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Chapter 1286 – Miasmic Solution

“Is this?” I asked in a breathy voice that shook slightly as I could not believe what I was seeing, this way too much.

“Yes, your own Miasmic Solution Tub where you have to move the faucet and solution will flow in,” she said with a smile, enjoying the shocked look I have on my face.

“How extravagant,” I said, it is extravagant. All the material for the solution is available in the forest, and they are not much rare but still providing the solution on demand is extravagant.

The material may be easy to gather, but something like Miasmic Solutions needs serious skill to craft; the average Alchemist could not craft something like it.

When one thinks about it, it is not hard for them to get a skilled Alchemist; they to open the lottery-like they did in my case, they will easily get Alchemist of any grade, even a Tyrant.

Most people don’t like this place and do not come on their own, seeing the dangerous environment, which could kill one within minutes. Still, when the lottery came, they usually accept, especially the non-combat professional.

“This extravagance only avails to King Stage powerhouses and above, but since you are a healing category a.s.set, they decided to give you this,” Mira said.

I am grateful that Ive had planned to make a trip to alchemist hall for this solution, but now there is no need for trips; I could go through the refinement whenever I want.

This small room also had a gla.s.s window; one can enjoy the beautiful scenery while suffering the h.e.l.l in the pool. Whoever designed this penthouse has a strange sense of humor.

“Let’s go; let me give you a tour of your quarters,” Mira said and gave me a tour of my new penthouse, and I have to say, I am impressed. Before, I was planning on taking out my s.p.a.ce abode but seeing such a beautiful penthouse; there is no need to take out.

“I will go now; I hope your day will go well in Miasmic Paradice,” Mira said after she finished giving me a tour of my new quarters. “Thank You,” I said. To that, she just waved her hand with a smile before walking out of the room.

It is late afternoon and time for my refinement, eversince I started to refine my body three times a day, I rarely missed.

I walked into a small room and looked at the white bowl shape tub; it is simple but looked beautiful were paired up with the scenery outside.


I opened the tap, and dense pink liquid started to flow out of the tub, giving off a calming medicinal smell. The pink liquid is quite thick, as thick as an oil that I just wanted to dip my hands in it, but I did not.

It will be a painful affair, and I did not want to get a taste of it before I am ready; finally, when the tub got half-filled, I closed the tap. I want to fill it with enough solution I am comfortable with.

I watched the pink liquid under a pink sky before gritting my teeth and flying above the tub. ‘Its going to be painful.’ I said in my mind before sliding into the bowl tub in a single motion.


Just as I slid inside, intense pain shot through every part of my body that I let out a huge scream; I had expected the severe pain but not this severe that I would lose consciousness for few seconds.

It took me a while to overcome the pain that I would close my mouth and scream through gritted teeth. After that, I tried to calm myself, which was quite harder under so much pain and took me more than ten minutes to do that, but I finally did.

As I barely got control over myself, I started to circulate Supreme Combat Exercise; it is the oldest method I am practicing and always help me get focused.

I concentrated on its energy flow and how energy flowing through one vein after another; with me focusing on the energy flow, everything else started to dim.

I am still feeling the same amount of pain as earlier, but I am not focusing on that; the only thing I am concentrating on is taking energy from the pool and circulate it in routes of Supreme Combat Exercise.

Time pa.s.sed by as I kept circulating the energy; I concentrated on the energy circulation that I forgot everything else, including the pain and the way it is lessening as I circulate more and more energy through my body.

It is such a wonderful trance that I rarely find myself in. Still, it ended too soon when I suddenly noticed that I was circulating energy of the Miasmic Solution but my own as I finished the energy a few minutes ago. Now, only brownish pink water had remained in what was before a bright pink solution.

I sighed, seeing the brownish-pink water before closing my eyes to observe changes inside me. The surprise I got was that seals of Supreme Combat Exercise, there are five of them.

Usually, when I practice, I create one or two seals, three if I am very lucky, but since I started refining, Ive never created the five seals; it is the first time something like that happened, likely because of the trans I was.

As I observed the refinement effects, they did not seem too much different from the cosmic water refinement I do daily. This had shocked me because every refinement I do, has huge resources invested in it.

From Root Juice of the Cosmic Tree to very rare materials from the academy before I get such a good refinement solution, I got such a result from the free solution.

Seeing that, I wanted to curse at all people who are not using such a G.o.d-given resource, which would cost an arm leg outside, but they are not using it just because of little pain.


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