystic Weapons with it. That’s how valuable it is, and now I want to see the thing which was mandated to be stored inside such a case.

I opened the case, and as I expected inside of it there no moss. The only thing inside had is a beautiful crystalline Wine bottle, which is preserved to its cover. I took the bottle out and looked at it carefully.

“Enlightenment crafted by Marcel.”

These are only words written on the cover of the bottle in a universal language, I looked around the bottle for more info, but there was none.

Still, I am more than happy to get it. I looked at the beautiful bottle for a while before I carefully stored it in my storage with a case made of Naemor Crystal.

I once again checked every nook and cranny of the Celler before I walked out of the hole and started to make my way toward the camp, as there were only a few hours until we teleported back.

“What is this heavy alcohol smell, have dipped yourself in a pool of Alcohol or something,” Jen said when I reached my abode two hours later.

“Something like that,” I answered with a smile as I look around the ground, which is filled with people.

My abode is the only one active abode present while everyone had packed theirs and now waiting for its call back. I also deactivated my abode and sat down with Jen as I waited for the beacon to activate and teleport back home.


Five hours pa.s.sed by when suddenly a sound came out from millions of humans sitting on the empty field, hearing the sound I know the beacon had started to call back the people.

People started disappearing from their spot; I could see them with me as one minute they were other moments they disappeared.


I heard something from Jen, and when I turned at her, I saw her disappearing with her waving at me one last time.

In just a minute, half of the people disappeared from the field.


I was just looking around when suddenly I felt my homing band buzzed away, and I also found myself disappearing from which I had been in for the past one and a half Month.


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